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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  154  | Scene descriptions: 163 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 17  |  Last episode: 27 December 2022
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The soundtrack to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 Paramount+ TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 1
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 2
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 3
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 4
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 5
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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 7
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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 11
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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 15
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 16
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Episode 17

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Wishful Thinking’ (S01E01)

7 September 2022
11 songs

1. New Times – Layup
[0:05’] Maci complains about being very busy with her 3 kids.
2. My Way – Good Son
[0:06’] Maci goes with her kids at baseball practice and she plans to tell them she will have dinner with her husband alone.
3. The Whole Wide World – BB St. Clair
[0:08’] Shae arrives at Briana’s house.
4. Unstoppable – Y2
5. What I Want – Photronique
[0:17’] Macy left her kids alone, watching their behavior from the cameras in the house.
6. Mess It Up – Gracie Abrams
[0:20’] Amber is on her way to Leah’s birthday.
7. Hold On – The Guard Owls
[0:23’] Amber gets emotional after watching videos with Leah when she was little.
8. Ready For War – Neoni & UNSECRET
[0:26’] Cheyenne and her fiancé arrive to the Court.
9. Stay Young – Maisie Peters
[0:32’] Leah and Gary talk about her birthday party and about her relationship with Amber.
10. Part Of My Body – Somme
[0:33’] Leah wants to be friends with her mother and Amber wants the same.
11. Hey Clap – Tremolo Tom
[0:35’] Everyone is excited about Brianna’s party.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘You Go Do You’ (S01E02)

13 September 2022
10 songs

1. Home – Drew Cole
[0:03’] Catelyn asks Ty if the shape of their baby’s head looks a little bit strange.
2. Premonitions – Boundary Run
[0:07’] Bar is telling Ashley that he wants to go back to rehab for a while.
3. Get It Jumpin’ in Here – Photronique
[0:14’] The girls are dancing at Briana’s party.
4. Lift Yourself Up – Kadeem Justin Ferdinand
[0:17’] Ashley and Bar are saying goodbye before he leaves for rehab.
5. Not Alone – Mic Drop
[0:17’] Bar is talking about his struggle with alcohol and his decision to go to rehab.
6. My Best Life – Skinny Beats
[0:18’] Leah is telling the girls about how Jaylan surprised her with the offer on the new house.
7. Party All Night – Photronique
[0:23’] Briana and the girls are having fun and dancing at her party.
8. I Think We Started Something – Photronique
[0:30’] Leah, Jaylan, and their daughters are on their way to their new house.
9. Don’t Go Yet – Camila Cabello
[0:31’] Briana and Jenelle are in the car, talking about last night’s party.
10. No Bad Days – Bastille
[0:40’] End credits song / Ending song

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Give Yourself a Little Slack’ (S01E03)

20 September 2022
10 songs

1. Crazy – Nevada Wild
[0:01′] The song plays at the beginning of the episode when Catelynn talks about going to the doctor because of her condition.
2. Dance In The Rain – Clouds And Thorns
[0:04′] Maci meets with her mom at the restaurant and they discuss Bentley’s birthday.
3. He Said She Said – CHVRCHES
[0:08′] Cory drives the car and asks Ryder how was her day.
4. Know Your Name – Hanna Rae
[0:14′] Briana talks about her relationship with her father.
5. Heartbeat Like a Drum – Larry Hibbitt & Sam Bartle
[0:17′] Macy takes her son to the bowling alley for his birthday.
6. False Friends – Sea Level
[0:18′] After having pizza, Macy brings up the birthday cake for Bentley.
7. Focus – L’Ocean
[0:21′] Amber meets her friend Deetra and they talk about recent events.
8. Summer Nights Again – Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure
[0:27′] Maci talks to Bentley about his birthday party and then tells her daughter about what happened at the gas station.
9. One Night – Griff
[0:33′] Amber goes to Gary’s place where she meets Leah and they all have lunch together.
10. Let’s You Fly – Bryar
[0:39′] The song plays at the end, during the montage with the most important moments from the current episode.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Your Body Your Choice’ (S01E04)

27 September 2022
16 songs

1. Let The Beat Go On – Wolfgang Black
[0:04′] Amber has lunch with Catelynn and they talk about Ty’s vasectomy.
2. Crazy Juice – Ambi
[0:06′] Ashley talks about Bar being in rehab, then calls him on the phone.
3. Take Me Far Away – Lee Richardson, Jon Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
[0:07′] Ashley finishes the conversation with Bar, then calls her mother.
4. Casino – Ambi
[0:08′] At Briana’s house, Stella plays with her dad in the kitchen, then they go to the park together.
5. Drunk On You – Ameria
[0:15′] Ashley takes her husband by surprise and picks him up from the airport.
6. A Little Bit Higher Now – Beau Jennings
[0:17′] Bar arrives home and hugs his daughter after being away for one month.
7. Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf
[0:21′] Cheyenne sits on the porch and calls her sister on FaceTime to talk business.
8. Closer – After April
[0:22′] The next day, Cheyenne and Zack meet up with the realtor to go check out a property that they’re interested in.
9. New Touch – Caveboy
[0:23′] Briana and her daughter put stickers on the car as they’re going to have her graduation party inside it.
10. Livin’ Life to No End (feat. Robyn Johnson) – Photronique
[0:24′] The family drives to the school and celebrates Stella’s graduation.
11. Next Big Thing – West Rose
[0:26′] Tyler calls the urologist’s office to make an appointment for the vasectomy.
12. Getting Stronger – Honoraries Feat. Michael Logen
[0:27′] Catelynn and Tyler leave the house and drive to the hospital.
13. Boss Up – KOYOTIE
[0:29′] Leah and her friends attend the party on the boat.
14. Aint Like That – Sam Clines
[0:33′] Ryder does her father’s manicure with pink nail polish.
15. Envolver – Anitta
[0:33′] Everyone dances at Ryder’s nail party launch.
16. It Feels Good – Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs
[0:39′] The song plays in the last scene of the episode.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Make Good Choices’ (S01E05)

4 October 2022
9 songs

1. Getting Stronger – Honoraries feat. Michael Logen
[0:04′] Maci and her husband take their children to play golf.
2. Rest Easy – Lauren O’Connell
[0:10′] Briana calls Cate and tells her that she feels depressed and in need of some medication to fix it.
3. Far Away – Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure
[0:15′] Amber leaves the house, then gets in the car and receives a call from Catelynn on FaceTime.
4. Don’t Worry – Young Ginseng
[0:17′] Cory talks about his baby daughter’s surgery.
5. Lifetime – Caveboy
[0:25′] Maci and her husband decide that they will let Bentley have a social media account as long he respects some rules.
6. Ignite – Nineoneone
[0:28′] Britanny and Roxanne pay Brianna a visit at her house; Brianna tells her that she got diagnosed with bipolar depression.
7. Breaking Out – PRTY ANML
[0:33′] Catelynn and her husband leave the hospital after he has had a vasectomy.
8. Same Blood – Kings Kaleidoscope
[0:38′] Ryder’s family organizes a graduation party at home.
9. Joy – Bastille
[0:39′] The song plays in the final scene, during the current episode recap.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Teen Mom Sisters For Life’ (S01E06)

11 October 2022
9 songs

1. Return To Nothing – Devin Hoffman & Jessica Easley
[0:07′] At Cheyenne’s house, she sits and chats with her fiance, Zach.
2. Plug Me In – Gold Bones
[0:10′] Catelynn and Leah get in the van and head to the resort where they meet up with Cheyenne.
3. What You Came For – Jamie Lono
[0:16′] After putting on their special bracelets, the girls eat cake and cheer for Amber’s birthday.
4. Moonshine & Gasoline – Blues Saraceno
[0:17′] The girls start a race with the golf carts.
5. Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy) – Big & Rich
[0:19′] Cheyenne and Briana sit on a bench and chat about their relationship with the other moms.
6. Feeling Like Myself – Devin Hoffman & Rhett Fisher
[0:20′] The girls have fun riding the bull.
7. Come On – Chair Model
[0:22′] Amber and Leah meet to have some drinks and celebrate the good time that they’re having.
8. Far Away – Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure
[0:35′] The girls sit around the fire pit and roast marshmallows.
9. Paradise – The Gray Havens
[0:40′] The song plays in the final scene, during the montage with the recap from the current episode.
End credits

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘I’m Tired But I’m Fired Up’ (S01E07)

18 October 2022
12 songs

1. play Feel The Same – High Tropics
[0:02′] The girls return from the airboat trip and have lunch.
2. play The Function – Souleye
[0:05′] Holly plays with Play D’oh and shows her father the sculptures.
3. play Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) – BENEE
[0:07′] In the morning, the girls gather outside and have coffee while talking about their trip.
4. play What I Should Have Said (feat. Jp Castillo) – Photronique
[0:15′] Taylor talks with Bentley about his haircut.
5. play Heavyweight (2021 Remaster) – Blackway
[0:17′] Maci suggests to her husband that he should get a vasectomy.
6. play We On – Dumi Maraire & Raphael Lake
[0:17′] Zach plays with the children; Cheyenne talks about her surgery.
7. play You’re So Beautiful – La Cuesta
[0:19′] Cheyenne meets with Zaina at a restaurant and they discuss the next day’s surgery.
8. play I Never Lie – Karats
[0:23′] Cheyenne talks with her daughter about the surgery.
[0:24’] Cheyenne and her fiance play with the kids in the garden.
9. play Give It To You – Extreme Music
[0:25′] Ashley opens up the parcel received in the mailbox and finds the bracelet from her friends.
10. play One Hundred – Ari Dayan
[0:28′] Ashley and her husband sit and talk about his situation after the rehab.
11. play Self Sabotage – Bryar
[0:35′] Maci talks about her feelings and the decision of her husband to get a vasectomy.
12. play Born Tired – Jhene Aiko
[0:39′] Cheyenne starts crying while talking on the phone with her father; a montage with the families at the end of the episode.
End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Welcome to Adulthood’ (S01E08)

25 October 2022
9 songs

1. playWay I Feel – Paisley Black
[0:04′] One of Jade’s friends told her they are going to have a celebratory weekend, as Jane’s birthday is coming.
2. playB.A.T.T.L.E – Hotline
[0:09′] Briana tells Shane she wants to move out and start her new life.
3. playHot Money – Skirts And Shorts
[0:10′] Briana talks with her sister about moving.
4. playKeep Your Head Up – RlyRly
[0:12′] Chayene was about to miss her party, but she managed to rearrange her schedule.
5. playReady For It – CRMNL
[0:14′] Chayene is getting ready to be operated.
6. playSure Of – lolite
[0:15′] Leah and her stepfather talk about what is going to happen with their life.
7. playFever Dream – Child Seat
[0:18′] Everyone is coming to see Sean proposing.
8. playCelebrate – Tim Halperin
[0:19′] Jade is on her way to Sean’s room having no idea what he prepared for her.
9. playAre You There – Scott Ruth
[0:22′] Catlyn had her daughter checked, and now they are going back home.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘You Guys Mated’ (S01E09)

1 November 2022
17 songs

1. Shine – That Chicc & Barks IV
Opening song / Previous episode recap.
2. play Get Up and Move – Layup
[0:01′] The song plays right at the beginning of the episode.
3. play Remember Me (feat. Cutta Crepe) – Homegrown
[0:02′] Flashback to the time when Catelynn and Tyler were talking with the people from the adoption center.
4. play I Like That – Ratchet
[0:04′] Ashley and her husband take their daughter to the park and inform her about the upcoming move.
5. play Let’s Go – Juliet Roberts
[0:11′] Cheyenne is at her wedding dress fitting.
6. play Fighters – Spirit City
[0:11′] Leah talks about the family vacation that she had with Jay and the kids.
7. play Wait for You – High Tropics
[0:13′] Catelynn talks about the adoption counselor coming over to her house.
8. play It’s In Your Blood – Lydia
[0:16′] The next day, Catelynn texts Teresa to see if they can visit Carly that summer.
9. play Feel Good – King Flexx
[0:18′] Ashley and her husband are in the car driving to their new apartment.
10. play Burnin’ (feat. Jennerl Garcia) – Cherry Cherry Red
[0:19′] Maci and Taylor are going to meet with a volunteer for Moms Demand Action.
11. play New Stuff – Juliet Roberts
[0:23′] Cheyenne still works on her wedding to-do list.
12. play Venus Fly Trap – MARINA
[0:25′] Leah meets up with her friend Shelaine and they talk about the trip.
13. play Fall Again – biz colletti
[0:27′] Teresa texts back Catelynnn and informs her that they might not be able to visit their daughter that summer.
14. Boots On The Ground – Roy3ls
[0:30′] Ashley’s daughter sits on the bed and reads a child story.
15. play Unforgettable – SONNY OH!
[0:33′] Cory and Ryder arrive at Cheyenne’s house.
16. play Like Me – Braden the Young & Moia Bri
[0:36′] Maci and her husband sit on the couch and have a conversation with their children.
17. play Lift You Up – Juliet Roberts
[0:39′] The song is heard during the montage in the episode’s final scene.

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘Co-Parenting Rocks’ (S01E10)

8 November 2022
9 songs

1. Palms Casino – Sam Valdez
[0:08′] Amber gets a visit from her friend Lexi.
2. One 2 Three 4 – Guesthouse
[0:11′] Briana gets ready to move out of her mother’s house.
3. Call Me Out – Shook Twins
[0:12′] Briana hugs her mother and takes the luggage to their new apartment.
4. Are You Bored Yet? – Wallows feat. Clairo
[0:18′] Gary talks to his mother about supporting Amber.
5. Finally Found The One – Meaghan Smith
[0:19′] Gary takes the girls and they meet up with Amber.
6. Kool – BENEE
[0:24′] Cheyenne asks Zach to draw with her and Ryder.
7. Catch My Wave – KENA
[0:26′] Briana and the girls eat on the floor at their new apartment.
8. Make It Right – Hot Flash Heat Wave
[0:29′] Catelynn gets out of the hospital and goes home.
9. Cutting Onions – Tierra Whack
[0:35′] Cory arrives at Cheyenne’s house to visit his daughter.

Season 1 • Episode 11: ‘You’re His Keeper’ (S01E11)

15 November 2022
11 songs

1. Lovers – Anna of the North
[0:03′] Yaz and Shen arrive and give Bar and Holly a hug, then they all have lunch together.
2. One Hundred – Ari Dayan
[0:07′] Bobby arrives at Briana’s new apartment and takes a look around.
3. Wow, Check It Out – Go Ginger Go
[0:08′] Cheyenne recalls Zach getting into trouble when he was younger for drinking and driving.
4. I Do What I Want – Rebel Hearts Club
[0:11′] Corey takes Leah’s daughters to the ice cream parlor.
5. The Cure – BB ST. Clair
[0:18′] Yaz tries on a masquerade ball gown and shows it to her family.
6. Why Not – Becca Lynn
[0:20′] Leah paints pumpkins with her daughters and has a chat with them about abortion rights.
7. Don’t Go Love – Rolder West
[0:23′] Cheyenne meets with her friend Zaina to discuss the wedding and Zach’s past problems.
8. Black Madonna – Cage the Elephant
[0:25′] Bobby serves Briana breakfast in bed, and she shows him a card game she wants to play.
9. The Way She Moves – Photronique feat. Shari Short
[0:32′] Ashley expresses her admiration for Broud’s relationship with his sister.
10. Another Wave – Raphael Lake
[0:33′] Ashley helps Yaz to get ready for the dance.
11. Pillow Talk – Aliek
[0:36′] Cheyenne talks about having a serious conversation with her boyfriend about the wedding.

Season 1 • Episode 12: ‘Beautiful Chaos’ (S01E012)

22 November 2022
12 songs

1.Hello My Old Friend – Clouds And Thorns
[0:02’] Leah gives her daughter a spelling quiz; Corey goes golfing with a friend.

2.Alone (With You) – Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure
[0:03’] Jaylan surprises Leah with a trip to Costa Rica.
3.See You Shine – Wallflower People
[0:05’] Jade and Sean sit and talk about the upcoming wedding.
4.To the Wild – Wallflower People
[0:08’] Amber records herself talking about seeing James after a long time, then talks on the phone with Catelynn.
5.Let’s Play – Chair Model
[0:10’] Catelynn and her friend Amber sit and talk while watching the kids.
6. Real Colors – The Highfields
[0:14’] Catelynn texts Amber and asks her if she could watch the kids for the weekend.
7.This Is What We’re Waiting for – Cardigan Club
[0:17’] Sean and Jade meet with some friends and check out the wedding venue.
8.My Way (Can’t Stop Me Now) – Y2
[0:21’] Jaylan goes to a jewelry store to pick up a diamond engagement ring.

9.With Myself – Winona Oak
[0:24’] Amber talks to Gary via video call.
10.Paradise – George Ezra
[0:29’] Leah drives her daughters to their dad’s place.
11.You’re My Home Now – By The Coast
[0:33’] Catelynn and her husband have dinner on a boat; a montage of the couple’s best moments together.
12.Good Days – KENA
[0:34’] Sean informs Jade that the landscaping company rescheduled his job interview again.

Season 1 • Episode 13: ‘Pumping the Breaks’ (S01E013)

29 November 2022
15 songs

1.Next Big Thing – West Rose
[0:03′] Sean plays outside with his daughter. Jade records herself discussing Kloie starting school.
2.Lovers – Anna of the North
[0:09′] Shae pays Briana a visit to her new apartment.
3.Ready For It – CRMNL
[0:11′] Later that day, Briana records herself discussing her feelings about living without her mother and sister.
4.Traitor – Olivia Rodrigo
[0:12′] Amber leaves her rental in California after spending three days with James.
5.One Day at a Time – UNSECRET & Tim Halperin
[0:13′] Amber arrives at the airport.
6.Good Days – KENA
[0:13′] Cheyenne goes to the beauty salon with her sister and mother.
7.Pick Up The Pace – Jamie Lono
[0:15′] Sean instructs Kloie on how to ride a skateboard.
8.Circle Age – Eauclaire
[0:20′] Tyler finishes the conversation with the therapist via video call.
9.A Little More Time – HARBRS
[0:20′] Amber arrives at Gary’s house and tells them about the visit with James.
10.One Hundred – Ari Dayan
[0:25′] Briana admits that he hasn’t heard from Bobby in a few weeks and later meets with him to talk about it.
11.Us Against the Wind – Graham Colton
[0:28′] Cheyenne makes dinner, lights some candles, and calls Zach to the dining room.
12.Autophobia (feat. Hundredth) – Tennis System
[0:33′] Catelynn and Tyler sit on the porch and talk about his call with Dr. Mike.
13.The Other Side – Eauclaire & Young Charlie
[0:35′] Catelynn and Tyler hug and kiss after talking about his mental health.
14.Power – Aiko
[0:35′] Briana calls Shae while driving and tells her that she broke up with Bobby.

15.Part of Me (Acoustic) – By The Coast
[0:39′] The song plays during the montage at the end of the episode.

Season 1 • Episode 14: ‘Pumping the Breaks’ (S01E14)

6 December 2022
15 songs

1.playL.O.V.E. – Extreme Music
[0:01′] Leah and Jaylan arrive at the resort in Costa Rica.
2.playBeen a Savage – Sounds of Red Bull
[0:03′] Briana and her daughters prepare the goodie bags for the birthday party.
3.playEnergy (feat. Flannel Albert) – OatMilq
[0:04′] Briana finds out that Nova’s father has not reached out yet about the party. Briana decides to invite Devon to the birthday party.
4.playBlack Madonna – Cage the Elephant
[0:09′] Chau arrives at Jade’s hair salon.
5.playWalk It Back – Citrine
[0:11′] Jade and her daughter are at the restaurant, waiting for Christy to arrive.
6.playBallad of a Junebug – Darkbird
[0:12′] Jade tells her mother that she is planning a family birthday dinner.
7.playMissed Connection – The Head and the Heart
[0:13′] Briana calls Devon to ask if he is available the next day so they could meet and talk.
8.playOur Time – Teddy Fontana
[0:15′] Leah and Jaylan attend a yoga class in Costa Rica.
9.playTogether – The Finley Ghost
[0:16′] After the yoga class, Jaylan surprises Leah with a gift.
10.playOutrageous – THE K!X
[0:16′] Briana takes her daughters rollerskating. Devon eventually shows up at the party.
11.playSAID THAN DONE – Amber Ryann
[0:18′] Briana goes outside to talk to Roxanne about Devon.
12. Happy Birthday Song – Cast
[0:19′] Everyone at the party is singing for Nova.
[0:23′] Repeats when the family sings to Kloie on her fifth anniversary.
13.playConfident – Halo Sol
[0:27′] Ace plays in the garden with his son. Cheyenne and DJ go to the jewelry store to choose a ring.
14.playMidnight Dream – Calica
[0:31′] Jaylan and Leah get ready to go out to a place called Uma to have some drinks.
15.playAll The Lights – By The Coast
[0:32′] Jaylan proposes to Leah on the beach.
[0:35′] Repeats when she accepts and they kiss and hug.

Season 1 • Episode 15: ‘Patient Love’ (S01E15)

13 December 2022
8 songs

1. playLa La La – Julian De Vizio
[0:01’] Cheyenne is having the latest things done before the wedding.
2. playIt’s Showtime (feat. Robyn Johnson) – Photronique
[0:02’] Cheyenne is going through the wedding guests list.
3. playMotley Crew – Post Malone
[0:06’] Ashely is having coffee with her mom and brother.
4. playDisappear – By The Coast
[0:09’] Leah sits on the couch next to Jaylen to have coffee together.
5. playWe Poppin – Ollie Gabriel
[0:13’] Cheyenne and Zach arrive at the tailor’s store to get his suit sized up.
6. playCrème De La Crème – Dita
[0:22’] The girls are choosing their dresses for Cheyenne’s wedding.
7. playWe Take It Up – Drewchowen
[0:26’] The guys are helping Zach get ready.
8. playFrom This Day On – Tim Halperin
[0:29’] Everyone is excited about the big bride to reveal.

Season 1 • Episode 16: ‘Reunion Part 1’ (S01E16)

20 December 2022
0 songs

There are no songs in this episode.

Season 1 • Episode 17: ‘Reunion Part 2’ (S01E17)

27 December 2022
1 song

1. Drama Beat – Alt-Life Music
[0:40′] End credits song.

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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1  TV information
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Soundtrack
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49 thoughts on “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Soundtrack”

  1. Season 1 Ep 15 – Patient Love
    What song plays on the show towards the end when Cheyenne is standing with her father before the ceremony, they are fixing her wedding dress and then starts walking down the stairs? It starts with “Standing still, used to seem kind of scary…” “take it day by day frame by frame” I’ve tried finding this everywhere as so beautiful!

  2. I can’t find the closing song for season 1 episode 24, You Know the Stakes! It starts with, “Ghost, You’ve become a Ghost….”

    1. hello! currently, we couldn’t identify the song playing in that episode. as soon as we find it, we will update our post. thank you for your patience!

  3. I need help finding the song on the finale. Season 1 of teen mom the next chapter episode 31. It is playing while Gary is in the car getting amber to go to her home to clean up. Around 30 minutes in. It goes “we’re stronger together, nothings going to break us nothings going to take us”

    1. hi! as of right now, we couldn’t identify the song playing in that scene. we’ll keep looking for it and we’ll update our post as soon as we find it. thank you for your understanding!

  4. What song is being played on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. S1 E28 at the very end of the show at minute 59:12. The only words I could get are. “It’s the start of something good.. “Stars shine like they should”

      1. At 38:34 in episode 1, season 28, the song played in the episode on is different than the one played ON the song is by Hailee Steinfeld. Any idea what the one playing on is?

        Lyrics: “Will you hold on for one more day, can you meet me halfway”

    1. hello! unfortunately, we couldn’t identify the song used at the end of episode 28, as it is not yet released. we’ll keep looking for it and update our post when we find it.
      until then, if anyone has any information about the song and its artist, please let us know in the comments. thank you 🙂

    1. Hello!Our efforts to identify the song were unsuccessful as well. There is a possibility that it has not yet been released. As soon as we find it, we will update our post. Thank you!

  5. What’s the song played in the brief bit of Bar coming out of the courthouse? It goes “last night our hearts” somethin somethin. Episode 25 “tired of playin mama”

  6. Teen mom next chapter season 1 episode 25 at the end of the show. I need to know the the name of the song and who song. It thank you so much. Lyric go something like this ” i been around 40 years one thing i know is nothing nothing changes unless we try

  7. Teen Mom Final Chapter
    Season 1 Ep 15 – Patient Love
    What song plays on the show when Cheyenne walks with her Father. It starts with “Standing still, used to seem kind of scary…” At approx. time marker 44:17

  8. Can you tell me the song that plays at :59 right at the fast forward to three weeks later and through the credits? Lyrics include Forgiven, We’re all forgiven, Oh forgiven what now? Precious things in life, that your money just can’t buy, and the happiness you’ll find, is the precious things in life…

  9. What is the song that plays when Cheyenne and Zach walk into their reception and do their first dance? Basically the entire reception scene?

  10. I too am trying to figure out the song that is playing during Cheyenne and Zack’s first look!! It shouldn’t be that hard, however I can’t find it ANYWHERE!!!

  11. What song is playing on episode 14 at the very end when Leah and fiancé finish arguing at the dinner table in Costa Rica?
    The montage outro song. Some lyrics are “got a little dark side”

  12. What song was playing near the 32 minute mark on teen mom the next chapter season 1 episode 7. Immediately after Tyler and Nova are brushing a horse.

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