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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘The Arrival’ (S01E01)

24 April 2022
4 songs

1. Felony – The Allergies
[0:09′] Natasha calls at work to say that she will be away from town for a couple of days.
2. Heater – Chase & Status Feat. General Levy
[0:10′] Natasha drives while smoking.
3. Baianá – Barbatuques
[0:22′] Natasha drives again after taking the baby with her.
4. He Called Me Baby – Candi Staton
[0:28′] Natasha arrives home after being held at the police station.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Seduction’ (S01E02)

1 May 2022
2 songs

1. Bad Girl(s) – Public Practice
[0:02′] Lydia cleans the kitchen at Crookies Cookies while Yolanda chokes to death.
2. Bye Bye BlackBird – Etta Jones
[0:19′] Natasha smokes and starts cooking while listening to music

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘The Bulldozer’ (S01E03)

8 May 2022
3 songs

1. Fuck Me Pumps (Amy Winehouse) – Cast
[0:05′] Natasha sings this song to make the baby sleep.
2. Bark Loud – Noga Erez
[0:07′] Natasha pushes the baby carriage while the kids run around.
3. I Got It Bad(And That Ain’t Good) – Nina Simone
[0:19′] Natasha and Mrs. Eaves leave Bobbi’s house after the baby fell asleep.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘The Mother’ (S01E04)

15 May 2022
3 songs

1. In My Head – Lucrecia Dalt
[0:01′] Natasha tries to call Bobbi but she doesn’t pick up.
2. I Am My Mother’s Savage Daughter – Wyndreth Berginsdottir
[0:20′] Natasha’s mother Barbara, sings this song after a toast.
3. Frontier – Holly Herndon
[0:25′] Mrs. Eaves brings the baby outside to Natasha who sees all the victims before her.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘The Baby’ (S01E05)

22 May 2022
5 songs

1. Rosa’s Bossa – Janko Nilovic, Dave Sarkys
Starting song / Helen serves dinner and has a chat with other people at the table.
2. Ahl Jedba – Fadoul
[0:12′] Lin brings some plates while a couple is kissing on the couch.
3. Al Zman Saib – Fadoul
[0:12′] Nour changes the music and people start to dance.
4. Carmen: Je Dis Que Rien Ne M’evpouvante – Alexander Vilumanis, Inessa Galante, The Latvian Opera Orchestra
[0:17′] Helen wakes up and hears her husband talk with the doctor.
5. Le Nozze Di Figaro, K.492: Voi, Che Sapete (Cherubin) – Dagmar Peckova, Prague National Theatre Orchestra, Jan Stych
[0:19′] Helen tries to fight the two men that hold her

The Baby Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 27 May 2022
Label: Invada Records
Original music composed by Lucrecia Dalt
1. Opening Titles
2. How Many Lydias
3. Ahem
4. Alinda
5. I’m Falling Upright
6. Porcelana UFO
7. Wolf Hour
8. Crash Crash Baby
9. Donde Donde Donde
10. Day Zero
11. She Cries
12. Enke
13. Susta Susta
14. Oguere Scape I
15. Mareterna
16. Scattered Mysteries
17. Lesley
18. The Pillow
19. Scattered Cookies
20. He Is Alive
21. The Chase
22. Lafayetta
23. Her Throat
24. Breath Creeps
25. Bloody Shelves
26. Oguere Scape II
27. Zuca
28. Sempiterni
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