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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Soundtrack

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The soundtrack to The Cleaning Lady Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 1
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 2
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 3
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 4
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5
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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 7
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 8
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 9
The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 10

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘TNT’ (S01E01)

3 January 2022
9 songs

1. Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra
Starting song / Thony is talking to Fiona while looking at a couple kissing at their wedding ceremony.
2. Us (Faith Santilla; Explicit) – Ruby Ibarra
[0:03′] After Thony (who apparently is a doctor) saved Stevie’s life when he was punched in the neck by another cleaning lady.
3. TikTok – Zaena X Jason Maek
[0:04′] Fiona is scolding her son for not taking care of his sister.
4. Turn It Up – Olly Anna
[0:07′] After the scene where Thony and Fiona were almost fired; Thony talked to the manager and he let them keep their jobs.
5. Let’s Get Filthy – Lady Bri
[0:24′] Thony and Fi decided to go out and have some fun to celebrate that the clinic called and scheduled an appointment for Luca.
6. Queen – I.Am.Em feat. Chris Prythm &
[0:28′] After Arman came to pick up Thony from the Golden Pheonix club.

7. Bo$$Day – Don Elektron & BIA
[0:30′] Thony met Nadia after finding her sleeping in a bed; then continued to clean the house.
8. Swipe It Off – Leo Justi & Brazzabelle
[0:33′] Arman is taking Thony to wipe everything clean from a room, so the police won’t be able to find anything.
9. Runaway – Mark Isham & Ruby Ibarra
[0:42′] Thony made a bigger protective shell for Luca, so he could play basketball too.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Lion’s Den’ (S01E02)

10 January 2022
3 songs

1.Good Vibes – Thankyouverymuch
[0:02′] Thony is working at a bowling alley and making a call to get her son’s medicine.

2. Bloodstream – Nick Isham & Ruby Ibarra
[0:12′] After Thony had a talk with Arman, she started to clean the blood off the floor in the room where Mateo was killed by the people from Armenia.
3.Ain’t That a Kick In The Head – Dean Martin
[0:13′] In the next scene, after Thony finished cleaning the room, Arman is driving his car to The Tower Resort Hotel.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Legacy’ (S01E03)

24 January 2022
4 songs

1. All Night (Extended club version) – Example
Right after the previous episode recap, Armin walks into the club.
2. Catch My Breath – Confidence Man
[0:14′] Arman is talking to the guests on the phone, so they will each bring money as a gift for Hayak’s daughter’s wedding.
3. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex
[0:16′] Thony is cleaning the floor at the hotel while listening and singing along to this song; having her headphones on.
4. Drinkee – Sofi Tukker
[0:27′] Arman is collecting the envelopes with money from the guests, while Thony is trying to find some information about where the money is coming from, so she could make a deal with the FBI.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Kabayan’ (S01E04)

31 January 2022
2 songs

1.Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
After the recap of the previous episode; Thony and Fi are driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in a van.

2. Let Me See – Irama Pacific
[0:16′] Thony is at the club trying to find the courage to place the pen, which is actually a recording device, under the table, where the councilman Eric and Arman are talking.
[0:24′] Fi went to see the lawyer and gave him the money to start the paperwork to get Chris his citizenship.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘The Icebox’ (S01E05)

7 February 2022
3 songs

1. Stick Up – Loft
After the recap of the previous episodes, Thony, Fi, and a few other cleaning ladies are going to clean a party bus.

2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
[0:01′] Fi took the microphone from the bus and told the ladies it was the time to have a little fun. So they started to sing and dance while cleaning the bus.
3.Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones
[0:40′] Fi is on the bus, which taking her to deportation, while Thony and Garret are in a car looking for her bus.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Mother’s Mission’ (S01E06)

14 February 2022
2 songs

1.Devil & The Hourglass – Nathan Fox
After the recap of the previous episodes, Garret and a bunch of FBI agents are raiding the club to arrest some of Hayak’s men that took bribes.

2. Tight Rope – Ruby Ibarra
[0:34′] Thony is washing her hands, getting ready for the first of the three kidney removal surgeries, that she needs to do, in exchange for the liver that Luca needs.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Our Father, Who Art in Vegas’ (S01E07)

21 February 2022
5 songs

1. Deck The Halls
Starting song / Fiona sings in front of ther family.
2. Someone To Watch Over Me – Jean Louisa Kelly
[0:01′] Thony sings Marco’s favorite song on the karaoke machine. Arman drinks at the club and imagines Thony on stage.
3. Yas U Kno – Atomic Drum Assembly
[0:19′] Noah gets off the helicopter and he meets with Arman and Nadia.Later they go to the gun field where Nadia shows them her shooting techniques.
4. If Only – Naylor
[0:33′] Thony goes to the club to tell Arman that they accept his offer.

5. What Future Holds – Ruby Ibarra and Mark Isham

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Full On Gangsta’ (S01E08)

28 February 2022
3 songs

1. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
After the recap of the previous episodes, Thony and Fi are working, while Marco is at the casino, from where he got kicked out after making a scene.
2. Just You – James Warburton, Jade Pybus
[0:15′] Thony joins Arman for a drink while Luca and Dara are sleeping.
3. El Reloj – Los Tres Caballeros
[0:16′] Arman convinces Thony to dance to this song; after a while, Arman is translating some of the lyrics for her. They kiss right before Thony leaves.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Coming Home Again’ (S01E09)

7 March 2022
2 songs

1. Tres Racas – Marco Tegui
[0:23′] Arman went to the nightclub to speak with Hayak.
2. Mr Rager – Kid Cudi
[0:40′] Thony is getting arrested after Katie came to the border along with Dave DePaul from Homeland Security. The song continues as Nadia and Arman find Carlos’s body in a box in their home.

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘The Crown’ (S01E10)

14 March 2022
6 songs

1. Bye Bye Baby (Live) – The Holllow Legs
[0:12′] Arman meets with Thony and Garret at a restaurant to talk about the deal that will all the three of them.
2. Love Is A Power – Paul Hardcastle
[0:16′] Arman and Nadia are meeting with Noah to talk about the gun deal.
3. Laptop – Mark Isham
[0:25′] Garret is talking to Renee as everyone from FBI is getting ready for the bust. Arman, Hayak and Noah are heading to a suite to make the deal.
4. These Boots Are Made For Walking – Geri Halliwell
[0:31′] Garret is trying to find the money because it was not in the room the bust happened, and suspects the housekeeping staff have something to do with it. Fi gives the flash drive with the money to Thony.
5. you should see me in a crown – Billlie Eilish
[0:37′] Thony went to the prison to talk to Arman and he gives Thony the password. Thony then delivers Nadia an envelope, while she reminds Thony that she still works for her.
6. Lost Without You – Ruby Ibarra, Nick Isham
[0:41′] Thony arrives home only to find that Marco took Luca and left.

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 11 March 2022
Label: WaterTower Music
Original music composed by Mark Isham, Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
1. Luca
2. Thony Takes the Job
3. Runaway – Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
4. Thony Tells Arman
5. Breaking In – Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
6. Garrett and Guns
7. Fiona’s Family Bonds
8. What the Future Holds – Ruby Ibarra
9. Thony and Arman Team Up
10. Laptop
11. Tightrope – Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
12. Arman and Isabel
13. Nadia
14. Bloodstream – Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
15. Nadia Betrayed
16. Let’s Roll Out
17. Take the Win
18. Lost Without You – Ruby Ibarra & Nick Isham
19. Someone to Watch Over Me – Elodie Yung
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  1. What is the jazzy club song playing in the background of episode 10 when Arman tells Thony his secret plan at what looks like a rooftop bar at minutes 33-35?

  2. First time viewer oc this series but it was the song playing b4 carlos was uncovered in the kitcen of a ba house kitchen packed in a crate for firearms with his drivers on throat slit

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