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The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  77  | Scene descriptions: 55 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 3  |  Last episode: 6 October 2023
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The soundtrack to The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Peacock series.
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 Episode 1

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 Episode 2

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 Episode 3

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 official OST album tracklist

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Night One’ (S01E01)

22 September 2023
16 songs

1. playI Feel Love – Donna Summer
[00:02’] After wishing Lawrence a happy new year, Frankie enters the hall where the party is being hosted.
2. playJingo – Santana
[00:04’] Frankie steps out of the hotel and lights a cigarette. He enters a subway station. On the platform, he stands with his back to a group of revelers dancing and celebrating in slow motion. The crowd boards the train, leaving Frankie and another man on the platform. When the train leaves, they both hop down on the tracks; Frankie takes off his coat as he leads the way down the tunnel.   
3. playHard Times – Baby Huey & The Babysitters’
[00:11’] Intro song.
4. playSamba Pa Ti – Santana
[00:16’] Mrs. Davenport comes to Winston’s flat as he is sipping a glass of whiskey.
5. Strange – remhq
[00:20’] This song is heard after Winston is kidnapped by masked men.
6. playChicken Strut – The Meters
[00:24’] The kidnappers deliver Winston to the manager of the hotel.
7. playIf You Leave Me Now – Chicago
[00:28’] After Winston leaves the hotel, this song plays.
8. playCrimson and Clover – Tommy James
[00:30’] This song is playing on the radio as Frankie gets dressed.
9. playDirt – The Stooges
[00:34’] KD and Frankie are following and photographing a man.
10. playLa Grange – ZZ Top
[00:41’] Charlie gives Winston his automobile, named Maria, as well as a revolver.
11. playRoundabout – Yes
[00:45’] Winston meets with Lou in the hopes that she knows where his brother, Frankie, is.
12. playYes Sir, I Can Boogie – Baccara
[00:54’] Cormac is being tormented as this song plays on the radio.
13. playThe Boss – James Brown
[00:56’] KD orders a scotch neat from the bar.
14. playDaddy Cool – Boney M
[01:07’] Winston, along with Frankie and his wife, returns to Charlie in his car.
15. Almond Joy Mounds Commercial (1978)
[01:19’] During the fight, this song plays in the background.
16. playChildren of the Grave – Black Sabbath
[01:25’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Loyalty to the Master’ (S01E02)

29 September 2023
17 songs

1. play Hard Times – Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters
[00:04’] Intro song.
2. play Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Terry Reid
[00:07’] Yen tries to detonate the bomb in a bar.
3. play Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
[00:10’] After Lou warns Orphan Master to avoid her father’s business. Henchman visits KD.
4. play Bach Cello Suite No. 1 BWV 1007 Prelude In G Major – Christos Anestopoulos
[00:18’] Cormac listens to this song while eating. The Adjudicator visits Cormac to discuss last night’s incident.
5. play Homicide – 999
[00:23’] Gene eats on the roof and prepares his gun. Gene shoots Frank.
6. Pop Goes the Weasel – Rock ‘N Learn
[00:25’] Gene whistles this song.
7. play Magic Man – Heart
[00:29’] Winston meets Mazie in the restaurant.
8. play Without You – Harry Nilsson
[00:31’] Hansel and Gretel are searching in a trailer.
[00:34’] Yen attacks the criminals.
9. play Welcome to the Machine – Pink Floyd
[00:38’] Mazie shows Winston a tunnel through which he can leave unnoticed.
10. play Seasons Come, Seasons Go – Bobbie Gentry
[00:45’] Henchman listens to this song with his family on game night.
11. play Ole – The Funkees
[00:56’] Charon picked up the mail.
12. play Funky Nassau, Pt. 1 – The Beginning Of The End
[00:57’] Charon reads a letter in Jamal’s bar.
13. play Get Up Offa That Thing – James Brown
[01:00’] Lou fights with Orphan Master’s men.
14. play Yi Meng Shan – Liu Tianyi
[01:02’] Orphan Master invites Lou to his restaurant, and this song plays in the background.
15. play A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun – Tom Waits
[01:03’] After Lou leaves Orphan Master’s restaurant.
16. play Loyalty To The Master – Raffertie
[01:14’] Charon finds the musician’s body.
17. play Take the Long Way Home – Roger Hodgson
[01:17’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Theater of Pain’ (S01E03)

6 October 2023
21 songs

1. playHard Times – Baby Huey
[00:03’] Opening theme.
2. playRight Place Wrong Time – Dr. John
[00:06’] Someone takes pictures of Lemmy and Lou carrying crates into the sports hall.
3. playFight the Power, Pts.1 & 2 – Isley Brothers
[00:17’] Lou exits the sports hall; some youngsters listen to this song on the street.
4. playGötterdämmerung, WWV 86D, Act III: Immolation (Immolation Scene) – Berliner Philarmonic
[00:19’] This aria plays as Cormac prays for his prodigal son to return to him.
5. playOh Honey – Delegation
[00:22’] Mayhew gets in the car. He tells KD he found the box in her apartment. She punches him and tells him to get out of the car when she learns he went through her things.
6. playRhodes Hotel – Raffertie
[00:24’] Hitmen break the hotel room door and start shooting at Lou and Winston. One of the killers incapacitates Lou, and Winston leaves the room. In the hall, KD asks Winston to put his hands up, but at that moment, one of the hitmen starts to shoot at Winston, so he takes cover. KD kills the hitman, but she gets hurt in the shootout.
7. playPhase One – Raffertie
[00:29’] Cormac describes the aria’s glorious crescendo to Winston. He then asks Winston about the press. Winston taunts him and responds that until Cormac finds the press, Frankie will continue to haunt him.
8. playHip Hug-Her – Booker T. & the M.G’s
[00:33’] At the armory, Lemmy detonates an explosive device on the door.
9. playGenerique de début (de “Playtime,” 1967) – Francis Lemarque
[00:37’] The Vietnamese gang leader goes to Lou and challenges her position because he hears that her brother and father are not there anymore. He and his acolytes enter the place, and a fight ensues.
10. playPopcorn – Hot Butter
[00:38’] The red light alert activates, and Winston and Charon prepare for the fight.
11. playOne (Single Version) – Three Dog Night
[00:50’] Cormac is in the elevator as this song starts to play. When he reaches the desired floor, he walks out slowly and heads to the operations center. In a parallel scene, KD holds Winston at gunpoint and strikes him on his head.
12. playPlop Plop – Caskey
[00:51’] This tune plays on the TV program while KD points a gun at Winston’s head. He remembers that she was the little girl from back in the day, and she replies his brother lit her entire family on fire.
13. playBarracuda – Heart
[00:56’] Charon removes a poster from the wall and reveals a secret gun stash to Winston.
14. playBonanza (Instrumental Version) – Hit Crew Masters
[00:58’] At the apartment, Jenkins shoots from the window while calmly talking to the hostage.
15. playSoul Sacrifice – Santana
[01:00’] Miles runs away from the two hitmen. He hides behind a bar and sends Lemmy a message saying he has no regrets and hopes Lemmy saved a seat in hell for him.
16. playRooftop – Raffertie
[01:12’] Yen and Gretel throw their guns and engage in body combat. Yen presses the trigger for the explosive belt, and Gretel blows up in pieces.
17. playStructural Deformation – Raffertie
[01:21’] Yen bangs at the roof metal gate in an attempt to flee, but no one opens it, as the building is in shutdown. The building begins to shake, and she sits down resignedly.
[01:24’] KD kills Cormac. The computer announces that the hotel will explode in three minutes.
18. playBaba O’Riley – The Who
[01:26’] Winston puts Cormac’s severed hand onto the print identification computer and cancels out the hotel self-destruction command. He and Charon sigh in relief, and Yen can leave as the gate opens. Lou and Miles smile as they see the window shutters roll up.
19. playWhat A Diff’rence A Day Made – Dinah Washington
[01:28’] Gene is about to leave the apartment, but the woman he held hostage tells him she had never been to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, alluding to the fact that she would like him to ask her out. Winston tells Charon he can leave the place behind and reunite with his father; Charon replies that the place is his home now.
20. playInterregnum – Raffertie
[01:32’] Winston opens the car trunk he used to live in as a child. He looks through the things and finds the press Cormac was searching for.
21. playNew York Groove – Ace Frehley
[01:34’] Winston shoots and kills The Adjudicator and walks into the hotel.
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 22 September 2023
Label: Lakeshore Records
Original music composed by Raffertie
1. playPersona Non Grata
2. playSyringe
3. playUs
4. playHansel & Gretel
5. playHallways
6. playTenement
7. playSacrifice
8. playCrematorium
9. playSaigon
10. playTaking His House
11. playTime For You to Feel Uncomfortable
12. playMy Apologies
13. playTotal Silence
14. playHigh Risk High Reward
15. playLoyalty to the Master
16. playNo Fidgeting
17. playDisembark the Vehicle
18. playPhone Booth
19. playFun Fumes
20. playRhodes Hotel
21. playPhase One
22. playInimicus
23. playBetween Me and Him
24. playFeel What They Felt
25. playWe All Go Now
26. playCompetitive Advantage
27. playRooftop
28. playStructural Deformation
29. playInterregnum
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The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1  TV information
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Thunder Road Pictures, Lionsgate Television
Distributor: Peacock
Directors: Albert Hughes, Charlotte Brändström
Stars: Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Mishel Prada

IMDB: The Continental: From the World of John Wick

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