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The Idol Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  42  | Scene descriptions: 65 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 5  |  Last episode: 2 July 2023
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The soundtrack to The Idol Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the HBO Max series.

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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Pop Tarts & Rat Tales’ (S01E01)

4 June 2023
9 songs

1. playCriminal – Fiona Apple
[0:04′] Jocelyn is posing topless for the camera when somebody steps in and interrupts.
2. playSuper Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj
[0:08’] Jocelyn continues to do the photoshoot even though the members of the staff are still arguing.
3. World Class Sinner / I’m a Freak – Lily-Rose Depp
[0:15] Jocelyn is shooting a video with the dancers.
[0:18′] Jocelyn takes a break and smokes a cigarette while watching the dancers perform the coreography.
[0:20′] Jocelyn returns to the dancefloor even though she doesn’t feel ready.
[0:47′] Jocelyn takes Tedros to the studio and plays the song for him.
4. playLike a Prayer (Mixed) – Madonna
[0:26′] Jocelyn goes clubbing with her friends.
[0:27′] Tedros spots Jocelyn in the crowd and invites her to dance.
5. playOn My Mind – Diplo & SIDEPIECE
[0:31′] Jocelyn and Tedros are making out when Leia comes looking for her.
6. playI Put Something in Your Drink – Ramsey
[0:32′] Izaak invites Leia to dance. Jocelyn and Tedros start talking about pop music.
7. playPiece Of Your Heart – Meduza & Goodboys
[0:33′] Leia is having a good time on the dance floor with Izaak.
8. playFrom Death – MIKE DEAN & Sarah Schachner
[0:43′] Tedros pours himself a drink, then gets high as he waits for Jocelyn to arrive.
9. playDarling Nikki – Prince & The Revolution
[0:52′] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Double Fantasy’ (S01E02)

11 June 2023
7 songs

1. World Class Sinner / I’m A Freak – Lily-Rose Depp
[0:02′] Jocelyn summons her team and shows them her new version of this song. Title card.
[0:13′] Jocelyn starts filming the song’s official music video.
[0:14′] The crew requests one more shot from Jocelyn because the footage doesn’t turn out as they had hoped.
[0:18′] Jocelyn keeps filming for the video, but she can’t seem to get the moves perfect all the time.
[0:22′] Jocelyn comes to the stage for one more shot.
2. The Lure (Main Theme) – The Weeknd & MIKE DEAN
[0:10] Jocelyn is advised by Tedros to consider switching teams and surrounding herself with people who support her.
3. P.I.M.P. The S.I.M.P. (feat. Grandmaster Flash) – Rick James
[0:32′] Jocelyn calls Tedros and invites him to her house.
4. Double Fantasy – The Weeknd
[0:33′] Tedros arrives at Jocelyn’s house, accompanied by Izaak and some girls from the club. Everyone starts drinking and partying.
[0:37′] Isaak takes Leia to the bedroom.
5. Devil’s Paradise – MIKE DEAN
[0:42′] Jocelyn and Tedros get intimate.
6. My Family – Suzanna Son & Moses Sumney
[0:47′] Jocelyn hears Chloe performing and comments on how good she is.
7. Love to Love You Baby – Donna Summer
[0:43′] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Daybreak’ (S01E03)

18 June 2023
10 songs

1. A Lesser Man – The Weeknd
Starting song / Tedros wakes up Jocelyn. He tells her they will go shopping.
2. NO HAY LEY – Kali Urchis
[0:02’] This song is playing in the clothing store.
3. Every 1’s a Winner – Hot Chocolate
[0:02’] Jocelyn comes out of the fitting room. She wears an exclusive red Valentino dress.
[0:12’] Tedros and Jocelyn leave the clothing store. There are many fans of Jocelyn’s outside.
4. BDE – Shygirl & slowthai
[0:09’] Chaim asks Destiny to turn up the car radio very loud.
5. Journey North – MIKE DEAN
[0:13’] Leia drives the car to the house. Jocelyn and Tedros are in the back. Chaim and Destiny wait for them in front of the house.
[0:18’] Tedros and Jocelyn are making love.
7. Piano Sonata No.16 in G Major, Op.3 (Rudolf Buchbinder) – Cast
[0:19’] Jocelyn admits to Chloe that she has never really sung anything meaningful to her.
[0:27’] Jocelyn toasts Tedros; she thanks him for teaching her how to have fun again.
9. Take All Of Me – The Weeknd
[0:39’] Tedros advises Jocelyn to use all the trauma she experienced as inspiration. He adds that she will have to tap into and feel it.
10. Take Me Back – The Weeknd
[0:44’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Stars Belong to the World’ (S01E04)

25 June 2023
10 songs Jealous Guy – The Weekend
Intro song. The house is cleaned up. Jocelyn and Tedros wake up.
[0:58’] End credits song. Fill The Void – The Weekend, Lily-Rose Depp, Ramsey
[0:07’] Jocelyn is recording this song in the studio.
[0:10’] Jocelyin and her team are partying at her house and they are listening to the new song of Jocelyin.
3.Crocodile Tears – Suzanna Son
[0:09’] Chloe is playing this song on the piano while Destiny is listening to her singing.
4.I Put Something In Your Drink – Lily-Rose Depp feat. Ramsey
[0:20’] Jocelyn is singing this song together with another girl while they are sitting on the floor.
5.Give Me Tough Love – Lily-Rose Depp
[0:22’] Jocelyn is recording this song.
[0:34’] Jocelyn is recording this song while everybody is listening to her. Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse
[0:24’] Xander is singing this song in the shower. My Own Summer (Shove It) – Deftones
[0:42’] Jocelyn is having a pool party with her team and friends. SMOKE STATE CHAPTER 1 – MIKE DEAN
[0:46′] Dyanne confesses to Jocelyn that she has just signed with Magistrate. Two Hearts Together – Oliver Dexx
[0:51′] Jocelyn goes to Rob’s terrace to talk to him. Quiet Storm – Smokey Robinson
[0:56′] After Jocelyn and Rob have an intimate moment together.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Jocelyn Forever’ (S01E05)

2 July 2023
8 songs One of the Girls – The Weeknd, JENNIE & Lily Rose Depp
Jocelyn records this song in the studio. Tedros drinks alcohol and listens to her singing from the other room. The Lure (Main Theme) – The Weeknd, Mike Dean
[0:05’] Jocelyn and Leia get into the elevator.
[0:40’] When Chaim informs her that he got rid of Tedros forever after paying him a lot of money, Jocelyn asks for a moment alone. Leia packs her bags and leaves a note on the bed.
[0:43’] A montage with Jocelyn is shown as she spends time at home by herself.
[0:46’] (Six weeks later) Jocelyn heads to the stage to check it out before the concert.
[0:57’] Tedros accompanies Jocelyn in the car, and they head to the stage together, holding hands. The team does the finishing touches before she gets on stage to perform.
[0:59’] The producers remain speechless when Jocelyn invites Tedros on stage and introduces him to the audience as the love of her life. Devil’s Paradise – Mike Dean
[0:10’] Jocelyn angrily combs her hair when her phone rings, but doesn’t answer. Like A God – The Weeknd
[0:15’] Chloe plays the piano and sings this song in front of the producers.
[1:01’] The song plays through the montage shown at the end of the episode. End credits. My Sweet Lord – Troye Sivan
[0:19’] Izaak performs in front of the producers and dances sensually. Leia insists that Xander follows her outside so they can discuss something important.
[0:28’] Xander performs his version of this song. Tedros and Jocelyn threaten to kill each other if he doesn’t leave the house. I Put Something in Your Drink – Ramsey
[0:23’] Ramsey performs this song for the producers. They are all amazed that none of the singers are signed. Nikki tries to convince Tedros to work with her. Dollhouse – The Weeknd & Lily-Rose Depp
[0:33’] Joss takes off her heels and begins to pray while Chaim tells Tedros the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Jocelyn dances in front of Andrew as the guards as taking Tedros out of the house. Chaim offers Tedros a check for $500,000, but Tedros rips it off. Family – The Weeknd (feat. Suzanna Son)
[0:48’] Chloe performs this song on stage during rehearsals.
[0:49’] Chloe, Xander, Izaak, and Ramsey rehearse together.

The Idol Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 30 June 2023
Label: The Weeknd XO
Original music composed by The Weeknd
1. playDouble Fantasy [feat. Future] – The Weeknd feat. Future
2. playPopular – The Weeknd, Playboi Carti & Madonna
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The Idol Season 1  TV information
The Idol Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: A24 Television, A24, BRON Studios
Distributor: Home Box Office (HBO)
Directors: Sam Levinso, Amy Seimetz
Actors: Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd, Suzanna Son

IMDB: The Idol

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