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The Kardashians Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  23  | Scene descriptions: 23 timelines  |  Airing date: 20 June 2024  |  Episodes: 5  |  
Next episode: 27 June 2024 (TV Schedule)
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The soundtrack to The Kardashians Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2024 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Hulu series.
The Kardashians Season 5 Episode 1
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The Kardashians Season 5 Episode 4
The Kardashians Season 5 Episode 5

Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘Welcome to my Mind’ (S05E01)

23 May 2024
7 songs

1. playDrama – aespa
Current season recap.
2. playWork Bitch – Britney Spears
[00:10’] Kim travels to New York.
3. playAmaryllis – The London West End Orchestra
[00:26’] Kim prepares the baby shower party for Kourtney.
4. Hello! Ma Baby – Cast
[00:31’] A band performs live when Kourtney arrives at the party.
5. playHeadlіne – The Diamond Ramblers
[00:32’] Kourtney looks around and admires the Disney-themed items.
6. playWoman (Ballroom Remix) – Jade Josephine
[00:38’] Kim and her mom travel to Paris.
7. playTout Paris – ZOË
[00:41’] Kendall meets Kim in Paris.

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘Get It Together’ (S05E02)

30 May 2024
2 songs

1. playFacile d’etre moi – Soulplusmind, AMEDEA
[00:01’] Kris and Cory have dinner in Paris at a fancy restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tour.
2. playLook At Me Now – KrisSweden
[00:34’] Family and friends get together to watch the premiere of American Horror Story.

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘This Is Going To Be Really Hot Tea’ (S05E03)

6 June 2024
2 songs

1. playAll I Need – Maria Krauss
[00:08’] Kendall and her friend Hannah visit Kris.
2. playAlright Yeah – Vanacore Music
[00:16’] Kourtney has a photo session with the Morelli brothers.
[00:44’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘I’m the Man of the Year!’ (S05E04)

13 June 2024
4 songs

1. playGotta Feeling – Jamra
[00:01’] Malika arrives at Khloé’s house and informs her that she wants another baby.
2. playOO Wah (It’s All Good) – Alula
[00:30’] For Mental Health Day, Kendall is asked to give a speech at her former high school.
3. playOnly Going Up From Hеre – Ruby Amanfu ft. Yacht Money
[00:34’] Kim attends a Swarovski event in New York.
4. Amazing – Vanacore Music
[00:38’] Khloé eats from a fruit platter as Malika arrives at her house.

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘Baby Rocky’ (S05E05)

20 June 2024
7 songs

1. playU So Hot – Nadav Sivan
[00:02’] Kim and Kendall attend the Balenciaga show in Beverly Hill.
2. playKeep It Up – Vanacore Music
[00:14’] Khloé discloses her intention to move, but she plans to do it after Kourtney’s giving birth.
3. playGet Ready – Vanacore Music
[00:19’] Kim arrives at the studios, and she pitches her movie idea to the producers.
4. playLight the Way (feat. Leslie Powell) – Peter Verdell
[00:30’] Kourtney and Travis relax at home.
5. playSlow Hearts – Vanacore Music
[00:33’] Kourtney goes to the hospital to give birth.
6. playThat’s Lіfe – Frank Sinatra
[00:43’] Travis is by Kourtney’s side throughout the delivery.
7. playKeep Coming Back – Vanacore Music
[00:48’] End credits.
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The Kardashians Season 5  TV information
The Kardashians Season 5 Soundtrack
Production: Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions
Distributor: Hulu
Stars: Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian

IMDB: The Kardashians

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  1. Hey which song was playing in the Kardashian series s5e4 when kim on shooting for gq and talking about her kids thinks she is cringe mom

    1. Hi Jainick,

      We tried to identify the tune multiple times, but we were unable. It wasn’t recognized by any of the apps. I remember the song, it’s at the part where Kim learns about the ”gyat” slang word 🙂

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