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Spaceman Soundtrack (2024)

Songs:  22  | Scene descriptions: 10 timelines
Spaceman (2024) on IMDb
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The soundtrack to Spaceman music, a 2024 Netflix movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 22 full soundtrack songs, play 17 full OST music. View all song names, who sings them, stream 5 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 10 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full soundtrack songs (where available)

1. playMesicku Na Nebi Hlubokem [Rusalka, Op.114 / Act 1] – Renee Fleming, Czech Philarmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras
[00:01’] Opening song.
[00:41’] Jakub listens to this song while eating.
2. playLabyrinth. II Part Kinetic Ballet – Mr. Vaclav Kucera
3. Quease Ease – Patrick Kirst
4. playMurmuration – Max Richter, Kiki Layne, Mari Samuelsen, Robert Ziegler
5. playMovement Study – Max Richter, Mari Samuelsen, Robert Ziegler
Spaceman official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 1 March 2024
Label: Decca Records & Netflix Music
Original music composed by Max Richter
1. playIn the Sleeping Chamber
[00:10’] There is a view outside the spaceship.
2. playA Message
3. playInterference?
4. playRichter: Hearing Voices 1 (Movement study Edit 1) – Max Richter, Mari Samuelsen & Robert Ziegler
5. playDormium
[01:20’] Jakub talks on the phone with Peter.
6. playThe Listening Cosmos
7. playRichter: Hearing Voices 2 (Movement Study Edit 2) – Max Richter, Mari Samuelsen & Robert Ziegler
8. playIt’s 99.999% Effective!
[00:52’] Jakub takes a box out of the drawer and attempts to capture the flying light dot.
9. playMemory Is a Voyager
[01:06’] Jakub and Lenka are kissing.
10. playYour Loneliness
11. playLenka Lament
12. playDistance and Time
13. playRichter: Hearing Voices 3 (Movement Study Edit 3) – Max Richter, Mari Samuelsen & Robert Ziegler
[01:13’] Lenka listens to Jakub’s voice message and cries.
14. playThe Chopra Cloud
[001:27’] Jakub opens the door and calls for Hanus.
15. playThe Dark Backward and Abysm of Time
16. playRеflected in Her Eyes
[01:35’] Hanus fades away.
17. playDon’t Go Away (feat. Sparks)
[01:39’] End credits song.
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Spaceman (2024)  Film information
Spaceman Soundtrack (2024)
Movie Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Release date (wide): 1 March 2024
Runtime: 1h 47m
Production: Free Association, Stillking Films, Tango Entertainment (III)
Distributor: Netflix
Director: Johan Renck
Stars: Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano

IMDB: Spaceman

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