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The soundtrack to The Day The Music Died music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, discover all of the 18 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, find 18 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 40 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. American Pie – Don McLean
[0:00′] A montage with people singing parts of the song.
[0:01′] A montage with people expressing their opinions about the song.
[0:09′] Peter talks about how Don’s song changed the perception of people regarding music.
[0:23′] Garth Brooks talks about how he felt when he heard for the first time this song.
[0:42′] A young Don writes “American Pie”.
[0:54′] Don sings American Pie for the first time on stage during an opening.
[1:07′] The song went from the bottom of the music chart to being number one.
2. American Pie – Willa Amai
[0:00′] A montage with people singing parts of the song.
[1:22′] Willa Amai sings this song on a piano.
3. American Pie – Jade Bird
[0:01′] A montage with people singing parts of the song.
[0:03′] Title card
[1:03′] Jade sings this song in the studio.
4. American Pie – John Mayer
[0:00′] A montage with people singing parts of the song.
[1:32′] Third ending credits song
5. American Pie – Tyson Fury
[0:01′] A montage with people singing parts of the song.
7. Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis Presley
[0:04′] Don talks about his childhood, and this song.
8. American Pie – HOME FREE
[0:10′] The Home Free band members talk about “American Pie”.
9. Little Bit Of Rock – Lincoln Grounds and Pat
[0:17′] Jeffrey Nicholas talks about Pat and the band.
10. La Bamba – Ritchie Valens
[0:18′] It is presented the story before the plane accident that caused the death of the rock stars.
[1:26′] Don and Connie talk about Ritchie’s song and what the lyrics mean.

11. Roll On Columbia – Woody Guthrie
[0:28′] Don says he started singing songs with great substance.
12. Roll On Columbia – The Weavers
[0:29′] Don talks about the song, and it is said that Don and his date skipped prom for a concert.
13. Come On, Let’s Go! – Ritchie Valens
[0:29′] Connie Valens introduces herself as Ritchie’s brother.
14. Donna – Ritchie Valens
[0:32′] Connie says she loved that someone thought about Ritchie and created this song.
15. Down By The Riverside – Pete Seeger
[0:33′] Pete sings this song while playing a banjo guitar.
16. American Pie – Pete Seeger
[0:33′] Don says that Pete offered him to sing in the openings of Pete’s concerts.
17. Rock And Roll Music – The Everly Brothers
[0:34′] The Everly Brothers perform in New Port.
18. Peggy Sue – The Everly Brothers
[0:34′] The Everly Brothers perform this song on stage in New Port.
19. American Pie – Garth Brooks and Don McLean
[0:37′] Garth and Don sing together this song at a concert.
20. Castles In The Air – Don McLean
[0:39′] Don says that he graduated and realized he would never use his degree.
21. Sweet Rosyanne – Pete Seeger
[0:44′] Don says he was inspired by Pete’s songs.

22. Bird On The Wire – Tim Hardin
[0:48′] Don says he was working on his album, and he heard this song which he liked a lot.
23. Kicky – Chet Atkins
[1:01′] Jade talks about the American dream.
24. The Saga Begins Music Video – Weird Al Yankovic
[1:18′] Weird Al Yankovic sings this song during a Star Wars movie.
25. The Saga Begins Music Video Spanish version – Maffio and Jencarlos
[1:19′] Jencarlos and Maffio talk about they created the Spanish cover for “American Pie”.
26. American Boys – Don McLean
[1:23′] Don visits the stage where Buddy, Ritchie, and J.P. performed.
27. American Pie (50th anniversary edition) – Don McLean
[1:28′] Don sings this song at the 50th anniversary of the song.
28. American Pie – Home Free Feat. Don Mclean
[1:31′] Second ending credits song
29. American Pie – Bon Jovi
[1:32′] Forth ending credits song
30. American Pie (new version) – Don Mclean
[1:33′] Fifth ending credits song
31. The Ballad Of John Henry – Woody Guthrie
32. Words Of Love (Owl version) – Mark Zellner, Josh Reedy, Travis Vance, Chris Kimmerer

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American Pie - Don McLean
American Pie - Jade Bird

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The Day The Music Died  Film information
The Day The Music Died (2022) Soundtrack
Movie genre: Documentary
Runtime: 1h 34m
Release date (wide): 19 July 2022
Production: MTV Studios, Meteor 17
Distributor: Paramount+
Director: Mark Moormann
Stars: Peter Gallagher, Garth Brooks, Buddy Holly

IMDB: The Day the Music Died

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