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1. Powerful Woman – Henry Parsley & Nathalie Mac
[15′] Lucy goes to work dressed up to impress Joshua. She walks in confidently in the office, but trips and falls.
2. 7PM – Lilacs, Lizzy McAlpine
3. Love U
4. Born in Soweto
[48′] Helene is practicing yoga in her office and Lucy comes in to talk to her about the promotion.
5. Glimmer of Your Smile – Donna Byrnes
[51′] Lucy goes on a date with Danny. She kisses him to see if it feels better than Josh’s kiss and when it doesn’t she goes to his apartment.

6. Walking in Circles – Johnny Del Toro and Spencer Hutchings
7. Ding, Ding, Dong – Sacha Distel
[1:02′] While Lucy is decorating the Christmas tree, Josh comes to pick her up for his brother’s wedding.
8. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
9. Winter’s Day – Spencer Hutchings
10. Ave Maria for Two Guitars – Spencer Hutchings
11. Nobody But You – Damon Daunno
12. I Love the Likes of You – Gail Pettis
13. See Things Differently – Lana McDonagh
14. Alligator – Of Monsters and Men
[1:29′] Lucy is determined to win the battle and get the job.
15. Stay 100 – Swim Team feat. Luna
End credits.

The Hating Game official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 10 December 2021
Label: Republic Records
1.Pretty – Astrid S & Dagny
[1:06′] Josh comes out of the shower in a towel.
2.7/11 – Bülow
[35′] They all play paintball. Lucy tries to lead the team, but no one listens to her.
3.Dover Beach – Baby Queen
[29′] Lucy is at home and receives flowers from Danny.
4.Count On Me – Joy Oladokun
[38′] Joshua takes Lucy home because she feels sick. He stays at her apartment to take care of her.
5.In My Mind – Lyn Lapid
6.Mercy – Angelina Jordan
[0′] Lucy and Joshua work each at their desk and Lucy talks about the tensions at the office.
7.Glitter – BENEE
[13′] Lucy goes home with the bus and she is observing the people on it.
8.Feel Good – Command Sisters
[23′] Lucy and Joshua kiss in the elevator.
9.Don’t miss me – Claire Rosinkranz
10.This Is How You Fall in Love – Jeremy Zucher & Chelsea Cutler
[1:24′] After Josh tells Lucy he loves her.
11.Somebody – Dagny
[1:37′] Lucy meets Josh and they talk about their jobs. Song continues during end credits.
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The Hating Game Film information
Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release date (wide): 10 December 2021
Runtime: 1h 42m
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