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The soundtrack from The Royal Treatment, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all the 16 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 16 additional tunes playlist, score, and credits used in the movie. Read 15 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits – Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full songs (where available)

1. Ain’t Got Far To Go – Jess Glynne
Starting song / Starting credits song. Isabella walks on the streets sharing her donuts before the microwave fire starts at the beauty salon.
2. Da Da Un Pa – Alice & Ellen Kessler
[6′] Prince Thomas’s butler calls Izzy’s beauty salon to order a haircut, after a voice search on his phone matched the name “Bellissime” instead of “Belle”.
3. Run The World – Litty Kitty
[7′] Izzy arrives at Prince Thomas’ hotel.
4. Bambino – Vichenzo Orru
[13′] Izzy starts to cut prince Thomas’ hair at her beauty salon.
5. Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina) – Rosemary Clooney
[14′] The beauty salon’s staff starts dancing to this song.
6. Baciami Ancora – Daniele Benati · Jacopo Delfini · Renato Podestà
[20′] The song starts before Walter (the butler) arrives at the saloon, proposing to them to do the hair and makeup for the royal wedding.
7. Tinterella de Luna – Mina
[22′] Isabella accepts the royal offer, for the entire Bellissime beauty salon staff.
8. Il Ballo Del Mattone – Rita Pavone
[30′] The team is doing test haircuts and makeup at the castle.
9. Mojito Royal – Yann Jankielewicz & Simon Andrieux
[32′] Izzy walks around the town and has a video call with her mom.
10. В Серебре Подкова – Зимний Сад
[43′] Izzy is dancing with prince Thomas and all the people in the town’s square.
11. Guardo Come Dondolo – Edoardo Vianello
[50′] Izzy is dancing with the girls in the kitchen while starting to prepare pasta for the kids in Uber de Gleise school.
12. Worst Kind Of Hurt – Laura Marano and Wrabel
[1:12′] Izzy is leaving the castle, crying in the car, after she got fired.
13. Breakthrough – Jeff Lewis
[1:21′] After prince Thomas called off the wedding.
14. Keep It Movin – Caught a Ghost
15. Io Che Amo Solo Te – Sergio Endringo
[1:23′] They are having dinner after the beauty salon burned.
16. Dance With you – Laura Marano & Grey
[1:29′] Thomas takes Izzy for a ride on the horse. / Ending song, first end credits song.

The Royal Treatment Film information
Movie Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance
Release date (wide): 20 January 2022
Runtime: 1h 36m
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Category: Comedy Movie Soundtracks, Family Movie Soundtracks, Romance Movie Soundtracks

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