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The soundtrack to White Men Can’t Jump music, a 2023 Hulu movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 73 full soundtrack songs, 1 trailer track. View all song names, who sings them, stream 45 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 33 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play Passin’ Me By – The Pharcyde
[0:02’] Kamal has basketball training. Speedy informs him that they should play a 2 on 2 tournament where they could win $25,000.
2. play Mellos – Fat City
[0:08’] Kamal goes after Jeremy because he forgot his water bottle, but Jeremy does not hear him and drives off.
3. play Hollandaise – Ab- Soul
[0:08’] Intro song.
4. play STL Caps & Jay Hats– Baby Stone Gorillas
[0:09’] Kamal gets out of his car.
5. play I Been – Ari Lennox
[0:09’] Kamal arrives at home. His son runs to him and Imani is doing a friend’s hair.
6. play What’s Up Fatlip – Fatlip
[0:10’] Mooch tells Jeremy that he needs to pay his gym membership.
7. play Vlone Friendz (feat. Rio Da Yung Og) – TinyGun
[0:14’] Kamal works as a VTX delivery man.
8. play Good Days – SZA
[0:16’] Jeremy picks up Tatiana from the dance class where she teaches choreography.
9. play Ezpz – Epicmustdie
[0:18’] Kamal comes to the tournament pick.
10. play Who That Is – Social Club Misfits & DJ Laz
[0:21’] Jeremy plays Phil Williamson for the court. He suggests they play 2 on 2.

11. play Whoomp! There It Is – Tag Team
[0:31’] The basketball game is on / Kamal and Jeremy win. They then play game after game with other people.
12. play Frankie – YUCK & Sire
[0:39’] Kamal invites Jeremy to his son’s birthday party.
13. play Before I Let Go – Maze & Frankie Beverly
[0:39’] The birthday party is in a park.
14. Before I Let you Go – DJ Neil Armstrong
[0:40’] Jeremy and Tatiana arrive at the birthday party. Kamal is surprised to see that Tatiana is black.
15. play Can’t Let You Go – KS French
[0:41’] Jeremy brings a bottle of Hennessy at the party. Tatiana leaves with Imani to help.
16. play Oakland Blackouts – Hieroglyphics
[0:45’] Kamal and Jeremy walk on a footbridge.
17. play Long Tall Sally – Little Richard
[0:46’] Jeremy teases a player on the court about his lop ears.
18. play I Wish – Skee-Lo
[0:47’] Kamal counts the money in the car; Jeremy sprays SFP lotion on himself.
19. play For the Love of Money – The O’Jays
[0:48’] Jeremy meditates before the game.
20. play Why Can’t We Be Friends – War
[0:50’] The boys win another game. Even though he said that black people don’t meditate, Jeremy finds Kamal meditating.
21. play Better Man – Leon Bridges
[0:53’] Jeremy tells Tatiana that he has some high end clients in order to justify the money he receives. He does not tell her he plays basketball for money.
22. play Sunrise – Rae Khalil
[0:54’] Imani shows Kamal a potential spot for the salon.

23. play Santeria – Sublime
[0:56’] Kamal and Imani are walking on the beach. Renzo tells him that they need him in the game.
24. play Billie Eilish – Armani White
[0:57’] Jeremy meets Kamal on the basketball court.
25. play Kage Story – LaRussell and Yondo
[1:04’] Kamal remembers how he used to play basketball with his father. Kamal has major anger management issues because his mother left him and his father.
26. play Doin’ Time – Sublime
[1:06’] Jeremy takes his anger out on the people he plays with. He is drunk and Mooch fires him.
27. play What U See Is What U Get – Xzibit
[1:15’] It’s the day of the tournament.
28. play Shape of You – Ed Sheeran
[1:16’] Renzo, Speedy, Imani, Kamal and his son are in the parking lot. They see Jeremy listening to this song in his car. Jeremy tells Kamal that he is there to help.
29. play Come Down – Anderson.Paak
[1:18’] Kamal and the team is on the basketball court.
30. play Down Bad – Dreamville ft. Talentz Younf Nudy, Talentz,JID, EARTHGANG & J Cole
[1:19’] The first game takes place. Jeremy asks Kamal if he is okay.

31. play Whoa! – Black Rob
[1:23’] Jeremy passes the ball to Kamal and he shoots points.
32. play Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers
[1:34’] Kamal is thankful to Jeremy and tells him he would not have been where he is without him.
33. play WHATS POPPIN – Jack Harlow
[1:35’] End credits song.
34. Sportscenter Theme – Joh Colby
35. play Passin Me By – The Pharcyde
36. play Brake Lights – Raphael Lake
37. play All Star – Adam Hayman and Derek Shaw
38. Hopscotch- Exister
39. play Beast Mode- Y2
40. Piano Jazz 1 – Martin Gibson
41. play Funky in Here – The Dayton Sidewinders
42. play Forge Your Own Chains – Maker
43. Get It On – The Counts
44. Tribal Spirit – APM Music
45. Knowshow – Exister

White Men Can’t Jump official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 26 May 2023
Label: 20th Century Studios
Original music composed by Marcelo Zarvos & Oak Felder
1. playDuke Skywalker – Marcelo Zarvos
2. playTime Out – Marcelo Zarvos
3. playThe Big Fight – Marcelo Zarvos
4. playWrap Up – Marcelo Zarvos
5. playGarage Conversations – Just a Few Games – Marcelo Zarvos
6. playThat Won’t Work – Oak Felder
7. playGot My Mind Right – Oak Felder
8. playLittle Out of Your Range – Oak Felder
9. playOut of Your Range – Marcelo Zarvos
10. playEighty Minus Sixty – Oak Felder
11. playFinal Game – Oak Felder
12. playTournament Finale – Oak Felder
13. playFind Somebody to Make Money – Oak Felder
14. playYoga Instructor – Oak Felder

15. playBringing Up the Past – Marcelo Zarvos
16. playHit This Shot Sitting Down – Marcelo Zarvos
17. playTournament Finale Flashback – Marcelo Zarvos
18. playGetting Fired – Marcelo Zarvos
19. playJust Need a Plan – Marcelo Zarvos
20. playInjured – Marcelo Zarvos
21. playMaking Up – Marcelo Zarvos
22. playAlways Be Our Game – Marcelo Zarvos
23. playMS – Marcelo Zarvos
24. playGambling on My Husband – Marcelo Zarvos
25. playNew Private Workouts – Marcelo Zarvos
26. playJeremy Wins – Marcelo Zarvos
27. playStem Cells – Oak Felder
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Uproar - Lil Wayne

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IMDB: White Men Can't Jump

White Men Can’t Jump  Film information
Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Release date (wide): 19 May 2023
Runtime: 1h 41m
Production: 20th Century Studios, Khalabo Ink Society, Mortal Media
Distributor: Disney+, Hulu
Director: Calmatic
Stars: Sinqua Walls, Jack Harlow, Lance Reddick

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