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1. Northern Sky – Nick Drake
2. Canon In D – Lumiere String Quartet
3. Things To Do With Our Hands That Don’t Hurt – Johnny Costa, Robert Rawsthorne and Carl McVicker
4. Down By The Bay – Raffi
5. Shadow Lane – Alex McCabe
6. Neighborhood Trolley Music – Johnny Costa
7. Springlike – Alex McCabe
8. On The Road To Find Out – Cat Stevens
9. Bilder aus Osten (Pictures From the East)” OP. 66: No. 1 – Robert Schumann
10. Mido Mountain (Chinese Traditional) – Yo-Yo Ma
11. The Promise – Tracy Chapman
12. I Like You As You Are – Fred Rogers
13. Sometimes People Are Good – Fred Rogers
14. You’ve Got To Do It – Fred Rogers

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: November 15, 2019
Label: Sony Classical
Original music composed by Nate Heller

1. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Tom Hanks)
2. Title Sequence
3. Northen Sky
4. I’m Not Going To Be Ambushed (an arrangement of “It’s You I Like”)
5. Something Stupid (Chris Cooper)
6. Magazine Printing
7. You Are Special (The Uptown String Quartet)
8. Fat Freddy
9. Heart Attack
10. On The Road To Find Out
11. Port Authority
12. It’s Our Good Friend, Lloyd/Hello, Old Rabbit (an arrangement of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”/”What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?”)
13. Vibes (The Uptown String Quartet)
14. You Are My Friend (contains interpolations of “It’s You I Like” and “Am I A Mistake?”)
15. Lloyd Typing
16. Jerry’s Goodbye
17. It’s Such A Good Feeling (Tom Hanks)
18. Fred At The End (contains interpolations of “It’s You I Like”)
19. Score Suite
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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Film information
Movie Genre: Biography, Drama
Release date (wide): 22 November 2019
Runtime: 1h 48min
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Category: Biography Movie Soundtracks, Drama Movie Soundtracks

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  • A 07 / 04 / 2020 Reply

    What is the song in this trailer, the epic instrumental half way through?

  • Deborah Peeples 11 / 03 / 2020 Reply

    Where can I buy the soundtrack on good old holdable CD?

    • soundtracki 24 / 03 / 2020 Reply

      you can buy the score album, there are links to do so above the tracklist

  • Donna 15 / 01 / 2020 Reply

    I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m trying to find the name of the song (and the singer) of the song from the “A beautiful day in the neighbourhood” film trailer it starts at around 1.35ish on the international trailer.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • soundtracki 18 / 01 / 2020 Reply

      Better Day Comin’ by Garrison Starr

      • Donna 28 / 01 / 2020 Reply

        Thank you!

  • Richard Lamplugh 25 / 11 / 2019 Reply

    What song is playing in the swimming pool scene in”A beautiful day in the neighborhood” recent release?

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