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1. Get Me Lit – DonChristian Jones
[0:06′] Joey and Mike are at the campfire.
2. Psychotic Mind Alternate – Martin Emilio Insaurgarat
[0:09′] Joey wakes up, goes to work, and remembers the bits of what happened in the evening.
3. Hands – Jess Parsons
[0:11′] Joey’s plate falls out of her hand.
4. Queen Of The Night Aria From The Magic Flute – Thomas Hewitt Jones
[0:13′] Regina comes to pick up Joey from her house.
[1:32′] Joey arrives home at her family; the girls shoot at Mark Vanderhill’s plane.
5. Book Me Back In Your Dreams – Jemima James
[0:15′] Regina and Joey arrive at Fala’s house.
6. Tomboy – Princess Nokia
[0:17′] Regina takes Joey to a club.
7. Get Up (Cherry Bomb) – Ruby Ibarra
[0:17′] Hexus gets on stage and sings this song.
First ending credits song
8. CBT OCD – DonChristian Jones
[0:27′] After the incident at the gas station, the girls go to a bar.
9. US – Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla
[0:28′] The girls are drinking and dancing.
10. Kybm – Tunde Olaniran
[1:00′] Regina and Joey dress up and go to the frat house.
11. Away With These Self Loving Lads – Mara Carlyle
[1:14′] The girls are having dinner at Cuzzo’s place.
12. Sorry – Charismatic Megafauna
[1:20′] The girls boycott the meeting of the MFM.
13. Domitilla – Lisa Yaro
14. Hear Me Calling – Jess Parsons
15. When Hard Times Come – Dennis Jones
16. Dewey the Decimal – Juniper
17. Cunt d’etat – Platapussy
18. Alluring Soul – Stephen Daniel Lemarie
19. Sorry I’m Bad AT This – Juniper
20. Dubstephanie – Juniper

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Asking for It Film information
Movie Genre: Thriller
Release date (wide): 4 March 2022
Runtime: 1h 37m

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Category: Thriller Movie Soundtracks

IMDB: Asking for It

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