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1. Hey Hey Hey – Skid Robot
[0:12′] Travis arrives at his granddaughter’s birthday party.
2. The Four Seasons – Vivaldi
[1:19′] Music starts on the stereo while the agents are searching the place.
3. Salut d’Amour, Op. 12 – Thomas Hewitt Jones
[1:23′] This song is playing on the stereo while the agents are searching the house.
4. Stronger Than Before – John Coggins
First ending credits song
5. Nothing’s Gonna Break Me – John Coggins
Second ending credits song

Blacklight official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 28 January 2022
Label: Record DK
Original music composed by Mark Isham
1. Sofia Flores
[0:01′] Sofia is on stage giving a speech to the public.
2. Travis Block
[0:04′] Travis drives his car at speed.
3. Trailer Rescue
[0:07′] Travis prepares to rescue agent Davidson from the trailer.
4. Home
[0:11′] Travis arrives home and locks his door.
5. Dusty Crane
[0:17′] Dusty Crane os sitting in the car breathing heavily and taking pills; the police checks on him and he starts a fight.
6. Good Soldier
[0:20′] Travis takes Dusty Crane out of prison.
7. Day Care
[0:24′] Travis is at his granddaughter’s daycare. She tells him someone has been following her.
8. Garbage
[0:25′] Dusty escapes the handcuffs and runs away in a garbage truck; Travis follows him.
9. This Is Really Important
[0:28′] After overturning the truck, Dusty goes to Mira.
10. Searching
11. Security
[0:36′] Travis sets video cameras on his daughter’s house then talks with her about it.
[0:41′] The agents find Dusty and they start following him and shooting at him.

12. Saving Agent’s Souls
[0:30′] Travis talks with Gabe about the option of retiring.
[0:33′] Travis is at home, checks his fridge then gets in the car where he finds a drawing of his granddaughter.
13. The FBI’s Dark Side
[0:41′] Mira leaves on a scooter and Travis follows her. He finds Dusty and tries to catch him but he slips away and the agents shoot him.
14. Funeral
[0:50′] Travis is at Dusty’s funeral. Gabriel comes to talk to him.
15. History
[0:58′] Travis talks with Mira at the bar; later he goes to Gabriel.
16. Missed the Play
17. Who Are the Good Guys
[0:53′] Mira stares out the window then leaves the office and meets Travis.
18. Car Chased
[1:04′] Drew is chased by a car. He crashes and then gets killed.
19. Where Are They
[1:08′] Travis can’t find Amanda and Natalie.
20. Figuring Out the Story
21. Important Safes
[1:18′] Travis goes to Robinson’s place to check the safe.
22. Battle of the Henchmen
[1:23′] The agents find Travis and they start shooting.
23. Dusty’s Interview
[1:29′] Travis, Pearl, and Mira are watching Dusty’s interview on the laptop.
24. The End of Operation Unity
[1:32′] Travis is fighting Gabriel.
[1:33′] Travis meets his family after fighting Robinson.
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Blacklight Film information
Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Release date (wide): 11 February 2022
Runtime: 1h 44m

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