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The soundtrack to Enola Holmes 2 music, a 2022 Netflix movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 43 full soundtrack songs, play 29 full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 13 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 31 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full soundtrack songs (where available)

1. play Jerusalem – Hubert Parry
[0:04′] Enola talks about Lord Tewkesbury and calls him the champion of change and progress.
2. Knees Up Mother Brown (Traditional) – Simon Heeley & Tony Lewis
[0:17′] Enola enters the pub called The Paragon to look for Mae.
[0:51’] Repeats when Enola’s mother was singing the lyrics of this song while dancing with her at home.
3. play Elektromagnetische Polka – Johan Strayss II
[0:51′] Enola watches the others from the balcony and admits that she can’t dance.
4. Where Did You Get That Hat? – Daniel Pemberton
[0:18’] Enola watches a performance on stage at The Paragon.
5. play Polka (Schubert: Galopp D.735) – Wiener Philarmoniker, Claudio Abbado
[0:53′] Enola introduces herself to Mira Troy, as Tabitha Timothy.
6. play Symphony No.3 in C Minor, Op.78, R.176 Organ: II. Maestoso – Allegro – Piu Allegro – Molto Allegro – Pesante – Hans Fagius, Royal Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra, James DePriest
[1:16′] After they run from the police and destroy their carriage is destroyed, Enola, Edith, and Eudoria bump into the other officers.
7. play Hallelujah From Messiah, HWV 56 – The Bach Choir and The English Concert, Conducted by David Hill
[1:17′] Enola, Edith, and Eudoria start fighting with the police officers in the woods.
8. play The Limehouse Puzzle – Daniel Pemberton
[1:22′] Enola investigates the plants’ soil at Mae’s house.
9. play Tewkesbury’s Trail – Daniel Pemberton
[1:27′] Enola leaves Tewkesbury’s house after discovering that Cycil is Sarah, but she stops outside and asks him about the secret message he sent her at the ball.
10. play Enola Holmes (The Future Is Up To Us) – Daniel Pemberton
[2:01′] The song plays in the final scene of the movie when Tewkesbury walks with Enola and invites her to a ball.
[2:02’] Continues when Doctor Watson shows up at Sherlock’s door.
First end credits song.

11. play Love’s a Dream After The Ball – Alphons Czibulka
12. play Where The Citrons Bloom Waltz – Johann Strauss II
13. play Faschingsbrief Polka – Eduard Strauss

Enola Holmes 2 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 4 November 2022
Label: Milan Records
Original music composed by Daniel Pemberton
1. play Stop That Girl!
Opening song / Music starts playing right when the movie begins, as Enola is running through the crowd, followed by two policemen.
2. play The Enola Holmes Detective Agency
[0:01’] Enola Holmes introduces herself and talks about the detective agency that she started after solving her first case.
[2:04’] Second end credits song.
3. play Find Your Path
4. play To Shadwell
[0:05’] After a little girl comes to Enola’s office to ask for help in finding her sister.
5. play Lyon’s Match Factory
[0:09’] Enola takes the case and heads to the match factory.
6. play The Merry Dance
7. play 221b Baker Street
[0:24’] Enola helps her drunk brother get home.
8. play A Loose Thread
9. play Mysterious Follower
[0:21’] After reading the letter, Enola notices that she is being followed, then bumps into Sherlock.
10. play The Game Has Found Its Feet (Again)
[0:30’] After reading the poem again, Enola manages to solve the riddle.
11. play Bell Lane, Whitechapel
12. play The Threads Intertwine
13. play Le Langage de la Danse
[0:52’] While studying the board, Sherlock discovers a cipher.
14. play Dancing Lessons
[0:56’] Enola asks Tewkesbury to teach her how to dance.
[2:06’] Third end credits song.

15. play Chaperone Waltz
[0:49’] At the ball, Enola listens to the other ladies’ conversation and later tries to talk with the host without knowing that she needs to have a chaperone for that.
16. play Quite a Party
[1:04’] The police arrive at the ball and take Enola into custody.
17. play The Last Dance
[1:01’] The couples gather on the dance floor for the last waltz.
18. play Deductions
[1:11′] Enola walks into the prison court with the other women; Sherlock fears that Enola will be hanged.
19. play Carriage Escape
20. play Grail On Horseback
21. play Sweet William
22. play Blackmail
[1:35’] Enola realizes that the music sheet is actually a map.
23. play Enola and Tewkesbury
[1:37’] Enola and Tewkesbury kiss for the first time.
24. play The Truth of the Gods
25. play Stage Fight
[1:40’] In the theater, Enola runs away from the officers while Sherlock is being shot and Tewkesbury gets in a sword fight.
26. play The Curtain Falls
27. play Up in Flames
28. play The Only Power We Have
[1:55’] Sarah gives a speech at the match factory in an attempt to persuade her coworkers to refuse to work for their corrupt boss.
29. play Enola Holmes (One Flame to Start a Fire)
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Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Mallory Merk

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IMDB: Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2  Film information
Movie Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Release date (wide): 4 November 2022
Runtime: 2h 9m
Production: Legendary Entertainment, Netflix, PCMA Productions
Distributor: Netflix
Director: Harry Bradbeer
Stars: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, David Thewlis

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