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The soundtrack from Fatman, a 2020 movie, tracklist, listen to all the 18 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream additional tunes playlist, score and credits used in the movie. Read 10 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits – Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
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1. Deck the Halls – The Stellar Singers featuring Brooke Wilkes, Amber-Skye Skipps, Marc Marger, Tom Patrick Propofsky
Donald comes to Skinny Man with a baseball bat made in Santa’s workshop in order to sell it [4′]
2. Mistletoe Madness – Crying Cactus Cowboys
Chris is driving his car. He listens to the radio and hears the question about Santa’s importance nowadays. [10′]
3. Can’t Even Afford to Care – The Mission Bells featuring Kendell Marvel
Fatman drinking at the bar. [11′]
4. Bending to Your Will – Will VanderWyden
5. Jingle Bells – Alan Ett and Jim McMillan
Billy brings milk to his grandma and steals her checks. [14′]
6. Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes – Natalie Choquette
Billy tells Regina to get everyone out of the house and writes a check for Skinny man. [15′]
7. Do You Hear What I Hear? – Mondo Boys feat. Spencer Day & Nisalda Gonzalez
Billy comes downstairs and opens the disappointing present from Santa, deciding to get Skinny Man kill Fatman.
8. My Heart for China – Zhang Mingmin
Skinny Man tries to find information about Santa’s localisation but the operator hangs up. [32′]
9. While It Rains – Will VanderWyden
Skinny Man buys a white ski suit. [61′]

10. Arashiyama – Will VanderWyden
12. Hitman – Suave Don
13. Get Down – Zach Jones
14. The Arrival – Deejam Om
15. Dressin’ Down – Peter Donovan and Elijah Ocean and Travis Howard
16. Symphony No. 25 in G Minor K. 183 – I. Allegro Con Brio – The Mozart Festival Orchestra
Billy calls Skinny Man to tell him that he wants Fatman’s head. Skinny Man refuses but he agrees to bring Santa’s coat instead. [61′]
17. Flyin’ High – Luke Guy Reed
Chris is driving his car to the bar and asks Sandy for a glass of milk. [63′]
18. Outta Country – Travis Howard

Fatman Film information
Movie Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Release date (wide): 24 November 2020
Runtime: 1h 40min
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Category: Action Movie Soundtracks, Comedy Movie Soundtracks, Fantasy Movie Soundtracks

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6 thoughts on “Fatman (2020) Soundtrack”

  1. In the beginning of the movie at 3 minutes 20 second the music name is not mentioned in your list above, where Mel Gibson is shooting on the empty hanging beer cans

  2. Scene where Jonathan Miller is using the bathroom in the snow at 54:50. Lyrics are ” MAKING SWEET SWEET LOVE I WANNA GET THAT “

  3. What is the rap song playing at 52:30 I’ve searched the lyrics but can’t find the song. its the scene where the hitman is driving in his car and eating chicken and drinking coke.

    1. BRUUH literally been looking for the same song and lyric from the same part of the movie. I saw the list of tracks used at the end of the movie but I still couldn’t find the song. It sounds like old M.O.P. or maybe Smif-N-Wessun.

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