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The soundtrack to Supercool, a 2021-2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 31 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 31 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 24 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1.What Is Love – Haddway
[1:06′] The song starts when Gilbert goes to Ace and says they need to dance because Summer is watching them. They proceed to do the choreography from Just Dance.
[1:26′] After Neil comes back to normal, he hangs out with Summer, who gets to read his comics about her. After that, she finally seems interested in him.
2. Uman – Kokoroko
3. True – Spandau Ballet
[1:09′] Summer and Ace are left alone, and Summer asks him to dance with her.
4. Practice – TVA
5. Run Wild – Tuthmon & Nombe
[33′] Gilbert talks to Ace’s neighbor, who works at a car dealership, and asks to borrow him and Ace a car for Summer’s party. They take a ride to test it, and Ace gets thrown off the vehicle.
6. I’ll Find A Way – Royal Rizow Feat. Ty Reynolds
[23′] After Neil proves that he really is himself, only looks very different, they find out his current look is based on the comic characters he drew. They decide Neil should go by another name and choose Ace.
7.Play With It – Tommy Genesis
[1:05′] Jimmy and Gilbert decide to look for Ace at Summer’s party, while Ace and Chad are at the dance-off.
8. Kiss You All over – Exile
[40′] Ace and Gilbert are asked to join a couple as swingers. They are uncomfortable, so they only sit and watch.
9.Turning It Up For The Sunshine – The Tribe of Good
[19′] After Neil realizes that his wish has come true (he becomes one of the hottest boys in high school), he has a confidence boost and talks to everybody. Gilbert does not recognize him at first, nor does Neil’s sister.
10. Doze – DUAL
11.Own It – DAAAM!! Feat. Faith Vernon
12. Baby Can’t Stop – Lindstorm & Christabelle
[36′] After the man finds out they don’t have the money to rent the car for the night, he makes them an offer – they could take the Porsche for 70 dollars, but on one condition, he has to go to the party with them.
13. 10th Day At Venice – Aliso Black
[42′] Jimmy, the car dealer, comes to pick up the boys from the store and get them to the party. Jimmy tries to rob the store when the cashier takes a gun and shoots a sign that falls on Ace’s head. Jimmy and Gilbert leave.
14. Outro (Revisited) – Cut Chemist
[1:13′] After the police found Jimmy’s Porsche at Summer’s party, everybody ran away, while Jimmy and Gilbert tried to get out with a stolen car.
15. Still I Rise – Thutmose
[1:08′] After the dance-off, Gilbert and Ace reconcile, and Ava, one of Summer’s friends, talks to Gilbert.
16. Flashback – Fat Freddy’s Drop
[27′] Ace and Gilbert enter a music store, where one of Summer’s best friends is singing. After that, the girls ask about Neil, referring to him as “pukey”.
17.What Time Is Love – Lifelike & Kris Menace
[52′] Jimmy and Gilbert get to an only men party, Gilbert introduces himself as Ace, and they get mandatory outfits to wear. There, they meet Justin, Gilbert’s friend (who asked him to be a swinger).
18. S.P.Y – Dusty Fingers
[54′] Ace arrives at Summer’s party by taxi and finds his sister making out with another girl. He asks her about Summer.

19. Bad Thing – PINS
[59′] Ace talks to Chad and finds out he is into Summer too. After that, Jimmy and Gilbert get thrown out of the party.

20. Oh Girl – Paul Young
[1:04′] After they change clothes and take a shower, Jimmy and Gilbert are surprised by Jimmy’s dad, who is singing “Happy birthday” and bringing a cake. Gilbert finds out that it is Jimmy’s 30th birthday.
21. Top Of My Game – C4
22. In High Demand – DAAAM!! Feat. Faith Vernon
23. Joyride – Heliocentrics
24. Bossanova – 2WEI
25.Love Supreme – Nao
[1:11′] Chad throws Ace in the pool while he is in the outside toilet.

26. Shoulders – Fazerdaze
[29′] After Ace and Summer meet, he asks if he could come to her birthday party on the weekend. She gives him the last invitation.
27. It’s My Life – Dr. Alban
[54′] Back at Jimmy’s and Gilbert’s party, Jimmy steals an access card to go to the basement, where some men were doing money laundering.
28.You Get What You Give – New Radicals
[7′] After Neil writes his comic, he eats breakfast with his parents and sister. Later, he catches the bus to school.
[14′] Neil’s mom wakes him up for school, he grabs a waffle on his way out of the house and nearly misses the bus. When he tries to talk to Gilbert, he acts weird.
29. Let’s Fall In Love For The Night – Finneas
End credits song
30. Shake It Down – Stush & Outside
[55′] During Summer’s party, Ace/Neil’s sister is his wing woman and gets rid of Summer’s friends, to make space for her brother.

31. Never Let Her Slip Away – Andrew Gold

Supercool official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original music composed by Jacques Brautbar

Not yet released.

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Supercool  Film information
Supercool (2022) Soundtrack
Movie Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Release date (wide): 11 February 2022
Runtime: 1h 40m

IMDB: Supercool

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