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The soundtrack to Fire Island music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 55 full soundtrack songs, play 13 full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 42 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 24 scene descriptions with timelines from the Hulu movie.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full soundtrack songs (where available)

1. Pure Imagination – Kathleen
[0:04’] The boys all leave by ferry to the island they’ll spend a week on.
2. Boys (Coldabank Remix) – Charli XCX
[0:12’] The boys go to the Tea bar to dance and have fun.
3. Chica Mejicanita – Andrea Litkei, Ervin Litkei
[0:30’] The boys do grocery shopping to prepare for dinner at Erin’s house.
4. Jade – Monsune
[0:41’] Charlie thanks the boys and Erin for the amazing dinner.
5. Fantasy – Sofi Tukker
[0:46’] The boys arrive at the underwear party.
6. Feels In My Body – Icona Pop
[0:51’] Noah and Dex kiss on the dancefloor.
7. We Could Be Dancing – Bob Sinclar feat. Molly Hammar
[0:53’] Will warns Noah about Dex. Noah sees Charlie dancing and kissing his ex.
8. Join In, Join In – Production Music
[0:59’] While looking for Howie, Noah enters a room where a bunch of guys were having sex.
9. Heart To Break – Kim Petras
[01:10’] Will takes part in a groove dance competition.
10. Jason – Perfume Genius
[01:11’] Will and Noah are at the beach together reading and talking.
11. Sometimes (Britney Spears) – Cast
[01:13’] Howie sings on a stage with his friends.
12. Whole Life – Perfume Genius
[01:28’] Everyone waves Howie goodbye as he gets on the ferry.
13. Sometimes (From ‘’Fire Island’’) – MUNA
[01:29’] Charlie and the rest of them rush to stop Howie from leaving the island.
14. Dreams Tonite – Alvvays
[01:32’] After convincing Howie to stay, they celebrate at Cherry Groove.

15. Last Dance – Donna Summer
[01:36’] Noah and Will dance together for the first time before kissing.
First end credits song

16. Home – Ruu Campbell
17. Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden, Cantata BWV 208 – Johann Sebastian Bach
18. Lil Voices – QRTR
19. Open Up Babe (Perry Twins Remix) – Wils
20. You Make My Day – Richard Myhill
21. Thought Control – John Roberts
22. My Calls – QRTR
23. Own It – Universal Production Music
24. Bathroom Break – QRTR
25. Powering Up – Universal Production Music
26. Just Reach Out – BMG Production Music
27. Wherever You Are – BMG Production Music
28. Movin’ – MNRK Music Group
29. XYLO LINK – APM Music
30. Flowers – Cibo Matto

31. Bad Habits – Madame Gandhi
32. Killer – Dan Lewis
33. You Won’t Return – QRTR
34. Devran (Madd Rod Remix) – SIS
35. Life is a Party – Universal Production Music
36. Softie – Panooc
37. The Long Hot Summer – Eliseo Roman
38. I’m Marking Believe – Andrew Ahn
39. To The Moon – BMG Production Music
40. Spin Around – APM Music
41. Toccata and Fugue In D Minor, BWV 565 – Jay Wadley
42. Angel From Above – Jerry Fuller

Fire Island official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 3 June 2022
Label: Hollywood Records
Original music composed by Jay Wadley
1. Okay, You Gotta Go
2. Bottomless Mimomas
3. Bottoms
[0:06’] Erin welcomes the boys into her house.
[0:25’] After the fiasco at the party, Noah wakes up feeling fine the next morning.
4. Just You and Me
Second end credits song
5. It Wouldn’t Be the Same
6. Time Works Differently
[0:34’] Charlie and his friends arrive at Erin’s house.
7. The Four Seasons – Winter
[0:42’] Noah imagines Charlie pleasuring Howie at the dinner table.
8. Don’t Tell Anyone
[01:01’] The morning after the party, Noah feels bad about his fight with Howie.
9. The Letter
10. What Difference Does It Make
11. Don’t Ruin This for Me
[01:18’] Noah and Will are walking by the beach talking about their lives.
Third end credits song

12. Does Charlie Know?
13. What About You?
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Trailer Video
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Trailer songs (full tracks)
Bottoms - Jay Wadley
Boys (Coldabank Remix) – Charli XCX

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Fire Island  Film information
Fire Island (2022) Soundtrack
Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release date (wide): 3 June 2022
Runtime: 1h 45m
Production: Jax Media, Searchlight Pictures
Distributor: Disney+, Hulu
Director: Andrew Ahn
Stars: Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho

IMDB: Fire Island

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