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The soundtrack to Freedom Uncut music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 51 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 51 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 52 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. Freedom! ’90 – George Michael
Starting song / A music video of George Michael is playing.
[0:12’] George talks about how unhappy he was at some point, until one day.
[0:52’] George Michael didn’t want to make any promotion for “freedom” but it still ended up being one of his biggest hits. People who were in the song’s video talk about how they filmed it.
[1:52’] This song was one of George Michael’s biggest hits.
2. Fastlove (Part 1) – George Michael
[0:06′] A brief presentation of a few of George Michael’s songs and their videos.
3. Spinning The Wheel – George Michael
[0:07′] Second song in the presentation
[1:32′] George Michael wanted to help himself and others feeling his pain with the ‘Older’ album.
4. Jesus To A Child – George Michael
[0:07′] Third song in the presentation
5. The Strangest Thing – George Michael
[0:07′] Fourth song in the presentation
6. Move On – George Michael
[0:08′] Fifth song in the presentation
7. Older – George Michael
[0:08′] Sixth song in the presentation
8. Star People ‘97 – George Michael
[0:09′] Seventh song in the presentation
9. You Have Been Loved – George Michael
[0:09′] Eighth song in the presentation
10. Fantasy – George Michael Feat. Nile Rodgers
[0:12′] Intro song /
George Michael is typing, listening to his song.

11. Waiting – George Michael
[0:14′] A woman talks about first hearing about George Michael’s music and how she thought he has the voice of an angel.
12. Ghost Town – The Specials
13. Young Guns (Go For It) – Wham!
[0:17′] George Michael, invited to a tv show, talks about his youth.
14. Club Tropicana – Wham!
15. I’m Your Man – Wham!
[0:18′] James talks about how everyone in his generation knew about George Michael.
[1:42′] George Michael did James’s car interview. They had a lot of fun, and gave George Michael an idea.
16. Everything She Wants – Wham!
[0:19′] People talk about how the boys’ band Wham! brought joy.

17. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!
[0:20′] George talks about how he still thinks in his early career everything was amazing.
18. The Edge Of Heaven – Wham!
[0:21′] Andrew talks about how when they had their last concert together, everything was equally sad and happy. George had no doubt his solo career will go right.
19.Careless Whisper – George Michael
[0:22′] People talk about George’s determination to build an incredible solo career.
[0:32′] George talks about how much easier was to have Andrew, and be part of a band than to perform solo.
20. Father Figure – George Michael
[0:23′] George talks about how he forgot about happiness and only wanted to be the biggest star.
21. Faith – George Michael
[0:24′] George considers his album, Faith, a very commercial one. People talk about how he became the biggest pop star during that time.
22. One More Try – George Michael
[0:26′] George’s music was playing everywhere.
23. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) – Aretha Franklin & George Michael
[0:27′] George wanted to duet with Aretha.
24. Kissing A Fool – George Michael
[0:29′] Mark talks about how black people appreciated George Michael’s music at first.
25. I Want Your Sex – George Michael
[0:31′] George had no idea at first he would have such a success, even though he wanted it.
26. Free – George Michael
[0:34′] George Michael talks about music being his lover.
27. Something To Save – George Michael
[0:38′] George Michael started being persecuted for trying to make “black” music and stealing the prizes of black people, but that was never his intention.
28. Praying For Time – George Michael
[0:39′] This song reminded Elton John of one of Lennon’s songs. Lennon also feels it is a great song and one resembling some of his.
29. Heal The Pain – George Michael
[0:42′] George Michael made this song to remind people of Paul McCartney. He wouldn’t have believed McCartney would want to sing it.
30. Drive My Car – Paul McCartney & George Michael
[0:44′] George Michael really liked this song.
31. They Won’t Go When I Go – George Michael
[0:44′] Everyone loves and gets emotional hearing this song. Stevie was glad to hear George Michael sing his song.
32. Living For The City – Stevie Wonder & George Michael
[0:48′] George Michael did so many Stevie Wonder covers because he liked the way Stevie’s songs worked for his voice.
33. Safe – George Michael
[0:50′] At some point, George Michael felt he didn’t belong in his lifestyle anymore.
34. Killer/Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone – George Michael
[0:58′] George Michael talks about how after tears of making music he gained a desire to escape his fame. He and his friends rented an entire island and had some fun.

35. Desafinado – Astrud Gilbert & George Michael
[1:01′] George Michael and Anselmo talk about how they felt when they first saw each other at one of George Michael’s concerts.
36. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – George Michael & Elton John
[1:06′] George Michael started being even more successful in America.
37. Too Funky – George Michael
[1:06′] Anselmo was recommended to get tested.
38. Somebody To Love – George Michael & Queen
[1:10′] George Michael repeated for 5 days continuously for the concert tributed to Freddie Mercury. He wanted to have a perfect performance, feeling it was going to be maybe the most important concert in his life.
39. Jesus To A Child – George Michael
[1:27′] George Michael considers the album “older”, the one he wrote after grieving his lost lover, his greatest moment.
40. Fastlove – George Michael
41. You Have Been Loved – George Michael
[1:33′] When George Michael’s mom found out about his lost love, she was upset he had to go through all the grief all by himself.
42. Mothers Pride – George Michael
[1:36′] When George Michael found out his mother had cancer, he fell into a really bad depression.
43. Outside – George Michael
[1:38′] After recovering from his depression, George Michael started living his true life, came out and embraced his sexuality.
44. Freeek! ‘04 – George Michael
[1:43′] George Michael’s new songs and videos scared some and amused others.
45. Shoot The Dog – George Michael
[1:44′] Even though he changed his style, people concluded George Michael will always be George Michael.
46. Brother Can You Spare A Dime – George Michael
[1:44′] George Michael can sing with anyone.
47. How Do You Keep The Music Playing – Tony Bennett & George Michael
48. Patience – George Michael
[1:46′] George Michael is recording this song.
49. As – Mary J. Blige & George Michael
[1:49′] George Michael finally declared himself pleased with the music he leaves the world after writing patience.
50. If I Told You That – Whitney Huston
[1:51′] George Michael’s impact on people at concerts was phenomenal.
51. A Different Corner – George Michael
[1:54′] End credits song

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Faith – George Michael
Freedom! '90 – George Michael

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Freedom Uncut  Film information
Freedom Uncut Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Documentary, Music
Release date (wide): 22 June 2022
Runtime: 1h 27m
Production: Sony Music Entertainment
Distributor: Trafalgar Releasing
Directors: David Austin, George Michael
Stars: Liam Gallagher, Elton John, Nile Rodgers

IMDB: Freedom Uncut

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