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Trap Jazz Soundtrack (2023)

Songs:  35  | Scene descriptions: 18 timelines
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The soundtrack to Trap Jazz music, a 2023 Hulu movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 35 full soundtrack songs & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 34 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 18 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. play ATliens – Outkast
[00:01’] People of Atlanta are proudly talking about their city, the center of art in all aspects: music and film dominated totally by freedom. Here, the Trap Jazz takes place, a band that mixes jazz and hip-hop.
2. play Take the „A” Train – Duke Ellington
[00:04’] While smoking, Chris Moten watches Duke Ellington’s performance and tries new beats to combine with it.
3. play Fight night – Migos
[00:05’] The band members listen with enthusiasm to what they created for popular artists. Stixx Taylor and Cassius Jay present their respect for Chris’s work.
4. play Like yesterday – Monophonics
[00:10’] Surrounded by family, Cassius talks with pride about his kids, the reason why he finds motivation in hard times. He ensured he transmitted to them the true values he received from his parents. He shares his beggings in the matter of music as a church performer.
5. Amazing Grace – Shay Cross
[00:13’] With grief, Cassius remembers the time when his dad died of a heart attack.
6. Grace amazing – Stephon Moten
[00:30’] Despite having a difficult time with his dad incarcerated, Chris continues playing music, learning from tapes his dad sends.
7. Boot up – Trap Jazz All-Stars
[00:36′] Chris plays the first melody he came up with in Houston, a song addressed to all categories of people to understand and connect with it.
[00:54′] Chris shows his teacher his song a few days before the show. He is proud of the fusion between jazz and trap.
[00:56′] Chris is consulting with his piano teacher about his music.
[00:57′] The song is a big success and is performed at a strip club.
[01:19′] The show in L.A. starts. The band impresses the audience.
8. play Ballade: Session I Improvisation 1950 – Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins
[00:44’] Robert Coln, Chris’s high school band director, describes the limited register of music for African-American musicians and reveals how jazz music got them the opportunity to be seen.
9. play Jesus Will Fix It (Trouble In My Way) – Shiloh Baptist Church Choir
[00:44’] The kids are integrated into the jazz atmosphere as soon as the Sunday school is over.
10. play When the gates swing open – Shiloh Baptist Church Male Choir
[00:44’] The whole community is singing at the church, putting their souls in music.
11. play Coming in Hot – Andy Mineo ft Lecrae
[00:46’] The scene presents the views and the buildings in Atlanta while people are driving around. Trhrow jazz people got a voice to express total freedom, including drugs.
12. play Shadow Movement – Gareth Johnson
[00:57’] Three days before the ATL Show, the boys do rehearsals.
13. The Coronation – Eazy E Money
[01:00’] The show starts. People are getting around to seeing how jazz and hip-hop can mix.
14. play Water drops – Fdp
[01:30’] End credits.
15. playRed – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
16. Scream – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
17. play God’s got a blessing – Simeon MaGee
18. Trap Jazz Zay 1 – Zaytoven
19. Dr. Jesus – Shiloh Baptist Church Male Choir
20. Into madness – Jose Miguel Rodriguez
21. Cary Lee – Chris Moten
22. Summertime – Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah and Chris Moten
23. Quintessence – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
24. Rockwu – Chris Moten
25. The feeling comes and goes – Quinn Gibson
26. Ironside – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
27. I got 5 on it – Devon ”STIXX” Taylor
28. Smackwater Jack – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
29. Makinmoovz – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
30. Freeway – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay
31. Top boppin – Kenry Werner Publishing at Bayham
32. Vibes – Trap Jazz All-Stars, Chris Moten, Devon ”STIXX” Taylor, Cassius Jay, Reggie Croslan
33. play C Jam Blues – Oscar Peterson
34. Uncfrank – Chris Moten
Trailer Video
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1. Trap Jazz (Official Trailer)

Trailer songs (full tracks)
1. Go Get It (feat. Jeezy & Chief Keef) - Cassius Jay, Trap Jazz (Official Trailer)

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Trap Jazz  Film information
Trap Jazz Soundtrack (2023)
Movie Genre: Documentary, Music
Release date (wide): 23 August 2023
Runtime: 1h 33m
Production: Andscape, Highway West Entertainment, Jammcard Films
Distributor: Hulu
Director: Sadé Clacken Joseph
Stars: Chris Moten, Stixx Taylor, Cassius Jay

IMDB: Trap Jazz

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