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The soundtrack to Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 45 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 45 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 40 scene descriptions with timelines from the Hulu movie.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full soundtrack songs (where available)

1. Bloody Valentine – MGK
[0:34′] At the beginning of the movie, when the fans are singing the lyrics of this song at one of his concerts.
[0:17′] Repeats after Travis Baker talks about his friendship with MGK.
2. Born With Horns – MGK
[0:02′] Movie title card.
[1:14′] Repeats when MGK gives autographs in the airport.
3. Title Track – MGK
[0:05′] MGK listens to this song in the car after he gets the tattoo on his neck.
[0:19′] Repeats when MGK records the song in the studio.
[0:24′] Repeats when MGK dances on the table at Interscope Studios.
[0:32′] Repeats when MGK opens the concert with this song while the crowd shouts his name.
[1:17′] Repeats when MGK performs at a concert for a hundred thousand people.
4. El Diablo – MGK
[0:06′] (2019 title card) Scenes from a concert.
5. Hollywood Whore – MGK
[0:06′] After MGK says that his favorite hip-hop album he has ever made was „Hotel Diablo” and his fans loved it.
6. Glass House feat Naomi Wild – MGK
[0:07′] When MGK tells that „Hotel Diablo” was his first album with a billion streams but the media chose to write him off.
7. Bullets With Names – MGK feat. Young Thug, RJMrLA, Lil Duke
[0:09′] The song plays after MGK talks about his drug addiction.
8. Pursuit Of Happiness – MGK
9. It Was A Good Day – MGK
10. Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne
11. Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
[0:13′] (Montage) MGK plays a guitar cover of these songs after the quarantine hit
12. In These Walls (My House) – MGK feat. PVRIS
[0:13′] MGK records this song during quarantine.
13. Pretty Toxic Revolver – MGK
[0:14′] A YouTuber reacts to MGK’s video singing this song.
14. I Think I’m Okay – MGK
[0:14′] Several YouTubers react to MGK’s video as he turns into a rock star.
[0:14′] Repeats when MGK records the song in the studio, then performs at a concert.

15. My Ex’s Best Friend – MGK feat. Blackbear
[0:18′] After getting high, MGK records this song in the studio.
[0:33′] Repeats when he sings the song at one of his concerts.
16. Forget Me Too – MGK feat. Halsey
[0:20′] MGK records the song in the studio; The producer says that he thinks the new album is going to be punk rock.
17. Hangover Cure – MGK
[0:23′] The song plays after Travis Baker talks about MGK working hard until he could not keep his eyes open.
18. Drunk Face – MGK
[0:26′] MGK performs at a concert on the beach.
[0:42′] Repeats before he talks about the last time he talked to his father on the phone before he died.
19. Papercuts – MGK
[0:35′] MGK performs right after Foo Fighters.
[0:56′] Montage of MGK performing live in concert.
20. Lonely – MGK
[0:45′] When MGK performs at the Cleveland show in December 2021.
21. Banyan Tree – Interlude – MGK
[0:50′] MGK sings this song on stage after talking about his relationship with Megan.
22. God Save Me – MGK
[0:54′] After the scene where he spits blood in the sink, MGK records this song in the studio.
23. Die In California – MGK feat. Gunna, Young Thug, Landon Barker
[0:57′] MGK records this song in the studio bus.
24. More Than Life – MGK feat. Glaive
[0:59′] MGK and Glaive record the song in the studio.
[1:38′] Repeats at the end of the movie; end credits.
25. Emo Girl – MGK feat Willow
[0:59′] After the scene where MGK is on the phone with Willow and she says that the song sounds amazing.
26. Drug Dealer – MGK feat. Lil Wayne
[0:59′] MGK records this song in the studio in February 2020.
[1:01′] Repeats when MGK listens to the song while smoking.
27. Maybe – MGK feat. Bring Me the Horizon
[1:03′] At the recording session in June 2021.
[1:04′] Repeats on the official music video.
28. Mainstream Sellout – MGK
[1:11′] The song plays when MGK does a photoshoot where he covers his tattoos.
29. Twin Flame – MGK
[1:34′] The song plays when MGK is in the car with Megan and he holds her in his arms; montage of him and Megan together.
[1:37′] Montage of MGK and his daughter.

30. Floor 13 – MGK
31. 5:3666 feat. Phem – MGK
32. Sober – MGK
33. What’s My Age Again? – MGK
34. Kiss Kiss – MGK
35. All I Know feat. Trippie Redd – MGK
36. Daywalker! Feat. Corpse – MGK
37. Play This When I’m Gone – MGK
39. 9 Lives – MGK
40. Ronnie J Demo – MGK
41. Bouncin On My Toes – MGK
42. Concert For Aliens – MGK
43. Sid & Nancy – MGK
44. 5150 – MGK
45. Make Up Sex feat. Blackbear – MGK

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Bloody Valentine - Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink  Film information
Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Documentary, Music
Release date (wide): 27 june 2022
Runtime: 1h 54m
Distributor: Hulu
Director: Sam Cahill
Stars: Machine Gun Kelly

IMDB: Machine Gun Kelly's Life in Pink

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