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The soundtrack to Laura Pausini: Pleasure to Meet You, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 56 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 1 trailer track. View all song names, who sings them, stream 56 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 47 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. Io sì (Seen) [From The Life Ahead (La vita davanti a sé)] – Laura Pausini
[0:01′] When Laura and her team find out that they’ve won a Golden Globe award and they celebrate.
[1:08′] Laura is in concert while her daughter and her parents are watching from home on tv.
2. Through The Barricades – Spandau Ballet
[0:04′] Young Laura is doing her homework and singing in the kitchen.
3. You Came (Live Cover) – Laura Pausini, Fabrizio Pausini
[0:05′] Young Laura plays in piano bars with her father.
4. La Solitudine – Laura Pausini
[0:06′] Laura gets a call from her dad and finds out that she’s going to perform in San Remo.
[0:11′] The song plays in the car when Laura talks to her son.
[1:16′] Laura sings alone in the restaurant after everybody leaves.
5. Io Canto – Laura Pausini
[0:07′] After San Remo; scenes from concerts. First song played.
6. Je Chante – Laura Pausini
[0:08′] Second song played in the concert.
7. Yo Canto – Laura Pausini
[0:08′] Third song played in the concert.
8. Good Times – Ghali
[0:12′] Laura changes the radio station while in the car with her son.
9. Scatola – Laura Pausini
[0:14′] Laura recording at the studio.
[1:18′] In the end when Laura her other self.
End credits

10. Strani Amori – Laura Pausini
[0:15′] Young Laura singing live on stage.
11. La Solitudine (Live) – Laura Pausini
[0:16′] Young Laura is singing at San Remo; her relatives watching her on tv at home; the song becomes famous all over Europe.
12. Se Fue – Laura Pausini
[0:17′] Laura starts singing in Spanish and realizes something huge is happening.
[0:39′] Laura talks about the time in her life before meeting Paolo.
13. Gente (Spanish Version) – Laura Pausini
[0:18′] After Laura wins the Europe Prize.
14. Inolvidable – Laura Pausini
[0:19′] Scenes with young Laura singing on stage at 18 years old while she speaks in the background about her life at that age.
15. Amores Extranos – Laura Pausini
[0:21′] Laura talks about how she met her partner, Paolo.
16. Casomai – Laura Pausini
[0:22′] Laura sings on stage next to Paolo; Laura talks about her relationship with Paolo.
17. Medley: La Prospettiva Di Me – Parlami (Live) – Laura Pausini
[0:26′] Laura talks about Paolo who helped her fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.
18. Celeste – Laura Pausini
[0:27′] Laura writes this song a year before she finds out she is pregnant.
19. Fur Elise – Beethoven
[0:30′] Laura plays the piano with her daughter, Paola.
20. All I Want – Paola Carta
[0:31′] Paola sings while her father is holding her and her mother listens.
21. Ti Lascero – Fausto Leali
[0:31′] Laura talks about her father and how he cultivated her passion for music.
22. Non Dimenticar (Live Cover) – Laura Pausini, Fabrizio Pausini
[0:33′] Laura talks about her mother who would have wanted her to become a pharmacist instead of a singer.
23. Destinazione Paradiso – Laura Pausini
[0:35′] Laura is singing at a restaurant in the evening; then singing the same song live in concert in Milan in 2007.
24. Benvenuto – Laura Pausini
[0:37′] Laura arrives in New York.
25. Agora Nao – Laura Pausini
[0:38′] Laura performs in Latin America. This is the first song played.
26. En Cambio No – Laura Pausini
[0:38′] Second song played in the concert.
27. Resta in Ascolto – Laura Pausini
[0:39′] Laura writes this song before meeting Paolo, a very important record, the first one produced by her that also got her a Grammy award.
28. Viveme – Laura Pausini
[0:40′] When Laura wins the Grammy award.
29. Vivimi – Laura Pausini
[0:41′] Laura is by herself in the hotel room after winning the Grammy award.
30. Primavera in anticipo – Laura Pausini
[0:43′] In 2009, at the „Amiche per l’Abruzzo” Concert.
31. It’s Not Goodbye – Laura Pausini
[0:43′] In 2013, at the Chime for Change concert in London.
32. Il Nostro Amore Quotidiano – Laura Pausini
[0:44′] Laura is travelling with her little girl to her concerts.
33. Verdades a Medias – Laura Pausini
[0:45′] Laura does many shows on tv.
[0:51′] Laura sings in front of her friends at the church.
34. X Factor Full Theme
35. La Felicita ( Live) – Laura Pausini & LP Orchestra
[0:46′] Laura in many different concerts.
36. Ti Dico Ciao – Laura Pausini
[0:48′] Laura talks about Giuseppe, her neighbor and a very good friend of her that passed away.
37. Madre della Speranza – Laura Pausini
[0:50′] Old footage of Laura as a child singing in the church choir.
38. Con La Musica Alla Radio – Laura Pausini
[0:51′] Laura dances with her friends from Solarolo.
39. Tropicana – Gruppo Italiano
[0:52′] Laura sings with her friends while having dinner.
40. Tra Te E Il Mare – Laura Pausini
[0:58′] 2021, In Rome, at the preliminary meeting for the new album.
41. Seen – Laura Pausini
[1:06′] Laura warms up her voice in the car.
42. I’m Every Woman – Laura Pausini (Whitney Houston cover)
[1:09′] Laura sings at the restaurant in front of her relatives and friends.
Continues after she talks to her father on the phone.

43. Simili – Laura Pausini, Paola Carta
44. Non Ho Mai Smesso (Instrumental Version) – Laura Pausini
45. Garota de Ipanema (Live Acappella) – Laura Pausini
46. Caja (Spanish version of „Scatola”) – Laura Pausini
47. Staccofunk (Live) – Paolo Romano Carta
48. Didn’t We Almost Have It All (Live Cover)- Laura Pausini
49. Anime Parallele – Paolo Romano Carta
50. Deliver – Jose Luis Sherman
51. Servo Per Amore (Acappella Version) – Laura Pausini
52. Parlami – Laura Pausini
53. Loneliness (English Version of ‘La Solitudine’) – Laura Pausini
54. La Soledad (Spanish Version of ‘La Solitudine’) – Laura Pausini
55. Bienvenido (Spanish Version of ‘Benvenuto’) – Laura Pausini
56. Invece No – Laura Pausini

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Laura Pausini: Pleasure To Meet You  Film information
Laura Pausini: Pleasure To Meet You Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Documentary
Release date (wide): 7 April 2022
Runtime: 1h 21m

IMDB: Laura Pausini - Piacere Di Conoscerti

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