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The soundtrack to Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 39 full soundtrack songs, play 28 full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 10 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 17 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
[0:05′] After work, Mrs. Harris and her friend go to a bar.
2. Little Bit Of Rock – Lincoln Grounds & Pat Reyford
[0:06′] Mrs. Harris opens the package from the post office and finds out that her husband died in the war.
3. Out Of The Blue – The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra
[0:14′] Mrs. Harris wins the lottery and decides to buy a Christian Dior dress from Paris.
4. On N’oublie Rien – Juliette Greco
[0:16′] Mrs. Harris plays a music record while doing the cleaning at Mr. Newcombe’s house.
5. Those Cool Beans – Lincoln Grounds & Pat Reyford
[0:18′] At the bar, Archie asks Mrs. Harris to look after Spring and Summer.
6. Midnight Cafe – Michael Craig & Dave James
[1:04′] Mrs. Harris dances with the Marquis de Chassagne.
7. Secret Love – Sammy Fain & Paul Francis Webster
8. Changing Trains – John Dankworth
9. Temptress – Tim Garland
10. A Soft Shoe In – Colin Sheen, Jamie Talbot & Simon Gardner

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 29 July 2022
Label: Back Lot Music
Original music composed by Rael Jones
1. Mrs. Harris
[0:01′] Opening credits / Mrs. Harris tosses a coin from the bridge, then gets on the bus.
2. Lucky Day
3. In a Flap
4. Footloose and Fancy Free
5. Bag of Bones
[0:21′] Vi and Mrs. Harris go to the dog races.
6. Chasing Natasha
7. 10th Anniversary Collection
[0:40′] The ladies start to model at the fashion show.
[1:52′] Second end credits song
8. Temptation
9. Streets Paved with Broken Dreams
10. A Proper Angel
11. Tour of Paris
[0:50′] Natasha takes Mrs. Harris to Mr. Fauvel’s house in her car.
12. Toad in the Hole
13. A Thousand Apologies
14. Late for Fitting

15. Making Moonlight
[1:07′] Mrs. Harris sees the atelier at the Dior house.
16. Lovely, But Not Real
17. Premiere
18. It’s Called a Strike
[1:25′] All the staff claps for Mrs. Harris after her initiative of talking to Mr. Dior.
19. Say Something, Love
20. Mrs. Mops
21. Peas in a Pod
22. Shut Up and Kiss Me
[1:30′] Andre and Natasha kiss at the train station; Mrs. Harris attends the last dress fitting, then returns home.
23. Being Seen is Everything
24. Up in Flames
[1:37′] Pamela burns Mrs. Harris’s dress.
25. The Dream Fades
[1:38′] Mrs. Harris looks at the burned dress and cries, then decides to throw it in the river.
26. From All Your Friends
27. Ada On the Stairs
[1:47′] Mrs. Harris makes her appearance at the party wearing the Dior dress.
28. The Legion Dance
[1:49′] Archie invites Mrs. Harris to dance with him at the ball.
First end credits song

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Trailer songs (full tracks)
It's Been A Long, Long Time - Louis Armstrong (Focus Features Official Trailer)
On N'Oublie Rien - Juliette Gréco(Focus Features Official Trailer)

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IMDB: Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris  Film information
Movie genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 1h 55m
Release date (wide): 15 July 2022
Production: Moonriver Content, Superbe Films, Hero Squared
Distributor: Sierra / Affinity, Focus Features
Director: Anthony Fabian
Stars: Jason Isaacs, Lesley Manville, Alba Baptista

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