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The soundtrack to Of An Age music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 29 full soundtrack songs & 1 trailer track. View all song names, who sings them, stream 28 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 25 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. playCe matin-là – Barbara
Starting song.
[0:50’] Kol is sitting alone in his room, listening to music.
2. playBandito – Azucar Moreno
[0:05’] Kol is putting on some music to dance to when Ebony calls him.
3. playTi Si Mi U Krvi – Zdravko Colic
[0:10’] Ebony and Kol are trying to figure out how to pick her up in time for the Civic Center.
4. playMa plus belle histoire d’amour – Barbara
[0:12’] Kol is calling Ebony’s brother, Adam to ask for his help.
5. playFinale (Tango Apasionado) – Astor Piazzolla
[0:19’] While in the car, the guys are talking about their New Year’s Day plans.
6. playCucurrucucu Paloma (Live 1995) – Caetano Veloso
[0:21’] The guys are talking about an Argentinian movie worth watching.
7. playDejame Recordar – Bola de Nieve
[0:23’] Kol is asking Adam what made him want to move to Buenos Aires.
[0:59’] Adam is offering Kol a ride home after running into him.
8. playIl doit faire Beau la bas – Noelle Cordier
[0:26’] Kol is putting on a French song on the car radio.
9. playAusencia – Goran Bregovic
[0:44’] Kol is starting to fall in love with Adam.
[1:37’] End credits song.
10. playOn Ne Voli Me – Lepa Brena
[0:49’] Kol is greeting all his family after arriving home.
11. playThe Dolphin’s Cry – LIVE
[0:52’] Ebony is calling Kol to invite him over to Coral’s house party.
12. playLightning Crashes – LIVE
[0:54’] Kol is helping Ebony look for a cute guy she saw at the party.
13. playSway – Bic Runga
[0:57’] Kol is asking Coral if she saw Adam around.

14. playE Doce Morrer No Mar – Cesaria Evora & Marisa Monte
[1:02’] Kol is asking Adam if he can join him on his drive.
15. playSodade – Cesaria Evora
[1:06’] Adam and Kol are having sex.
16. playPasion – Rodrigo Leao
[1:12’] Adam and Kol are running into each other at the airport a couple of years later.
17. playHeartbreaker – Dionne Warwick
[1:19’] Kol is attending Ebony’s wedding.
18. playBrazilian Waltz – Henri Alexandre Contet & Valto Laitinen
[1:24’] Ebony and her husband are having their first dance.
19. playThe Boy Is Mine – Brandy & Monica
[1:25’] Ebony is having fun dancing at her wedding.
20. playManeater – Nelly Furtado
[1:26’] Adam is looking at Ebony and Kol dancing together.
21. play1 Thing – Amerie
[1:27’] The girls are bugging Kol after seeing him dance with Ebony.
22. playLovefool – The Cardigans
[1:29’] Kol is taking one last look at Ebony before leaving the party.
23. playPile Moje – Lepa Brena
24. playCooling (B Side Version) – Tori Amos
25. playCurrent – Phoria
26. Pharmageddoom – Terry Vainoras
27. playThe Search Is Over – The Blossoms
28. playMalecon By Night – Guy Barker

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IMDB: Of An Age

Of An Age (2023)  Film information
Movie Genre: Drama, Romance
Release date (wide): 10 February 2023
Runtime: 1h 40m
Production: Causeway Films
Distributors: Focus Features, Roadshow Films, Universal Pictures
Director: Goran Stolevski
Actors: Thom Green, Elias Anton, Matthew Page

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