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The soundtrack to Saving Christmas Spirit music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 36 full soundtrack songs, play 31 full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 5 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 35 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play The Very Best Day This Year – Jeff Meegan
Opening song / Before Percy finds Lucy hiding at the Christmas party.
2. The First Noel – Cast
[1:04’] Duncan tries to tell Lucy about his feelings before she gets a phone call.
3. Deck the hols – Cast
[1:22’] Finn and Caitrin share a dance at the ceilidh.
4. Light of Christmas – Sarah DiMuzio
End credits song.
5. play Fireworks – James Andrew Grant

Saving Christmas Spirit official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 23 December 2022
Label: Notefornote Music
Original music composed by Erick Schroder
1. play Welcome to Scotland
[0:03’] Before Lucy arrives at her Scottish inn.
2. play Hello Dear
[0:04’] Lucy meets Edina and they talk about the lost stone’s findings.
3. play Settling In
[0:07’] Lucy gets startled by the house’s old plumbing.
4. play Research
[0:09’] Before Lucy calls Percy to talk about the journals.
5. play Embers
[0:10’] Edina tells Lucy about her late husband and his playful spirit.
6. play Missing Piece
[0:12’] Lucy finds the missing piece from one of the old journals that ties them to one of Cailleach’s shrines.
7. play Find It Now
[0:12’] Lucy asks Edina if she knows someone that can help her find the shrine.
8. play An Official Date
[0:16’] Edina encourages Finn to ask Caitrin out on a date.
9. play Distillery
[0:19’] Edina tells Lucy that she can find Duncan at the distillery.
10. play Mistletoe
[0:20’] Duncan tells Lucy about his parents’ love for Christmas.

11. play Christmas Spirit
[0:21’] Duncan explains to Lucy the history of his Christmas Spirit whiskey.
12. play Folklore
[0:25’] Lucy and Duncan walk on the beach and talk about Lucy’s lack of luck in finding the shrine.
13. play What’s Meant to Happen Will
[0:29’] Duncan gives Finn advice for his love life.
14. play Scottish Christmas Card
[0:32’] Lucy tells Duncan about her former plans for spending Christmas.
15. play Christmas Market
[0:35’] Lucy and Duncan visit the local Christmas Market.
16. play Behind On Bills
[0:37’] Duncan gets a surprise visit from Ian regarding his distillery.
17. play MacIntyre
[0:40’] Lucy woke up in the middle of the night to find a piece of log in front of her door.
18. play Wanders Return
[0:45’] Lucy and Duncan return from their expedition with an interesting finding.
19. play Not Selling
[0:48’] Duncan gets help from his father’s ghost to refuse Ian’s offer.
20. play My Grandmother
[0:50’] Lucy discovers her grandmother’s art at the market.

21. play You Don’t Fight for Anything
[0:52’] Before Lucy finds out from her friend Percy that she is fired.
22. play Game of Pool
[0:55’] Lucy beats Duncan in a game of pool which means that he has to accept help.
23. play Reindeer
[0:56’] Lucy asks Duncan about the change of quote on her door and that she keeps getting signs about deer.
24. play Don’t Fight for Me
[0:59’] After Finn and Caitrin fight about him not playing because Finn feels that he is betraying Caitrin.
25. play Came to Get Away
[1:02’] Lucy confesses to Duncan that she came to Scotland to get away from everything.
26. play I Have to Go
[1:05’] Lucy tells Duncan about her museum job which prompts them to confess their feelings for each other.
27. play Something for Christmas
[1:13’] Duncan tells Lucy that a river pump at the distillery got broken in the storm.
28. play Rugby Match
[1:08’] Finn decides to play in the game after getting help from his uncle’s ghost.
29. play Start Construction
[1:15’] Duncan lost his distillery to Ian.
30. play Where’s Lucy?
[1:18’] Duncan arrives home to find Lucy gone.
31. play Artifacts Found
[1:21’] Duncan and Lucy find the lost artifacts on the MacAvoy land and they finally kiss.
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Welcome To Scotland - Erick Schroder

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Saving Christmas Spirit  Film information
Saving Christmas Spirit Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Release date (wide): 19 December 2022
Runtime: 1h 30m
Production: Pandora Persephone Films
Distributor: Nicely Entertainment
Director: Wendy Faraone
Stars: Ashley Newbrough, James Robinson, Jake Satow

IMDB: Saving Christmas Spirit

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