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Blood & Water Season 3 Soundtrack

Songs:  92  | Scene descriptions: 87 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 25 November 2022
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The soundtrack to Blood & Water Season 3 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 Netflix TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 1
Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 2
Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 3
Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 4
Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 5
Blood & Water Season 3 Episode 6

Season 3 • Episode 1: ‘Re-Orientation’ (S03E01)

25 November 2022
15 songs

1. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:48’] End credits song.
2. play Candy Flip – Dwayne Jr.
[0:01’] The song plays at the beginning of the episode when KB asks his father if he knows something about Madam Nwabisa’s disappearance.
3. Broke My Own Heart – Atlay
[0:08’] Puleng talks via video call with Wade who is away camping.
4. play Molo – Jst Sako
[0:11’] Chris blindfolds Wendy and surprises her with a home-cooked meal that she later discovers was ordered.
5. play WAGMI – Tyler Page
[0:16’] Chris calls Reece and informs her that his academic appeal was denied. Wendy returns to find him conversing with Reece, which disappoints her.
6. Afraid – Atlay
[0:20’] Puleng gets another phone call from an unknown number and the caller remains silent. People celebrate New Year’s Eve. Siya tells his family that he got into Parkhurst.
7. Dreams – Yung Nusa
[0:26’] The students laugh while passing by Chris at school because he has to repeat grade 11.
8. play John Vuli Gate – Mapara A Jazz
[0:29’] Khumalo is being bullied by an older student who wants to take his juice and throws him in the pool.
9. play Bekezela – uSanele feat. Bongeziwe Mabandla
[0:34’] Fikile looks at her father’s photo on the phone and thinks that they look alike.
10. Squad Master – K.Keed
[0:36’] The song plays when the gang attends the event where Fikile is going to meet her real father.
11. play Too Late For Mama – Mpho Sebina
[0:38’] Wendy confides in her mother and expresses her feelings, and they discuss the things they regret.
12. play Ewe Kwedini – T. Em x uFezekile
[0:40’] Wade kisses Puleng and she takes him aside to confess what happened between her and KB. Lunga enters the bar to ask about the bartender job.
13. play Don’t Run Away – Yashna
[0:43’] Fikile talks to Anthony at the art exhibition.
14. play Skeleton Move – Master KG
[0:44’] KB exits the club, leaving Chris at the bar, where he later meets Wendy who confesses her love for him.
15. play Just A Taste – Luka Sio
[0:46’] A man takes Reece’s cigarette out of her mouth and asks her about the debt that she owes.

Season 3 • Episode 2: ‘The Recruit’ (S03E02)

25 November 2022
17 songs

1. play The Warrior’s Prayer – Karyendasoul
Opening song / Lisbeth gives KB a surprise visit.
[0:33’] The guests start arriving at Chris’ boat party. Karabo looks through her mother’s stuff and gets caught.

2. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:02’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:48’] End credits song.
3. play Juba Lami – Jessica LM feat. Woza Sabza
[0:03’] Wendy calls Chris in the morning to talk about his birthday plans.
4. Sex Appeal – D-Mongz
[0:06’] Leigh mocks Fikile in a live video for her social media followers. Chris gets a text from Wendy when Reece tells him to move to the 11 graders’ side.
5. play I Ain’t Worried – The Goat Farm – Big Gipp
[0:13’] Some students play football in the yard. Reece smokes a cigarette and prevents Pauline from dealing drugs.
6. Selecta Draft – Frya
[0:18’] Puleng and Wade kiss in the car.
7. play The Funicator – King Perryy
[0:20’] Puleng talks with Lungo about Wade while having breakfast.
[0:25’] Wade meets with Lunga at the bar and asks him for advice on his relationship with Puleng.
8. play Shibilika – Lord Script feat. Okmalumkoolkat & MusiholiQ
[0:22’] The students start laughing after a video goes viral on the school group.
9. Eloyi – Deejanoice
[0:27’] Fikile and Puleng have conversations with their fathers. Fikile reveals that she found her biological father.
10. play Electric – Carlos Bryant
[0:29’] As they sip champagne on the yacht, Chris tells KB that he has been in a long relationship with Wendy.
11. play Nomfundo – Phakade Lami feat. Sha Sha & Ami Faku
[0:31’] As they walk by the beach, Thandeka shows Julius a photo of her daughters, then tells him that Syia got into the under-14 soccer team.
12. play Big Man Cruise – King Perryy feat. Mayorkun
[0:34’] Karabo arrives at the boat party, where no one appears to be having a good time.
13. play Vibration – Stephen of Kent
[0:38’] Chris thanks Lunga for helping him with the party.
14. play Surviva – Skye Wanda
[0:41’] At school, everybody reads the article published by Tahira.
15. play Black Sky – Yashna
[0:46’] Chris talks via video call with Wendy and tells her about his birthday party.
16. play Onketsetsang – Yanomix
[0:46’] At school, the parents start arguing during the meeting.
17. play Thandwa Ndim – Amanda Black
[0:48’] The song plays over the radio when Puleng is in the car with her dad and they have an accident.

Season 3 • Episode 3: ‘Blind Spot’ (S03E03)

25 November 2022
13 songs

1. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:06’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:44’] End credits song.
2. play Bloodsport – Tatum
[0:01’] After the car crash, Puleng and her father are taken to the hospital.
3. play Your Father Is Gone – Mr Kamera
[0:02’] Puleng is informed that her father has died.
4. play Heartburn (Sooibrand) – Sio
[0:02’] Chris goes jogging and calls Wendy, then orders sparkling water and his credit card is declined.
5. play Still – J Molley
[0:06’] At school, news about Puleng’s father’s death goes around. Reece informs her friends that she needs their help to organize a party.
6. play Home – Dope St. Jude
[0:09’] Puleng works out with a therapist in order to recover after the accident.
7. play Mo Money – Yano Masters feat. Mckenzie
[0:20’] Principal Daniels discusses the main issues on the agenda at school, then learns about the party after reading a text on one of her students’ phones.
8. play Reborn – Nickels OG
[0:23’] At school, KB listens to this song on his new headphones when Fikili comes and asks for his help.
9. play When Stars Collide (Acoustic Version) – IV4
[0:27’] While Puleng and Wade make out in the car, he tells her that he is not ready to get intimate.
10. play Bitches – Tamarsha
[0:31’] The song plays when Tahira is at the fencing class. Harold introduces himself and asks Tahira about the Matric Dance Committee bank statements.
11. play 4 YRZ – Sideroom Ghost
[0:35’] Reece, Lunga, and Chris put on their gloves and begin cleaning up the location of the party.
12. play Ubuhlungu – Moish feat. Angelic
[0:37’] The party begins and everyone has fun. Wade tries to apologize to Puleng about what happened in the car.
13. play Paris – Q-Mark & TpZee feat. Afriikan Papi
[0:41’] Puleng goes to the bathroom and starts crying, then text Sama to let her know that she is falling apart. Chris tries to call Wendy. Reece gives the money to Lex right when the cops arrive.

Season 3 • Episode 4: ‘Out of the Shadows’ (S03E04)

25 November 2022
12 songs

1. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:50’] End credits song.
2. play Get the Money (feat. Timaya) – King Perryy
[0:01’] In the morning, Reece counts the money made at the party and Chris relaxes in the pool having a hangover.
3. play Pozay – Ave Le Roi feat. JBoy
[0:06’] The song plays during the school football game. Lunga talks to Puleng’s mother and assures her that they’re all right.
4. play Flex (feat. iFani) – Lex LaFoy
[0:14’] Chris is working out when he receives a phone call from Wendy, who informs him that she will remain in Spain for another six months.
5. play Narcos – Shane Hickman
[0:18’] The students talk about the raid on their social media groups.
6. play Bad Ballerina – Ms Andii
[0:20’] Tahira goes to the dance class and asks Pauline if she was involved in managing the Matric Dance accounts.
7. play Mollo – Malome Vector feat. Sjava
[0:23’] The gang agrees to not tell anything to the police and find Puleng on their own.
8. play Wamuhle – Slade feat. Sino Msolo, Tweezy & Yumbs
[0:29’] At the bar, Reece, Chris, and Lunga discuss Puleng’s kidnapping as they receive some texts saying that the officials are working off the books.
9. play uMalandela – Nu Era
[0:31’] Chris returns to the table after playing the game and chats with his friends. The others notice the connection between him and Lunga.
10. play Moonlight – Sishii
[0:32’] Chris calls Wendy to tell her that he misses her.
11. play Ready for War – Cyber
[0:40’] Kb is looking for his mother but can’t find her at home so he tries to log into her computer.
12. play Save South Africa – China Charmeleon feat. Chronical Deep
[0:47’] Chris sits at the bar and chats with Lunga about Puleng, then Puleng notices that Chris gets jealous when he sees him around other people and they almost kiss.

Season 3 • Episode 5: ‘Mayfair’ (S03E05)

25 November 2022
9 songs

1. play Mamma – James Deacon
Opening song / Wade sneaks in as he tries to help Puleng escape.
2. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:43’] End credits song.
3. play Mahala (feat. Loki., Touchline & DJ Capital) – AirDee
[0:05’] After reading the news, KB goes to his room and packs up his things.
4. play FROZE (feat. BELO SALO & Jordan Baker) – NOTBENJAMIN
[0:13’] Reece talks to KB about his parent’s involvement in the case.
5. play Grrrl Like – Dope Saint Jude
[0:15’] At school, Tahira walks proudly in the hallway as the Head Girl, and Reece cleans while talking to Chris about Lunga and Wendy.
6. play Haney – CTT Beats, Myzol8r
[0:19’] Reece goes to the front desk and asks the receptionist about Mr. Gabriel.
7. play African Boy – King Perryy
[0:20’] Reece returns to the car and informs Wade and KB that Gabriel took the bait.
[0:22’] Tahira goes to the office to inform that Principal Daniels is implicated in a moral crime. Reece, KB, and Wade meet with Fikile and Lunga to let them know what they have found out.
9. play Where Are You Two Going – Mr Kamera
[0:31’] The man sees Puleng sneaking out of the factory with Janet and reports immediately to his boss.
10. play Black Sky – Yashna
[0:33’] Chris meets with Lunga to discuss what happened the other day when they nearly kissed and make out in front of the bar.

Season 3 • Episode 6: ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ (S03E06)

25 November 2022
14 songs

1. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera, Frya
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
[0:48’] End credits song.
2. On My Way – Atlay
[0:06’] Chris lends KB some changing clothes and they receive news from the doctor about his father. Chris tries to call Wendy again but she won’t answer.
3. play When House Was House – Mobi Dixon feat. Mariechan
[0:09’] People have fun at the street festival. Tahira wears a bee costume and talks to Wendy on the phone.
4. Are Khutsi – Caltonic SA, Focalistic & Makhadzi
[0:10’] At the street festival, Siya starts hearing someone speaking into his headphones, then he is bullied again by an older student.
5. Hit ’n’ Lick – Steve feat. J. Clu
[0:13’] Siya opens up the broken headphones and finds a device inside before his mother calls.
6. play Andivumi – Cornelius SA & Dee Cee feat. Unabo & Naomi Tagg
[0:13’] Lunga and Wade chase after the guards when they get a call from KB.
7. play Steven Seagal – Ntokzin
[0:16’] Tahira finds out that Daniel was arrested for fraud.
8. play Xola Ntliziyo – Igqirha Lomculo
[0:21’] Fikile’s mother goes to Anthony to tell him that she is dying and needs help with a transplant.
9. play My Hands – Tatum
[0:29’] Puleng sits on the hospital bed surrounded by her friends. Chris asks Lunga out on a date.
10. play Heart On My Sleeve (feat. Hugo Pooe) – Yung Nasa
[0:33’] Principal Daniels gathers her belongings. Reece apologizes to Tahira about what she said the other day.
11. play Usika Mwema – Ntsika
[0:39’] Principal Daniels gives a speech in front of the students before leaving.
12. play Sweating in My Sleep – YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay
[0:42’] Vaans is apprehended when a coworker shows him the tape of his conversation with Lisbeth. KB is sitting next to his father’s hospital bed.
13. play Uzuhambe Nami – Igqhirha Lomculo
[0:43’] Wendy returns to the country and gives Chris a surprise visit. Fikile talks to her boyfriend outside the house.
14. playAtrophy – Paige Mac
[0:44’] Fikile returns home and hugs her family and friends. Fikile’s mother thanks Puleng for everything she did and she begins to cry because she was unable to save her father.

Blood & Water Season 3 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 25 November 2022
Label: Netflix Music
Original music composed by Mr Kamera
1. play Trappin Adams Hearing
2. play Where Are You Two Going
3. play Wade Hurry Up
4. play No Evidence
5. play Take the Picture
6. play Tell Siya the Truth
7. play Fiks Interview Outro
8. play Your Father Is Gone
9. play Be Safe
10. play They’ve All Gone
11. play Mayfair
12. play Julius Was Proud
13. play Full Intro
14. play The Hearing
15. play Tape Recorder
16. play Gunshot
17. play I Will Shoot You
18. play Fiks Interview Car
19. play Blood & Water (Theme Song from the Netflix Series) – Mr Kamera & Frya
Listen to the full score songs playlist from Blood & Water Season 3 Soundtrack :


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Some One There - Lee Hyun Wook
Home - Dope Saint Jude

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Blood & Water Season 3  TV information
Blood & Water Season 3 Soundtrack
Production: Gambit Films
Distributor: Netflix
Directors: Nosipho Dumisa, Thati Pele, Travis Taute
Stars: Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, Gail Mabalane

IMDB: Blood & Water

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