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Glitter Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  50  | Scene descriptions: 47 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 14 December 2022
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The soundtrack to Glitter Season 1 music (Brokat), view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 Netflix TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Glitter Season 1 Episode 10

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘The Night of Love’ (S01E01)

14 December 2022
4 songs

1. play Wez kolorowy film – Urszula Sipinska
[0:02’] The women are getting ready at the hairdresser for the upcoming party.
2. Chwila Chwile1 Trwa – Bogdan Olewicz
[0:12’] Pola glamourously arrives at the garden party.
3. Staying Alive – Maurice Ernest Gibb, Barry Alan Gibb
[0:18’] Everyone is having fun and dancing at the party.
[0:31’] End credits song.
4. Powledzmy To – Bogdan Loebl
[0:26’] After the fireworks show starts, Pola jumps into the sea dressed up.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Welcome to the Club’ (S01E02)

14 December 2022
4 songs

1. play Coda – Czerwone Gitary
[0:14’] Marysia starts throwing clothes and money out of the car window.
2. play There’s Nothing I Can Do About It – Mike James Kirkland
[0:14’] Helena is sipping a cocktail while listening to a track record.
3. play Love Will Set You Free – Carrie Cleveland
[0:19’] Pola is smoking a cigarette outside of the kindergarten while waiting to talk to Basia.
4. Midnight Stand – Jakub Sautycz
[0:30’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘I Want You to Watch’ (S01E03)

14 December 2022
4 songs

1. play Twa Jasna Widze Twarz – Skaldowie
Opening song.
2. play Torpedo – Novi Singers
[0:05’] Nikodem offers money to Marysia to undress.
3. play Make It Fast, Make It Slow – Rob
[0:11’] Marysia arrives at Jurek’s parent’s house to have lunch together for the first time.
4. play Let’s Straighten It Out – Gwen McCrae
[0:27’] Adam and Helena leave the tennis court after playing together.
[0:28’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘It Will Be Sunny’ (S01E04)

14 December 2022
6 songs

1. Z Tobq swiat nie ma wad – Jacek Szczygiel
Starting song.
2. play La fille du Pere Noel – BIJOU
[0:09’] Helena, Tomas, and Bogdan are spending a day at the beach.
3. A moze by – Grzegorz Walczak
[0:13’] Bogdan invites the people at the bar to dance together.
4. play Czas relaksu – Andrezej I Eliza
[0:17’] The people at the bar start fighting after having too much to drink.
5. play Lato tego roku – Renata Lewandowska & Alibabki
[0:22’] Helena takes off her clothes to have a shower.
[0:24’] End credits song.
6. Kwiaty niczyje – Bogdan Chorqzuk

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘What About Sex’ (S01E05)

14 December 2022
2 songs

1. play Get It Up For Love – Ned Doheny
Opening song / Helena and Tomas have sex.
2. play Ucze sie zyc – Czerwone Gitary
[0:17’] Pola is having a drink at home with Anna and Wladek when her mother arrives.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘What a Girl Dreams Of’ (S01E06)

14 December 2022
4 songs

1. play Hurt Me, Hurt Me – Celi Bee
[0:13’] Helena played the radio, thinking about her life.
2. play Do kogo idziesz – Mira Kubasińska
[0:16’] A couple of older men try to convince a young man to let go of his love for Helena.
[0:31’] End credits.
3. play Odrobinę Szczęścia W Miłości – Irena Santor
[0:18’] Marysia was taking a bath when one of her lovers came with dinner.
4. play Only You – Steve Monite
[0:26’] After her lover left, Helena got out of bed and began walking around the house.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Stripteases Galore’ (S01E07)

14 December 2022
6 songs

1. Ni zal mi takich dni – Bogdan Gajkowski
Opening song / Thomas came to Helena’s door, convincing her to go to a party with him.
2. Brownie – Bernard Kawka
[0:04’] Thomas thought Helena left, but she surprised him by still being at the party.
3. play Pięć Minut Łez – Selvy
[0:05’] People at the party dance and enjoy themselves.
4. play World of Today – Supermax
[0:07’] People at the party have a good time. A man starts stripping.
5. play Zakochani Sa Wśród Nas – Mieczysław Wójnicki
[0:19’] Even though she said she never does it, Helena got really drunk at the party.
6. Za zdrowie pan – Jaroslaw Kukulski

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Not All at Once’ (S01E08)

14 December 2022
4 songs

1. play To sprawił rytm – Andrzej Dąbrowski
Opening song / Basia and Marysia are at the salon, having a self-care day.
2. play Ale Feeling – VOX
[0:09’] Marysia is having a party in her hotel room, waiting for a man.
3. Oj ty rzeko – tradycyjne
4. Asfaltowe laki – Marian Ziminski

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Peace Cup’ (S01E09)

14 December 2022
7 songs

1. play Pytasz mnie, co Ci dam – Partita
[0:07’] Marysia is out on a date. They talk about how they will make their money.
[0:29’] End credits.
2. play Notcracker Suite Highlights:Chinese Dance (Le The) – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
[0:13’] People are watching a horse race.
3. Choral Symphony No. 9 In D Minor Op. 125 IV Ode To Joy – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Raymond Leppard
[0:16’] Basia tries to talk one of the girls out of leaving.
4. play Plona Gory Plona Lasy – Czerwone Gitary
[0:16’] Two gay men met at a restaurant, confessing their feelings about each other.
5. play Dykcja dla wszystkich – Alibabki & Tajfuny
[0:19’] Two people try to have a conversation at a restaurant, but a man at the next table keeps interrupting them.
6. play Kochać – Piotr Szczepanik
[0:25’] Everyone was having a good time at the bar when the bartender announced it was closing.
7. play Miura – Morgan Geist & Darshan Jesrani

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘The Feast of Song’ (S01E10)

14 December 2022
8 songs

1. play There’s Nothing I Can Do About It – Mike James Kirkland
[0:01’] Helena’s young lover confesses his love for her.
2. play Byle łza – Trubadurzy
[0:04’] Helena and Bogusia have a chat, catching up.
3. play Zabawa w Stylu Folk – Krzysztof Krawczyk
[0:12’] Bogdan accepted his feelings and confessed to being in love with a man.
4. play Kochałem Panią Kilka Chwil – Zbigniew Wodecki & Mitch & Mitch
[0:17’] One of the girls asks her friend to get into business with her.
5. La bataille – Choeur Gloire à Dieu
[0:27’] Helena finally found Bogdan. She takes him for a dance.
6. Moja Muzyka, To Ja by Zdzisława Sośnicka
[0:31’] End credits.
7. Sopot – Bartosz Kruczynski
8. Chodzmy na bal – Janusz Piatkowski

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Do kogo idziesz - Mira Kubasińska

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Glitter Season 1  TV information
Glitter Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Telemark
Distributor: Netflix
Directors: Anna Kazejak, Julia Kolberger, Marek Lechki
Stars: Karolina Piechota, Wiktoria Filus, Magdalena Poplawska

IMDB: Glitter

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