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Nothing to See Here Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  19  | Scene descriptions: 19 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 17 November 2023
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The soundtrack to Nothing to See Here Season 1 music (Ojitos de Huevo), view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.
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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Little Egg Eyes’ (S01E01)

17 November 2023
5 songs

1. play A Lonely Maiden – Abaco Music Library
[00:03’] Charly films himself skating and falls down at the end of the YouTube video.
2. play Ave Maria in B-Flat Major, Op. 52, No.6 – Graham Johnson & Marie McLaughlin
[00:18’] Alexis finds out that Johanna is cheating on him, then he and Polito got into a fight.
3. play Cumbia Callera – El Habano
[00:23’] After Alexis’s parents are saying goodbye to Alexis and Charly.
4. play Náufrago – Siddhartha
[00:24’] Alexis and Charly arrives at their new apartment in Mexico.
5. Fierro Viejo – Maria Del Mar
[0:25’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘You’re an Inspiration’ (S01E02)

17 November 2023
2 songs

1. play Con Te Partirò – Andrea Bocelli
[00:15’] Alexis is on the university stage and talks with the students about his disability.
2. play All The Way Around The World – Barrie Gledden & Chris Norton
[00:17’] This song plays after Alexis’s father calls him and subtly tries to convince him to come back home.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘You Can’t’ (S01E03)

17 November 2023
1 song

1. play Domingo – Los Flakos
[00:24’] Ending song, after Alexis decides in the car that he wants to stay in Mexico.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘I Just Want to Be Normal’ (S01E04)

17 November 2023
2 songs

1. play Me Gustas – La Banda Baston
[00:02’] After Alexis dreams that Azul comes to him and confesses that she can’t stop thinking about him.
2. play Ella Es Azul – Volován
[00:23’] Mortal, Azul’s ex boyfriend, sees her with Alexis and he punches Alexis out of anger. Everyone in the bar starts fighting and then kissing.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘You Got a Stage Name?’ (S01E05)

17 November 2023
2 songs

1. play Mas – Dylan Jesse
[00:02’] Everyone at the Underground party gets together as a couple and gets intimate with each other.
2. play La Magia – Little Jesus
[00:15’] Alexis and Charly left the Stand Up Comedy show, after Alexis did his job and played the piano all night.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘A Blind Person’s Gotta Do What a Blind Person’s Gotta Do’ (S01E06)

17 November 2023
3 songs

1. play Lost Game – Geezzy Music
[00:08’] After Alexis’s mother finds some photos from her past.
2. play Corriendo a La Fuga – Gustavo J. Alcantara-Ramirez & Rafael H Sarmiento-Rengifo
[00:18’] Lupita told Alexis that she will help him join the Stand Up Comedy competition.
3. play FBI – Bruses
[00:20’] Ending song, after Alexis and his friends show up unexpected at the competition.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘The Dog That Caught the Car’ (S01E07)

17 November 2023
2 songs

1. Supercombo (Superpanchito) Instrumental – Beats from the Streets
Intro song.
2. play Simpre Te Voy a Querer – Arroba Nat
[00:19’] Ending song: Alexis is getting ready to leave Mexico with his mother and he fights with Charly and Azul.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Missing Piece’ (S01E08)

17 November 2023
2 songs

1. play Échale Campeón – Sgt. Papers
[00:15’] Alexis, Charly and Chocho are opening their own bar and they start renovating it with their friends.
2. play Bajo Las Luces – Rubytates
[00:22’] Ending song: Alexis gets back together with Azul after he got off the stage.
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Nothing to See Here Season 1  TV information
Nothing to See Here Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Perro Azul
Distributor: Netflix
Director: Santiago Limón
Actors: Alexis Arroyo, Kike Vázquez, Alejandro Calva

IMDB: Nothing to See Here

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