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Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Soundtrack

Songs:  14  | Scene descriptions: 13 timelines  |  Airing date: 24 March 2023  |  Episodes: 2  |  Next episode: 31 March 2023


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The soundtrack to Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the series.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 1
Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 • Episode 1: ‘Your Perception, Your Reality’ (S03E01)

17 March 2023
6 songs

1. playBig Rich Town – 50 Cent
[0:01′] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. playGone Fishin’ (feat. Scrim) – Chetta
[0:03′] Davis disposes of Mecca’s ring, which is eventually auctioned off and sold for $5,500,000.
3. Buss It Down To The Ground – Noonie & Penzilla
[0:17′] Dru and his friend arrive at the penthouse party thrown by Cane where they talk business with Kai.
4. playGetting Paper – AlmightyHeezy
[0:34′] Music plays over the car radio when Cane approaches Effie and tells her that Tariq is keeping her out of the business.
5. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday – Cast
[0:51′] Lil’ Mo performs this song in front of the crowd as a tribute to Zeke. Monet gets emotional and walks away.
6. playCan’t Die – Juice WRLD
[1:01′] End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 2: ‘Need vs. Greed’ (S03E02)

24 March 2023
7 songs

1. playBig Rich Town – 50 Cent
[0:01′] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. playIt’s a Lot – Nathan Bodiker, Reynard Tarleton & Ty Noam Frankel
[0:25′] Effie, Braydon, and Tariq sit in the dorm room and talk about moving the product and how could Tariq increase his credits.
3. playEl Turco Loco – Aerro, Sefo, Jako, Lukhan & Revart
[0:31′] Effie sits at the table and starts preparing and packing up the drugs, then labels the packages and places them in her bag.
4. playAbout You – Blxst
[0:41′] Salim takes Diana to the spot he told her about and starts showing her around.
5. playSunshine – Jasmine J Walker
[0:43′] Diana walks away from the register when she sees Tariq and Effie entering the room.
6. playWhat Do You Need (feat. Steve Samson & Sweeney) – Durand The Rapper & Jazzfeezy
[0:53′] After training, Wyatt and his friend find two calling cards in the locker room.
7. playIt’s Me (EP MASTER VERSION) – Nvy Jonez Lkr & Natural910
[0:57′] The song is heard at the end of the episode and continues during the credits.

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IMDB: Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3  TV information
Production: Atmosphere Entertainment MM, Lionsgate Television
Distributor: Starz
Directors: Hernán Otaño, Shana Stein, Geary McLeod
Actors: Michael Rainey Jr., Shane Johnson, Gianni Paolo

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