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San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  75  | Scene descriptions: 69 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 2  |  Last episode: 27 August 2023
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The soundtrack to San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 MGM+ TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.
San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1 Episode 1
San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1 Episode 2

Season 1 • Episode 1 (S01E01)

20 August 2023
41 songs

1. playSomebody To Love – Darby Slick & Jefferson Airplane
[0:01’] Victor Moscoso recounts that San Francisco was a remarkable yet small place, and all the famous bands and musicians started there. A transition to the opening credits follows.
[0:17’] Grace remembers recording their album at Golden Gate in San Francisco and being poor musicians back then.
[1:03’] Jefferson Airplane performed the song at the festival. According to Jorma, Grace was a new member of the band, and they had just begun to flex their wings.
2. playSomebody Somewhere Help Me – Steve Miller Band
[0:03’] A man drives a yellow vintage sports car. Dusty Street narrates that she grew up in the Bay Area and was the first female disc jockey on the West Coast.
3. playWhite Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
[0:04’] Dusty recalls walking down the street past the Grateful House on Ashbury Road when music was heard.
[0:49’] Steve Miller says they knew how to entertain people, whereas many San Francisco bands would play a tune and then stand around or talk for 15 minutes. Grace remembers that her songs were not radio-friendly.
4. playRavel: Boléro, M. 81 – Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal & Charles Dutoit
[0:04’] Phil Lesh listens to classical music.
5. playEmbryonic Journey – Jefferson Airplane
[0:04’] A variety of influences were present, including the Beatniks in San Francisco, Allan Ginsberg, and the City Lights bookstore, as well as jazz musicians.
6. playLeavin’ this Mornin’ – Janis Joplin
[0:06’] Victor Moscoso remembers being at a bar on a Monday night with Janis performing live.
7. playAlabama Bound – The Charlatans
[0:07’] There’s grainy footage of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. James Gurley says that The Charlatans were one of the first bands in San Francisco.
8. playBaby Won’t You Tell Me – The Charlatans
[0:08’] Ben Fong-Torres from Rolling Stone magazine says that The Charlatans were pioneers because they were the first to think of a flyer to advertise themselves. Alton Kelley, the poster artist, narrates that the poster started everything for everybody.
9. playI Know You Rider – Grateful Dead
[0:11’] Bob Weir from Grateful Dead remembers starting to develop a loose, improvisational playing style.
10. playLet Me In – Jefferson Airplane
[0:13’] Jorma Kaukonen, Jefferson Airplane band member, says that they brought Jack Cassidy to play bass guitar.
11. playAnd I Like It – Jefferson Airplane
[0:15’] Grace Slick was a floor model at I. In the ‘70s, she and her husband, Jerry Slick, went to a Jefferson Airplane concert at The Matrix Club.
12. playThat’s How It Is – Grace Slick & The Great Society
[0:16’] Jerry Slick, his brother Darby, Grace, and other guys from a group called “The Great Society” were making fun of Lyndon Johnson’s thing.
13. playSuki Suki – Sly Stone
[0:17’] Grace says Sly could have played any instrument well. She adds that his first record was “Buttermilk”, an instrumental piece with Sly saying, “I Want a Glass of Buttermilk”.
14. Radio Sport – Sly Stone
[0:18’] Ben Fong-Torres from Rolling Stone magazine remembers Sly being on the radio and becoming famous.
15. playHall of the Mountain King – Big Brother & The Holding Company
[0:18’] Dave Getz goes to see Big Brother & The Holding Company and is fascinated with their music.
16. playOutlaw Blues – Grace Slick & The Great Society
[0:25’] Bill Graham remembers being arrested in the park for using four-letter language.
17. playIt’s No Secret – Jefferson Airplane
[0:27’] In an interview, Bob Dylan says that someone gave him a Jefferson Airplane, John Handy Quintet, Sam Thomas, The Mystery Trend, and The Great Society poster.
18. playMindbender (Confusion’s Prince) – Grateful Dead
[0:31’] Bill Ham, a light show artist, remembers being in charge of the light show at the Avalon.
19. playDown On Me (Excerpt; 1963 Ktvu Tv Broadcast) – Janis Joplin
[0:36’] Dave Getz narrates that Chet brought Janis Joplin to a rehearsal at the firehouse.
20. playBonus: Ball and Chain (Big Mama Thornton) – Big Mama Thornton & Buddy Guy
[0:39’] Janis Joplin is asked in an interview about her musical influences, and she replies that Big Mama Thornton was one of them. She admits being in awe of the singer and singing with her two times.
21. playHigh Flying Bird – Jefferson Airplane
[0:41’] Jack Casady says they were one of the early bands in San Francisco to get a record contract in Los Angeles. Signe made her first album with Jefferson Airplane.
22. playOmaha – Moby Grape
[0:42’] Pat Simmons heard about Moby Grape’s debut album from a friend.
23. playLooper (Audition Version) – Moby Grape
[0:44’] Don Stevenson from Moby Grape recounts that David Rubinson was their producer and knew music.
24. playDidn’t Think So – Grace Slick & The Great Society
[0:46’] Jorma Kaukonen says they wanted a female voice in the band and went to see The Great Society because Signe got pregnant, and it became apparent that she wanted a different lifestyle.
25. playBorn in Chicago – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
[0:47’] Steve Miller narrates that the audience said goodbye to Signe, and then the band introduced Grace Slick and gave both women big bunches of flowers.
26. playPlastic Fantastic Lover – Jefferson Airplane
[0:56’] At the beginning of 1967, around 30.000 people gathered all over the polo fields in Golden Gate Park. Grace says that they wanted to promote fun things and positive interaction.
27. playHope – Quicksilver Messenger Service
[1:00’] The bands of San Francisco get a lot of attention from the Monterey Pop Festival.
28. playSection 43 – Country Joe & The Fish
[1:04’] Marty Balin from Jefferson Airplane remembers that Monterey was just his dream life, and it was great to be there then.
29. playWild Thing – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
[1:05’] Joe McDonald says a new STP drug had just been invented. He was in the audience when Jimi Hendrix was humping his amplifier.
30. playBall and Chain – Big Brother & The Holding Company & Janis Joplin
[1:06’] Dave Getz says that no one spoke about the nest under the fest and that the record companies were greedy.
31. playToday – Jefferson Airplane
[1:09’] End credits.
32. Mind Rape – Janis Joplin
33. Psychedeloc Baroque – Kyle Scott Wilson
34. playWoman – The Beau Brummels
35. play08:05 – Moby Grape
36. playGoing to Mexico – Steve Miller Band
37. playHey Grandma – Moby Grape
38. playFeel Like I’m Fixin To Die Rag – Country Joe McDonald
39. Subway – Moby Grape
40. Dino’s Songs – Chester Powers
41. playMercury Blues – KC Douglas and Robert L. Geddins

Season 1 • Episode 2 (S01E02)

27 August 2023
36 songs

1. playSpace Cowboy – Steve Miller Band
Opening credits.
2. playWho Do You Love (Part 1) – Quicksilver Messenger Service
[0:02’] Ben Fong-Torres from Rolling Stone magazine says things got ramped up, and everyone zoomed into a neighborhood. People would start living on streets, most at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury.
3. playSection 43 – Country Joe & The Fish
[0:08’] Joe McDonald from Country Joe & The Fish remembers that Janis Joplin had a flat above Haight Street, and they would lie in bed and listen to the radio.
4. playSummertime – Big Brother & The Holding Company & Janis Joplin
[0:08’] Joe McDonald is thrilled to hear his songs on the radio.
5. playCodine – Quicksilver Messenger Service
[0:10’] Peter Coyote from The Diggers band says that the record companies started coming in and passing out big advances to scoop the important bands.
6. playLiving in the U.S.A. – Steve Miller Band
[0:11’] Steve Miller mentions that his band holds the record for most Fillmore performances.
7. playIn My First Mind – Steve Miller Band
[0:12’] Victor Mascoso recounts that he made Steve Miller Band’s album cover. He said he wanted to try something new, so he bought a pigeon, tethered it to his arm, and took pictures of the bird as it flew.
8. playPlastic Fantastic Lover – Jefferson Airplane
[0:13’] Tom Donahue plays this song on the radio at KMPX FM station. After making some money, Jorma says they purchased a Victorian mansion across from Golden Gate Park.
9. playSomebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane
[0:13’] Tom Donaue gets married at the Airplane house.
10. playShouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave – Dave Mason
[0:15’] Dusty describes how mushy the records felt in her hands. She gets a brand-new record from a stack and mimics the guitar riff.
11. playJingo (Live) – Santana
[0:18’] Bill Graham introduces Carlos Santana on stage at Fillmore.
12. playI Can’t Turn You Loose – Sly Stone
[0:22’] Sly Stones says that everyone in his family played music. He remembers doing fine at the radio station when his band formed suddenly and that Jerry Martin was the one who started it.
13. playDance to the Music – Sly & The Family Stone
[0:23’] Jerry says that people would have their mouths open because they’d never seen anything like their band, and they became a cult phenomenon quickly.
14. playPiece of My Heart – Big Brother & The Holding Company & Janis Joplin
[0:25’] Dave Getz narrates that Janis Joplin announced that she would leave the band and how relieved he was for the months leading up to that moment.
15. playThe Star Spangled Banner – Roland Shaw Orchestra
[0:32’] “Country Joe” McDonald says he arrived early at Woodstock Festival and was there for the entire 3-day duration.
16. playThe Fish Cheer / I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag – Country Joe McDonald
[0:33’] Santana has trouble getting on the stage, so the organizers push Joe McDonald onto the stage, and he has no idea what to do.
17. playSoul Sacrifice (Live) – Santana
[0:34’] Carlos Santana remembers being high and not knowing he was supposed to play at the Woodstock Festival.
18. playThe Other Side of This Life – Jefferson Airplane
[0:38’] In the story, Jorma describes how scary it was to be in a crowded place without control over the situation.
19. playBrokedown Palace (Live at Winterland) – Grateful Dead
[0:45’] People find out about Janis Joplin’s death. Mickey Hart from Grateful Dead remembers the night she died in Hollywood.
20. playVolunteers – Jefferson Airplane
[0:48’] Jorma recounts that it was never the same without Janis. Jack Casady says they were thrilled to be the first band to record at Wally Heider Studios.
21. playUncle John’s Band (2020 Remaster) – Grateful Dead
[0:49’] Jerry says they were sitting with an acoustic guitar and working up the songs.
22. playYou’re Still a Young Man – Tower of Power
[0:51’] Dusty remembers seeing The Tower of Power’s concert and how it was one of the best things she has ever heard.
23. playKnock Yourself Out – Tower of Power
[0:52’] David Garibaldi says Dusty had a great platform to introduce people to music. Ben mentions that the band had an East Bay connection and community ties.
24. playEverybody’s Everything – Santans
[0:54’] Emilio Castillo from The Tower of Power says they went to the studios to mix the song, which was out in a week.
25. playIncident At Neshabur (Live) – Santana
[0:58’] Carlos Santana remembers that Fillmore was an institution like Carnegie Hall or Harvard to him.
26. playBlue Jay – The Doobie Brothers
[0:59’] New styles of music make their way to the music scene. John Hartman recalls moving out to California with a friend and how they would be in a band with a former Moby Grape member, Skip Dance.
27. playCoke Can Changes – The Doobie Brothers
[1:00’] Tom Jonhston says that the tunes from back then were the ones that got shipped off to Warner Bros. They loved the songs and signed The Doobie Brothers.
28. playListen to the Music – The Doobie Brothers
[1:01’] The Doobie Brothers perform this song on stage.
29. playJesus Is Just Alright With Me – The Doobie Brothers
[1:03’] Carlos Santana says that The Doobie Brothers’ music is important because it transcends many bands.
30. playSong of the Wind – Santana
[1:05’] Carlos says that he is more than a musician, he is a person who brings shaman qualities to the table.
[1:14’] End credits.
31. playOf A Lifetime – Journey
[1:07’] Gregg Rolie describes Journey’s music as progressive rock and that the real gist of the band was to get people high from the music.
32. playThe Joker – Steve Miller Band
[1:08’] Steve says the song was number one in the United States.
33. playFeeling That Way – Journey
[1:08’] Gregg would play harmonica and three or four keyboards and sing simultaneously when he recorded songs.
34. playLights – Journey
[1:12’] End credits.
35. playSavor – Carlos Santana
36. playFly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band
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1. Listen to the Music - The Doobie Brothers

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San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1  TV information
San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Amblin Television, Jigsaw Productions, The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Distributor: Epix (I)
Directors: Alison Ellwood, Anoosh Tertzakian
Stars: Peter Coyote, Grace Slick, Janis Joplin

IMDB: San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time

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