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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  74  | Scene descriptions: 76 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 7  |  Last episode: 17 June 2022Next Season >
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The soundtrack to The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Prime Video series.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 1
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 2
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 3
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 4
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 5
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 6
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 7

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Summer House’ (S03E01)

17 June 2022
10 songs

1. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
Starting song / Belly talks about the summers spent in Cousins.
2. Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift
[0:01’] Belly and Taylor talk about their plans for the summer.
3. Can’t Do Better – Kim Petras
[0:03’] On her way to Cousins, Belly sings in the car.
[0:42′] End credits song
4. Lover – Taylor Swift
[0:08’] Belly meets up with Conrad for the first time after years.
5. Rollercoaster – Bleachers
[0:14’] Belly and Jeremiah arrive at the beach after one year. They race to the sea.
6. As The World Caves In (Matt Maltese) – Sean Kaufman (Cast)
[0:18′] Steven and Jeremiah sing along to this song in the bathroom.
7. Pretty Pictures – Indigo De Souza
[0:22’] Belly facetimes Taylor to tell her about Conrad.
8. Up – Cardi B
[0:25’] Belly sneaks out of the house to go to a bonfire beach party.
9. brutal – Olivia Rodrigo
[0:33’] The police bust at the party after Conrad gets in a fight.
10. 1 step forward, 3 steps back – Olivia Rodrigo
[0:38’] Belly sits in bed and texts Taylor to tell her what happened at the bonfire.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Summer Dress’ (S03E02)

17 June 2022
8 songs

1. Dover Beach – Baby Queen
Starting song / Belly is strolling around on her bike.
2. Ice Cream – BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez
[0:04’] Belly, Susannah, and Laurel go shopping for the perfect dress.
3. Summer In July – Yukon Blonde
[0:06’] While at his lifeguard job, Jeremiah flirts with Gigi for a few moments.
4. Pretty Great – Fickle Friends
[0:09′] Steven and Jeremiah check out the people at the party.
5. Larrabee Estate – Frederick Hollander
[0:23′] Cam and Belly are on a date at the cinema. Belly reaches for his hand.
6. Shadows Are Falling – Gary McFarland
[0:25′] Laurel is having her book signing. Cleveland chats with her about the book.
7. La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf
[0:28’] Cam and Belly are out on their movie date at the drive-in.
8. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus
[0:32’] Belly and Cam are kissing for the first time.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Summer Nights’ (S03E03)

17 June 2022
9 songs

1. You Let Me Down – Alessia Cara
[0:04’] Belly feels disappointed after Conrad pretended to forget about her birthday.
2. Can I Call You Tonight? – Dayglow
[0:12’] Belly and her friends play volleyball in the pool.
3. Best Friend – Saweetie feat. Doja Cat
[0:21’] Belly and Taylor arrive at a house party.
4. Too Simple – Relaye
[0:24’] Steven talks with Taylor about his relationship with Shayla.
5. Summer Nights – Tommy Melody
[0:26’] Jeremiah and the girls do karaoke for Belly and Cam.
6. Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish
[0:26’] Belly catches Taylor and Steven hooking up at the party.
7. Have Mercy – Chloe
[0:28’] Jeremiah and the boys are playing beer pong at the party.
8. Your Type – Carly Rae Jepsen
[0:33′] Belly finds the necklace Conrad was going to give her.
9. Beach Baby – Bon Iver
[0:39’] Belly blows out her birthday candles and makes a wish. /
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Summer Heat’ (S03E04)

17 June 2022
7 songs

1. So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings – Caroline Polachek
[0:03’] Conrad helps Belly make the bed in the guest bedroom.
2. Swimming Pools – Francis On My Mind
[0:06’] Everyone gathers together for the 4th of July.
3. Something Like Summer – Caveboy
[0:13’] Belly and her friends have fun while playing a drinking game.
4. This Life – Vampire Weekend
[0:15’] Laurel stares at her ex-husband while preparing the table.
5. Found My Friends – Hayley Kiyoko
[0:19’] Everyone leaves the party after Belly gets too drunk.
6. Where’d All The Time Go? – Dr. Dog
[0:27’] The guys clean up the pool and the garden after the party.
7. False God – Taylor Swift
[0:39’] Jeremiah stops Belly and Conrad from kissing.
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Summer Catch’ (S03E05)

17 June 2022
16 songs

1. It Will Stand – The Showmen
Starting song / Stevie and his friends play chess while Belly wants to dance with someone.
2. So Pretty – Reyanna Maria
[0:09′] Jeremiah plays this song and everyone starts dancing.
3. Better Days (feat. Polo G) – Neiked, Mae Muller
[0:14′] Gigi and Dara come to speak with Jeremiah about the waltz rehearsal.
4. Malibu – Kim Petras
[0:16′] Jeremiah argues with a kid at the pool.
5. Places We Won’t Walk – Bruno Major
[0:19′] Belly tells Cam that she doesn’t feel the same way he does.
6. Nail Tech – Jack Harlow
[0:20′] Steven delivers food to a customer.
7. Feeling This Bad Never Felt So Great – Tai Verdes
[0:22′] Belly rides her bicycle near the sea.
8. Best Days Of Our Lives – The Premiums
[0:23′] Laurel and Beck eat and talk about different things in the kitchen.
9. Be Sweet – Japanese Breakfast
[0:30′] Belly gets her make-up done while Conrad looks at the painting his mom made.
10. Lost Cause – Beck
[0:33′] Belly and Conrad talk about what happened last night.
11. Down Below – The Muggs
[0:35′] Laurel and Beck go to the same bar they used to go to when they were freshman.
12. Don’t Cha – The Pussycat Dolls
[0:37′] Laurel plays this song at the jukebox and Beck joins her, dancing.
13. Closer – Samuel Jackson
[0:39′] Beck dances with a stranger while Laurel texts with Cleveland.
14. Moments – Ellur
[0:40′] Steven has lunch with her girlfriend and a boy comes over to say hi and invite him to play poker sometime.
15. Rock Is The Answer – Audio Network
[0:41′] Beck kisses a different man while Laurel waits for her.
16. Are We Still Friends – Tyler, The Creator
[0:48′] Belly and Jeremiah kiss in the pool. /
Ending credits song

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Summer Tides’ (S03E06)

17 June 2022
15 songs

1. Losing You – Solange
[0:09′] Belly talks to Taylor in the bedroom while they’re changing their clothes.
2. Now I’m In It – Haim
[0:10′] The Volleyball game begins.
3. Bad Girls – MIA
[0:13′] Conrad watches Belly playing and cheers for her until Taylor injures her ankle.
4. Lisztomania – Phoenix
[0:14′] After Taylor fakes having a twisted ankle.
5. I’m In Love – Mini Mansion
[0:15′] The game continues with Jeremy on Belly’s team but they fall behind.
6. Is It True? – Tame Impala
[0:17′] Belly asks Conrad to substitute Jeremiah so they can have a chance of winning the game.
7. Levitating – Dua Lipa
[0:18′] Belly and Conrad recover points until they win the game.
8. WusYaName – Tyler the Creator ft YoungBoy Never Broke Again X TY Dolla Sign
[0:28′] Jeremiah gets ready for the party.
9. Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean
[0:29′] Conrad and Steven arrive at the party.
10. Fire For You – Cannons
[0:29′] Conrad asks Steven who’s Jeremiah hooking up with.
11. Sedate Me – Virgin Suicide
[0:33′] Conrad looks at his phone when Jeremiah arrives and asks him if he has noticed anything weird about their mom.
12. Swag – Peyton
[0:35′] Belly calls Jeremiah to ask for help.
13. Together (Down Dumbing) – Maker & Quel
[0:36′] Nicole tells Conrad that she knows he has been texting Belly and lied to her.
14. Outta Pockett – 24kGoldn
[0:38′] Steve plays poker with the other guys in the basement.
15. When the Party’s Over – Billie Eilish
[0:43′] Conrad texts Belly and she goes out to talk to him. /
End credits

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Summer Love’ (S03E07)

17 June 2022
9 songs

1. This is What Falling in Love Feels Like – JVK
Starting song / Everyone works on getting the place ready for the ball.
2. Go Higher – Shana Falana
[0:10′] The girls get their hair and makeup done; Belly arrives and talks to Nicole about Conrad.
3. Isn’t It Romantic – The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
[0:13′] Laurel arrives at the event wearing a red dress.
4. Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande
[0:15′] Belly looks in the mirror and fixes her hair, then all the girls take their red rose bouquets.
5. I Like That – Bazzi
[0:22′] The boys get on stage and start dancing.
6. The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift
[0:29′] Jeremiah doesn’t show up and Conrad goes on the stage to take his spot.
7. At Last – Etta James
[0:30′] Belly dances with Conrad.
8. Funeral – Phoebe Bridgers
[0:35′] Belly sits in bed with her mother and cries, then Steven joins them and they all cry together.
[0:38’] Continues when Susannah hugs Conrad and Jeremiah after they try to convince her to take the trial and fight back.
9. This Love (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift
[0:40′] Belly and Conrad sit on the beach and kiss after he confesses that he wants her. /
End credits

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 1 July 2022
Label: Amazon Content Services
Original music composed by Zachary Dawes
1. Opening
2. Belly Looks in the Mirror (Cousins)
3. Belly Flop
4. Summer Wish
5. Conrad Surfing
6. Flask at the Deb Tea
7. Belly Is Wistful
8. Belly and Cam Hold Hands
9. Steven Sneaks Out
10. Belly’s Crush Dies
11. Taylor at the Train Station
12. Laurel Talks to Conrad
13. Belly Finds the Necklace
14. Summer at the Cousins’ House

15. Adam Shows Up
16. Drunk Belly Spills the Beans
17. Stop Trying to Manage My Life
18. Belly Wishes She Was With Conrad
19. Painting Reveal
20. How Come No One
21. Susannah Car Ride
22. Laurel and Cleveland
23. Conrad Has Panic Attack
24. Belly and Taylor Walking Home
25. Belly I’ll Always Come Get You
26. Jeremiah Suspects
27. The Bros Hug It Out
28. Jeremiah Punches Conrad
29. Laurel and Susannah Hug
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This Love (Taylor's Version) – Taylor Swift

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1  TV information
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Amazon Studios, wiip studios
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Director: Erica Dunton, Jeff Chan, Jesse Peretz
Stars: Lola Tung, Jackie Chung, Rachel Blanchard

IMDB: The Summer I Turned Pretty

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