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Women Who Rock Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  49  | Scene descriptions: 48 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 4  |  Last episode: 31 July 2022

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The soundtrack to Women Who Rock Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 HBO Max series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Women Who Rock Season 1 Episode 1
Women Who Rock Season 1 Episode 2
Women Who Rock Season 1 Episode 3
Women Who Rock Season 1 Episode 4

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Truth’ (S01E01)

10 July 2022
15 songs

I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers
[0:01′] A montage with different women’s opinions about Mavis Staple.
2. I Wish I Had Answered – The Staple Singers
[0:05′] The Staple Singers sing this song on stage.
3. I’ve Been Burked And I’ve Been Scorned – Mahalia Jackson
[0:09′] Mahalia performs this song at an important event.
4.How I Got Over – Mahalia Jackson
[0:09′] Mahalia performs this song at a church on Sunday.
5. St Louis Blues – Bessie Smith
[0:11′] Holly George-Warren talks about Bessie Smith.
6. Didn’t It Rain – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
[0:13′] Sister Rosetta plays this song at a guitar.
7. Respect – Aretha Franklin
[0:14′] Mavis says that she loves Aretha.
8. Hard Headed Woman – Wanda Jackson
[0:15′] Wanda performs this song on stage.
9. Freedom Highway – The Staple Singers
[0:20′] Mavis explains how they started to sing songs with a message.
10. I’m On My Way – Odetta
[0:22′] The March on Washington against racism is presented.
11. Mississippi Goddam – Nina Simone
[0:25′] Macy says that she feels blessed when listening to Nina’s song.
12. What Can I Do for You – Labelle
[0:31′] Labelle perform this song at a TV show.
13. You Got The Love – Chaka Khan and Rufus
[0:38′] They perform this song on stage in a club.
14. Born Under A Bad Sign – Big Mama Thornton
[0:49′] Willie Mae performs this song in front of a big audience.
15. Ball And Chain – Janis Joplin
[0:50′] The band plays this song on stage at Monterey Pop.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Defiance’ (S01E02)

17 July 2022
13 songs

1. Barracuda – Heart
[0:02′] A montage with women sharing their experiences that happened while this song was playing.
2. Dreams (Live Version) – Fleetwood Mac
[0:10′] A montage with singers talking about the band and the impact it had on them.
3. Blue – Joni Mitchell
[0:14′] A montage with singers praising the musical talent Joni has.
4. Natural Woman – Carole King
[0:19′] Sheryl Crow admits that her earliest influence was Carole’s music.
5. You’re The One – Fanny
[0:21′] Kate Pierson says that Fanny was the first women band that played their own instruments and wrote their own songs in the 70’s.
6. Because The Night (BBC Live Version) – Patti Smith
[0:24′] Debora Iyall presents her opinion regarding Patti’s music.
7. Rapture – Blondie
[0:26′] Aimee Man says she discovered Blondie when she started listening to punk music.
8. Rock Lobster – The B-52’s
[0:30′] The B-52’s perform this song on stage at a club.
9. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
[0:39′] Joan Jett presents how the band was formed and the difficulties she and Sandy faced.
10. Our Lips Are Sealed – The Go-Go’s
[0:41′] A montage with women singers telling their opinion about The Go-Go’s.
[0:46′] Wendy Carlos recreates famous classical songs using a synthesizer.
12. Chuck E’s In Love – Rickie Lee Jones
[0:47′] Sheryl Crow believes Rickie was ‘a beautiful mess’ because she could play many instruments.
13. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan
[0:51′] A montage with women singers saying that Chaka is very talented.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Power’ (S01E03)

24 July 2022
12 songs

1. Heartbraker – Pat Benatar
[0:02′] The rock singers give their impressions about this song.
2. Private Dancer – Tina Turner
[0:10′] When MTV made its big appearance, everyone was fascinated by the musicians on tv.
3. Voices Carry – ‘Til Tuesday
[0:16’] When MTV appeared, all music videos were directed more as short movies.
4. Manic Monday – The Bangles
[0:23′] Prince took talented women under his wing, protecting them, promoting them, and writing for them.
5. The Glamorous Life – Sheila E
[0:25′] Prince helped Sheila make her solo career.
6. Friends – Jody Watley Feat. Eric B. & Rakim
[0:27′] Jody knew who she wanted to be as an artist, so that was the way she presented herself to the record labels.
7. Push It – Salt-N-Pepa
[0:29′] Salt-N-Pepa was a revolution for the women’s music industry.
8. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Sinéad O’Connor
[0:32′] Sinéad O’Connor was a revolution for women all around the world.
9. All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
[0:37′] Sheryl Crow was a huge inspiration for women as well. Her lyrics were like the
lyrics a man would approach in that period.

10. If You Ever Did Believe – Stevie Nicks
[0:41′] Sheryl talks about how she was the only woman in the studio, so people thought the man wrote her first record.
11. Violet – Hole
[0:44′] Courtney Love became an icon for talking about anything you go through and feel as a woman.
12. You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
[0:48′] Alanis was committed to writing lyrics she believed in.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Success’ (S01E04)

31 July 2022
8 songs

1. Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain
[0:03’] Fefe Dobson talks about Shania’s single.
2. Closer To Fine – Indigo Girls
[0:11’] An old concert of the girls’ band from 1997.
3. I Try – Macy Gray
[0:16’] Syd talks about the discovery of Macy’s unique voice.
4. Hyperballad – Bjork
[0:26’] An old live concert of Bjork from 1995.
5. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
[0:33’] Tegan says that she always admired Gwen’s female career.
6. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift
[0:38’] Shania Twain talks about how proud she is of Taylor Swift.
7. Masseduction (Live) – St. Vincent
[0:44’] St. Vincent talks about her younger years when she played in Sufjan Stevens’ band.
8. Bad Guy (Live) – Billie Eilish
[0:46’] Billie Eilish performs live in a concert in 2019.

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