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The soundtrack to The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge music, a 2022 Hulu movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 17 full soundtrack songs. View all song names, who sings them, stream 17 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 15 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. Chip Chesters Theme – Chip Chester
[0:01′] The band members are wearing animal costumes and are singing on stage.
2. play Christmas Celebration – US Army Field band
[0:02′] The singer pushes the little girl into the cake and another kid into the Christmas tree.
3. Higher – Baraka May, Allie Feder, Fletcher Sheridan, and David Loucks
[0:03′] The four people sing a Christmas song together while they are wearing holiday clothing.
4. play Cello Suite No 1 in G – Prelude – Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky
[0:09′] While Mr. Martin is crafting with the scroll, he sees a funny ice man.
5. Silent Night – Christmas Carols
[0:14′] Hags and Keegan are in the indoor hot tub together.
6. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas – Rosie McClain
[0:19′] The people are spotting Santa Claus (Criss) on top of the house, trying to get in through the chimney.
7. Joy to the world, The Binge Has Come – Artist Yet Unknown
[0:24′] Sarah is opening her advent calendar and grabbing a mini bottle of alcohol while Hags is being electrocuted with the vest sitting on the chair.
8. We wish you a merry Christmas – MYC Korea
[0:49′] Mayor Spengler is at the Nutcracker Station, putting sweets for the girl and telling her to vote, but the girl responds that she is allergic to nuts.
9. Carol of the bells (instrumental)
[0:59′] Kimmi and Sarah are inside the police car with Criss who pretends to be Santa, and another police car is driving behind to stop them.
10. play Ode To Joy-Symphony No. 9 In D Minor ‘Choral’ – Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky
[1:14′] Delray Donna is hiding inside a room full of narcotics at the police station.
11. Worst / Best Christmas Ever – Cast
[1:16′] Hags and all the others are animated cartoons and they are singing this song, while in reality, they are in jail.
12. play Carol of the Bells (Remix) – Sauniks
[1:21′] At the Winter Wonderland party everyone is high and Mayor Spengler has a nervous breakdown.
13. play Deck the Halls – EDM Bot
[1:26′] Criss arrives at the Winter Wanderland party with Kimmi.
14. Best Christmas Ever – Cast
[1:33′] While he is in jail, Angel hears people sing for him and he receives his present.
15. Keep your hands up for Christmas – Bad Machine
[1:34′] End credits song.
16. The Christmas Owl – 4TUNATEone2
17. play Pimp My Ride Theme – Jefferey Cardoni

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IMDB: The Binge 2: It's A Wonderful Binge

The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge  Film information
Movie Genre: Comedy
Release date (wide): 9 December 2022
Runtime: 1h 38m
Production: American High, LD Entertainment
Distributor: Hulu
Directors: Jordan VanDina
Stars: Kaitlin Olson, Danny Trejo, Patty Guggenheim

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