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The Pigeon Tunnel Soundtrack (2023)

Songs:  29  | Scene descriptions: 24 timelines
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The soundtrack to The Pigeon Tunnel music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 29 full soundtrack songs, play 28 full OST music. View all song names, who sings them, stream 1 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 24 scene descriptions with timelines.
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1. playJealous Heart – Al Morgan
[00:18’] John le Carré remembers that his father was not afraid of the law, but the mob. A couple dances to this song.
The Pigeon Tunnel official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 20 October 2023
Label: Platoon
Original music composed by Philip Glass
1. playWhere to Begin
Opening song / Errol Morris tells John le Carré that he usually does not know where to begin, but this time, he has an idea of where to begin
2. playThe Pigeon Tunnel
[00:02’] David’s comment about The Pigeon Tunnel reads: “There’s scarcely a book of mine that didn’t have the Pigeon Tunnel at some time or another as its working title”.
3. playChildhood
[00:05’] Errol says that John le Carré’s real name is David Cornwell. David confesses that betrayal fascinates him.
4. playSelf Examination
[00:08’] Errol asks John if he was a dupe, and he replies that he was not a dupe, but he was invited to dupe other people. The author recalls that they had to move a lot because somebody was always after his father Ronnie.
5. playWas She Dead Was She Alive
[00:10’] John le Carré remembers that there were many substitute mothers who passed through his father’s hands. He mentions that he never found out what happened to his real mother, because it was never revealed to him..
6. playSon of a Swindler
[00:15’] David says that people loved his father Ronnie to the end of his days, even those he’d stolen from. He recalls that his father wanted him to have a posh education.
7. playThe Neverwozzers
[00:19’] John le Carré could not pay the house staff when his father died because there was no money, only a few horses in France and Ireland. Errol tells the author that he used the call them “the never-was-ers”
[01:28’] End credits.
8. playDestined to be a Barrister
[00:23’] John le Carré (David Cornwell) tells Errol that he was destined to be a barrister, and his brother a solicitor.
9. playRecruiting
[00:25’] David calls back on a time when Eton would invite him to teach their top class. Two years later he gets fed up with the teaching and spies lure him. Back then, he thought he’d be a spy for the rest of his life.
10. playBerlin
[00:27’] John le Carré thinks of the moment when he was posted under diplomatic cover to West Germany. It was one of the great good fortunes of his life because he was there when the Wall was built.
11. playThe Spy That Came In From the Cold
[00:30’] After he returns from Berlin, John le Carré writes “The Spy That Came In From the Cold”. In a TV show in the ‘60s, he tells the host that the book had sold around 15 million copies.
12. playTraitors
[00:34’] David Cornwell (John le Carré) comments that when he wrote “Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy” he thought of Kim Philby, MI 6’s former head of counterintelligence. Philby’s disappearance from Beirut and his appearance on the Moscow stage was shocking to the ethics of the secret services at that time.
13. playPhilby
[00:36’] Philby’s defection went straight to the heart of the establishment. He was a Westminster boy, part of the inner circle of the English society. Nicholas Elliott, Philby’s most loyal friend and confidant is shocked to learn from his mentor that he had been a Soviet Spy for all the years they had known each other.
14. playDouble Agents
15. playMoscow 88
[00:41’] John le Carré travels to Moscow in 1988. At a party, Borovik approaches him and tells him that he would like to introduce him to Philby, a good friend of his. John le Carré remembers telling him he cannot meet a traitor.
16. playKing of the World
[00:48’] The author asserts that there’s no career in the world more cockeyed than the one that people have picked. Old athletes know they have played their best games in their prime and spies in their prime are on the shelf. He continues that at a certain age, spies want to know the answer of who runs the world and why.
17. playClandestine Worlds
[00:50’] Errol admits to the novelist that he never knew whether he was in a world of fact or fiction when he would read his books. John le Carré tells him that an artist should not be compelled to explain his work beyond a certain point.
18. playBetrayal
19. playMaster of the Spies
20. playA Perfect Spy
21. playExeter Jail
[01:01’] David Cornwell recalls the time when he was with his mother Olive in Exeter, walking across a patch of wasteland. In one of the buildings there, at a barred window, there was his father, looking like a Monopoly convict.
22. playRuthless Man
23. playI Owe It All to Him
24. playLater in Life
[01:12’] Errol asks John le Carré if he loved his father; he replies that he must have loved him as a child. He adds that he does not know what love is. There are newspaper cutouts with Ronnie’s obituary. John le Carré says that his father had three funerals and has never visited his grave.
25. play Gooԁbye Ronnie
26. playWhat Is Truth
[01:19’] Errol tells John le Carré that in his memoir, he writes that “none of it’s true as I imagined it”. The author explains that inside the bubble, he abstracts from non-fiction and fictionalizes it.
27. playThe Empty Safe
[01:21’] David Cornwell opens up about the time he was a young and carefree spy. He believed back then that there was a safe with the nation’s hottest secrets.
28. playThe Artist
[01:24’] David read an excerpt from The Pigeon Tunnel: “Beneath the inscription runs a handwritten scrawl Please analyze. May give and idea of the German textile industry”.
[01:27’] End credits.
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The Pigeon Tunnel  Film information
The Pigeon Tunnel Soundtrack (2023)
Movie Genre: Documentary
Release date (wide): 20 October 2023
Runtime: 1h 32m
Production: The Ink Factory, Fourth Floor Pictures, 127 Wall
Distributor: Apple TV+
Directors: Errol Morris
Stars: Jake Dove, Charlotte Hamblin, Garry Cooper

IMDB: The Pigeon Tunnel

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