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The soundtrack from Uncorked, a 2020 movie, tracklist, listen to all the 31 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 3 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream additional tunes playlist, and credits used in the movie. Read scene descriptions with timestamps.

Song credits – Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full songs (where available)

1. I’ll Never Color You A Rainbow – Philly Devotions
First song in the movie
2. Juice – Yo Gotti
Second song, starting title credits
3. Only a Fool – Loleatta Holloway
In the kitchen, Elijah in the wine store. (4′)
4. Alive – Drew Drysdale
5. Pull Up – Blac Youngsta
Elijah is late for his second job, working at the restaurant (6′)
6. Say Na (feat. J. Cole) – Moneybagg Yo
Elijah testing wines. (12′)
7. Different – Yo Gotti
Ellijah going on his first date with Tanya. (19′)
8. Sell – Marco Pavé
9. Clowns – Key Glock
After he got accepted at the sommelier class, telling his dad about it. (24′)
10. If It’s Good To You (It’s Good For You) – Barbara & The Browns
Elijah’s parents dancing in the club
11. We Straight – Ford, Erlee
12. Winning – Charles Jenkins
Elijah’s family giving him the money they raised for him
13. As Late As the Hour May Be – Jimmy Radcliffe
Elijah trying to talk to his dad before leaving to Paris. (50′)
14. La vague – Phases Cachées
Elijah arriving to Paris. (51′)
15. Ma chanson – Alex Toucourt
Going out for dinner in Paris. (52′)
16. Grand garçon – Marty de Lutece
Elijah biking in Paris. (55′)
17. Strange Rooms – Bryant Taylorr
Elijah taking jobs so he can stay in Paris. (55′)
18. Coral – Alexander Mccabe
19. L’amour pour cette fille – Les Anges Gardiens
Elijah failed at his practical test as a somelier. (1:03′)
20. How You Like It – Farrah Fawx
21. I Betcha – Universal Minds
Louis gets a call from the bank telling him $1500 got transfered. (1:05′)
22. So Right – Anthony.J
Elijah getting the call about his mother’s funeral. (1:07′)
23. Ice On Shamu – Sleepy Knockz
Elijah taking a shower and visiting his fahter at the new restaurant. (1:13′)
24. Someday – Ronnie Walker
Louis driving to the old restaurant, seeing Elijah trying to help him. (1:16′)
25. Lately (feat. Deante’ Hitchcock) – Cam James
26. I’m Supposed to Be Here – Derek Mckeith
27. Rewind – Notty Taylor
Elijah’s phone is ringing, waking up in the day of the exam. (1:28′)
28. I’m a Believer – Benny Latimore
Elijah’s dad driving him back after failing the master sommelier exam. (1:35′)
29. Quiet Home – The Sea Shells
Elijah is back to work at te shop and restaurant. (1:36′)
30. One Hunnid – Marco Pave’
End credits song.
31. The Ways – Ford, She’chinah

Uncorked Film information
Movie Genre: Drama
Release date (wide): 27 March 2020
Runtime: 1h 44min
Watch the trailer for Uncorked

Trailer songs (full tracks)
Trailer songs (full tracks)
1. Juice - Yo Gotti (Official trailer #1 )
2. Sell - Marco Pavé (Official trailer #1 )
3. La vague - Phases Cachées (Official trailer #1 )

Category: Drama Movie Soundtracks

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