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The soundtrack to Furioza, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 43 full soundtrack songs, play full 27 OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 16 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 32 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. City Will – Das Moon
[0:05′] Dzika enters the nightclub.
2. On The Beautiful Blue Danube Op.314 – David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant & English Session Orchestra
[0:35′] When Bauer comes back in the car as Dzika is waiting for him.
3. Ritz Carlton (Remix) – PRO8BL#M & Vito Bambino
[0:56′] Mrówka is released and the drug business goes on.
Continues at when Mrówka goes to his hiding spot.
Second end credits song

4. Firefly – Maja Olenderek Ensemble
[1:28′] Dawid meets Dzika at a bar; she tells him they tapped Golden’s phone.
5. Najshajs – Sarius feat. Rogal DDL
[1:41′] After Golden kills Polanski; the drug dealing business continues.
Continues after Golden leaves Mrówka’s place; Golden gets high and drives the car around town.

6. Po Zielonej Trawie Pilka Goni – No To Co
[1:44′] Golden arrives at the gym with a bag full of cash.
7. Ultimo – Organek
[1:46′] The song plays on the car radio when Mrówka gets several texts messages and then gets pulled over by the police.
8. Grupa rzadzi miastem – Mosad
[1:51′] A blonde naked girl is getsting high when she sees the car approaching and goes to wake up Golden.
9. Remix utworu „City Will” wykonal C.H.District – Mrek Matyasik
10. Ogorek Wasaty – Jaroslaw Kukulski
11. Paprykarz – Mateusz Schmidt
12. Nie wiem – Damian Magiera (MYNO)
13. We mgle – Damian Magiera (MYNO)
14. Golden flex – Lukasz Pekacki, Adrian Galus
15. All The Saints – Andrzej Smolik, Kev Fox
16. Miro Kępiński, Michał Kowalonek – DOM

Furioza official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 6 April 2022
Label: Pękacki Łukasz
Original music composed by Miro Kepinski
1. Walczymy do końca
[0:02′] Opening scene /A gang of misfits attack some passengers on a train.
2. Spotkanie po latach
[0:08′] Dzika shows up at the emergency room to treat her head injury.
3. Pierwszy ból
[0:10′] The battle in the ring begins.
4. Z jednego osiedla
[0:12′] At the police station, Dzika talks to Bauer about the crime squad.
5. Pamięć i rany
[0:14′] Dzika remembers a moment on the beach when she and her ex-boyfriend were still together.
6. Spotkamy się w lesie
[0:19′] After Dawid leaves his relatives’ house.
7. To my tworzymy historię
[0:27′] In the forest, the battle between the two clans begins.
8. Furioza!
[0:28′] Dawid joins the others in the fight; Furioza wins and Dawid stays with them to help the injured ones.
9. Śmierć najbliższych
[0:36′] When Dzika arrives at the crime scene.
10. Tu nie ma zasad
[0:37′] Dawid starts training with the punching bag while having a flashback from a fight on the subway when Daro was killed.
11. Bez opcji zmartwychwstania
[0:44′] Dzika tries to find more information about Mrówka from her informers.
12. Pięści prawa
[0:46′] While the police intervene and pick up the thugs, Mrówka and his men play football on the field.
13. Jesteś tylko psem
[0:49′] Dzika interviews everyone about Gray’s death at the police station.
14. Przeszlosc, terazniejszosc
15. Czuję, że…
[1:06′] Dzika waits for Dawid on the stairs and when he arrives they start kissing and then have sex.
16. Szacunek
[1:08′] After the Furioza fight on the train , they celebrate at the gym.
17. Zasadzka
[1:17′] Golden calls his boss to ask what the route is.
18. Magazyn
[1:18′] Kaszub and Golden find out they were set up.
19. Decyzja
[1:24′] Kaszub asks the boys to choose their side.
20. Koniec
21. Telefon od brata
22. Oblawa
23. Tak się to robi
[1:58′] Golden tells the police all the details about the drug business.
24. Kolejna obława
[2:00′] Golden goes to a club and gets high; Dawis keeps training then meets Dzika and they watch a video from a surveillance camera.
25. Krew
[2:06′] Dawid goes home after beating Golden.
26. Biznesman
27. Horyzont
[2:13′] In the end when Dawid watches the horizon after being stabbed by the hooligans.
First End credits song.

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Don't Speak (Epic Trailer Version) - Hidden Citizens Feat. Tim Halperin

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Furioza  Film information
Furioza Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Release date (wide): 6 April 2022
Runtime: 2h 19m

IMDB: Furioza

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