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The soundtrack to Rumspringa – An Amish In Berlin, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 32 full soundtrack songs, play full 31 OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 25 scene descriptions with timelines.

Rumspringa – An Amish In Berlin official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 29 April 2022
Label: Königskinder
Original music composed by Tim Neuhaus
1. Intro / Gott Is De Liebe – Tim Neuhaus
Intro song / An Amish boy says goodbye to his family before leaving for a journey.
2. RumspringA Theme – Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[0:04′] After arriving at the airport, Jacob loses his luggage in a taxi.
3. It’s Time Now – Tim Neuhaus
[0:03′] After saying goodbye to his father, Jacob travels by bus and by airplane and finally arrives in Berlin.
4. Biber – Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[0:46′] The morning after the party the boys are all together talking about the list of new forbidden things Jacob has done.
5. Schnitzelbank – Tim Neuhaus & The Jeff Mezzrow Band
[0:56′] Alf lets Jacob drive his car.
6. Alone in the City – Tim Neuhaus
[0:08′] Jacob tries to talk to the guy thinking that he’s Amish too.
Continues as Jacob follows the boy he met down the street.

7. Lost Boy – Timur & Tim Neuhaus
[1:21′] Alf is at his dad’s funeral.
8. The Day You Live Without – KID BE KID & Tim Neuhaus
[1:16′] Alf grieves the loss of his father while Jacob is looking for ways to help him.
9. Party – Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[0:37′] Jacob, Bo, and Alf go to a party.
10. Grobdank – Tim Neuhaus
[0:19′] Alf prepares Jacob’s room in the basement as he decides to take him in as a roommate.

11. Cut a Tree – Tim Neuhaus
[0:29′] Jacob and Alf cut a tree to build Jacob a bed out of it.
12. Ohrenstäbchen – Tim Neuhaus
13. We Got Something You Might Need – Tim Neuhaus
End Credits Song
14. Sack – Tim Neuhaus
[0:33′] Jacob finds the girl that took his sack at the airport.
15. Like Thunder – Tim Neuhaus
16. Gott Is De Liebe LSD & the Choir – Tim Neuhaus
[0:43′] A church choir sings. Jacob remembers his old life with his Amish family.
17. Waking Up – Tim Neuhaus
[1:30′] Jacob finds out that he had his roots written in the book all along and that his father sent him away just to experience life.
18. Work Love Balance – Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[1:00′] Jacobs rips off the train ticket as he decides to stay in Berlin.
19. Break Up – Tim Neuhaus
20. Kiss – Tim Neuhaus
21. Gott Is De Liebe – Tim Neuhaus & The Jeff Mezzrow Band
[1:05′] Jacob plays Ina a song on his phone.
22. Pagode – Tim Neuhaus
[0:24′] They ride in Alf’s car talking about their dads.
23. Forlorn – KID BE KID, Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[0:14′] Jacob thanks Alf and Bo for their help as he leaves their apartment.
24. Medley – Tim Neuhaus
[0:23′] Alf shows Jacob his car. They go searching for Jacob’s lost sack.
[1:32′] Jacob decides to come back to Berlin and make peace with Alf.
25. SIN – Tim Neuhaus
26. The Beds – Tim Neuhaus
27. Glad You Ran into Me – Tim Neuhaus & KID BE KID
[0:34′] Jacob shows Alf and Bo his family Bible. Alf offers to drive him to his uncle.
28. Stealing the Pagode – Tim Neuhaus
[1:25′] Jacob steals Alf’s car after he kicks him out.
29. Vater – Tim Neuhaus
30. Glad You Can See It – Tim Neuhaus, KID BE KID & Philipp Milner
[1:35′] Jacob catches Alf at the airport and convinces him to finish his college degree.
Jacob writes a final letter to his parents and lets them know about how fulfilled he is in Berlin.

31. Dei Esse Is Da – Tim Neuhaus & Philipp Milner
[0:28′] Jacob learns how to skate with his new rollers. He writes a letter to his parents telling them about his new life in Berlin.
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Runway Walk (Bonus) - Demrick Feat. Brevi

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Rumspringa – An Amish In Berlin  Film information
Rumspringa – An Amish In Berlin Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Comedy
Release date (wide): 29 April 2022
Runtime: 1h 41m

IMDB: Rumspringa

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