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Elite Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  79  | Scene descriptions: 78 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 8 April 2022Next Season >
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The soundtrack to Elite Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix TV Series.
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Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘I Killed Him’ (S05E01)

8 April 2022
10 songs

1. Wild Ones – The Rassle
Opening scene / Phillipe invites Cayetana for champagne before the lights are turned off and the video starts playing on the screen.
2. Ou La La La (All Eyes On Us) – Nvdes
[0:03′] When the private helicopter lands and Miss Isadora gets off and goes home where she swims in the pool; Iván gets ready to go to school but he finds people all over the house when he goes to wake up his father.
3. In This Dark Time – Aime Simone
[0:07′] Omar and Samu arrive at school; Benjamín implements stricter rules for the school.
4. Telomeres – Holstenwall
[0:10′] After Rebe shows Cayetana the writing on the wall about Phillipe; Phillipe finds a bullying message in his backpack.
5. BB – Mansfield.TYA
[0:18′] Patrick and Omar are sleeping together.
6. Dime – Kimberley Tell
[0:23′] When he arrives at school, Patrick looks for his new colleague, Iván.
7. Flerte Revival – Letrux
[0:24′] While looking for his charger, Iván argues with his dad because of the loud music.
8. Yellow Jacket – Moa Moa
[0:36′] Patrick and Iván arrive at Iván’s house where Iván’s dad is throwing another party.
9. Moon – Thiago Pethit
[0:41′] Iván’s dad goes upstairs to borrow a phone charger and sees Patrick in the bathroom.
10. Ten Girls – Circe

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘Anything Goes’ (S05E02)

8 April 2022
13 songs

1. Shelter – Black Lilys
[0:14′] Omar helps Bilal and gives him something to eat.
2. The Valley Of Unrest – Seyes
[0:15′] Phillipe gives away the wine collection as he decides to quit drinking.
3. Brace Yourself – Ni/CO
[0:22′] The party begins.
4. Erase – Kap Bambino
[0:25′] Benjamin sees that no students are connected to the platform so he can’t track them; the party continues and Isadora offers Phillipe drugs instead of alcohol.
5. I’m Not Always Where My Body Is – Aisha Devi
[0:26′] Patrick films himself and the others at the party; Patrick dances with Ivan.
6. Bounty – Clypso
[0:28′] Rebe kisses Ivan after Patrick leaves the dancefloor.
7. Prey/Hunter – Minuit Machine
[0:30′] Samuel asks Ari to make out with another girl in front of him; Phillipe kisses Patrick.
8. Done It Like This – Wyld & Free
[0:34′] Ari asks Samu to get high with her.
9. Baza Ba Skivere – Bala Bala Boyz
[0:36′] Benjamin finds out the party location; Patrick is pissed off because Ivan kissed Rebe instead of him, then Ivan kisses Samuel to make him madder.
10. Erase The Time – Jennifer Vanilla
[0:38′] Cayetana arrives at the party and fights with Phillipe because he started drinking again.
11. Golosa – Isabella Lovestory
[0:41′] Isadora tells Phillipe that what he is doing is not wrong and he should not listen to Cayetana.
12. We R Killin It – Cheap Synths
[0:42′] Everybody is dancing and making out at the party.
13. Te Quiero – La Bien Querida
[0:43′] Benjamin arrives at the party; Patrick throws up on his father’s clothes; Benjamin sees Ari and Samu dancing and kissing.

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘Tie Me Up’ (S05E03)

8 April 2022
7 songs

1. Suck It To Me – Almodovar & McNamara
[0:12′] Ari helps Ivan find a nice outfit before they go out.
2. Satana S.A. – Almodovar & McNamara
[0:14′] People start arriving at the drive-thru cinema.
3. Nacidos Para Dominar – Paralisis Permanente
[0:16′] Samu checks the expulsion voting on his phone while in the car with Ari; Ivan tells Ari that he thinks Samuel is not good for her.
4. Alta Tension – Alaska & Los Pegamoides
[0:23′] Cayetana bumps into Isadora and Phillipe; Isadora spills the popcorn on Cayetana’s clothes on purpose to make her clean it up, then Cayetana spills the juice on Isadora’s head.
5. Adesso E Amore – Ennio Morricone
[0:28′] While watching the movie, Samu and Ari kiss, Phillipe and Isadora have sex; Rebe and Caye leave together.
6. Resistire – Duo Dinamico
[0:29′] Patrick hums along to this song while watching the movie.
7. Resistire – La Bien Querida
[0:31′] Isadora goes home and takes her clothes and makeup off and later posts a photo with two drinks as if she and Phillipe were spending the night together.

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘The Body’ (S05E04)

8 April 2022
13 songs

1. Fair Enough – Melodysync
[0:01′] Ivan with his father and Phillipe with Isadora pose for the photographers at the charity auction.
2. Princess (Yursek Remix) – The Supermen Lovers, Crystal Murray
[0:03′] Mencia sees Rebe kissing another girl at the charity auction.
3. Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killah Remix) – Catching Flies, Soundbwoy Killah
[0:04′] Samu sees Bilal stealing a mobile phone at the charity auction; Ari asks Samu to spend more time with her.
4. A Bite Of Papaya – Miynt
[0:07′] Cayetana joins Ivan’s father and his group of friends to forget about Phillipe and Isadora; Samu quits his job after talking to Benjamin.
5. Cynthia – Maxwell Hunter, Masego, Dan Foster
[0:10′] Ari orders a drink at the bar when Samu comes and tells her that he quit his job.
6. Autoestima (Remix) – Cupido, Lola Indigo, Alizzz
[0:14′] Ari drinks and dances by the lake, then grabs Ivan and they both leave with a boat.
7. Big Future – Obliques
[0:16′] Samu comes back at the auction and tells Benjamin that he quit his job as a waiter.
8. Catch Fire (Johnny Jewel Remix) – MotherMary, Johnny Jewel
[0:18′] Isadora doesn’t pay attention to what Phillipe is telling her about his family, then goes to the bar to get more drinks and puts drugs in Phillipe’s orange juice.
9. You’re the Wave – Spooky Mansion, Rose Droll
[0:21′] Cayetana asks Ivan’s father to meet her on the pier for another drink.
10. Memory Drive – Elfl
[0:26′] Cruz sees Patrick acting strange; Patrick sees Ivan and Ari having sex on the boat.
11. Roses and Gold – Biig Piig
[0:31′] Rebe goes to Mencia to ask her to watch Jess while she is out for a while; Cruz talks to Patrick on the pier.
12. You Ain’t Takin’ My Man – Sparkle Division
[0:33′] Jess spends time with Mencia at the bar talking about Rebe.
13. Take Me With You – Monika
[0:36′] Cayetana goes to the pier with the drinks but she doesn’t find Cruz there, as he spends time making out with Patrick.

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘Please, Tell the Truth’ (S05E05)

8 April 2022
11 songs

1. Emoji – Kimberley Tell
[0:07′] Ivan and Patrick skip classes together; Cayetana finds Isadora’s drug bag in the trash.
2. Olympic Sweat – Ultraflex
[0:13′] Cayetana talks with her therapist about dating new guys.
3. Algo Contigo – Rita Payes, Elisabeth Roma
[0:14′] Cayetana plays this song on her phone after Greta leaves and then meets Felipe at the bar on her way out.
4. Coast – Bad Tuner
[0:16′] Patrick and Ivan skip class and go swimming in the pool at Cruz’s house.
5. Play By Play – Claude Fonatine
[0:17′] Cruz joins Ivan and Patrick, gets drunk, and starts talking about gay people.
6. En EL Aire – Cintia Lund feat. Digital 21
[0:21′] Phillipe and Isadora arrive at the bar and meet Felipe and Cayetana so they arrange a double date.
7. Hurricanrana – Jono Das
[0:22′] On the double date at the restaurant; Patrick spends the night at Ivan’s house.
8. Gently Brutal – Lyhre
[0:27′] Isadora comes back from the bathroom with even more energy than before.
9. By This River – Brian Eno
[0:31′] Ivan kisses Patrick and then they have sex.
10. As Going – Amnesia Scanner & Lyzza
[0:36′] Cayetana jumps into the pool to help Isadora.
11. Piel – Arca
[0:48′] Samuel enters the room and tells the lieutenant that he is the murderer; Mencia overhears Omar and Rebe talking in the locker room.

Season 5 • Episode 6: ‘Can’t Buy My Love’ (S05E06)

8 April 2022
11 songs

1. Lolita, No – DUO
[0:08′] Ivan and his father are at the Vip Club; Ivan sees Ari crying on the pier.
2. 5 AM Empanada With You – Bubble Tea and Cigarettes
[0:11′] Ivan and Cruz are having their ‘normal’ father-and-son dinner.
3. Hey Heartbreaker – Dream Wife
[0:15′] Rebe receives a message from Ivan who announces a very special pink party that Friday night.
4.Jalisco – Babeheaven
[0:16] Isadora gets ready for the pink party without taking drugs this time; at the party, Isadora explains how the bidding app works.
5. Funkface – Death Ray Shake
[0:18′] Ivan tells Isadora to change the music as the biddings are low.
6. Look At That Butt (feat. Jarina De Marco) – Dillon Francis
[0:22′] Isadora comes back to the Dj booth to bring the place back to life, then she calls Rebe and Patrick onto the stage.
7. You – Flo/So
[0:25′] Isadora calls Cayetana on stage and asks the people to bid on her.
8. Que Calor! – By The Liminas & Laurent Garnier
[0:26′] Phillipe goes to talk to Ari when Ivan and his father arrive to ask them out on a date; Cruz tells Ari he will pay the difference so she can bail Samuel out.
9. So Nos Dois – Tim Bernardes
[0:30′] Ivan sings to Ari in the bathtub.
10. Carinito – Delaporte
[0:31′] Ari and Ivan make love in the bathtub; Jess wins a date with Rebe, but Rebe has put the bid on Mencia; Cayetana wins a date with Felipe but he doesn’t accept it and leaves.
11. Beautifully Cruel – Echlo
[0:37′] Ivan asks Ari to leave the house using the back door after he sees his father kissing Patrick in the pool; Samuel returns to school and hugs Benjamin to thank him but then finds out it was Ivan who raised the money for him.

Season 5 • Episode 7: ‘Toxic’ (S05E07)

8 April 2022
8 songs

1. Dueles Tan Bien – Bruses
[0:05′] Isadora arrives at school and leaves another voice message for Phillipe, then sees him in the hallway.
2. Shenron – NWYR
[0:12′] Isadora takes Ivan and some other guys from school on her private helicopter to Ibiza.
3. La Electricidad – McEnroe
[0:15′] Phillipe sees the video of Isadora in the club.
4. Zero 76 (Original Mix) – Tiesto & Hardwell
[0:15′] Phillipe asks for a helicopter to fly to Ibiza; Isadora asks Ivan to get on stage and gives him a drug pill; Patricks watches a video of Ivan kissing Isadora.
5. Vapor – Da Octopuss
[0:21′] Isadora and Ivan get off stage, then announce to the others that the party will move to her suite.

6. Indians – Da Octopuss
[0:25′] At the suite, Isadora and her colleagues get high and start taking their clothes off; Ivan feels sick and goes to the bathroom.
7. Hades – Hi-Lo, T78, Oliver Heldens
[0:28′] Phillipe arrives at Isadora’s suite.
8. Cryptic Speech (Original Mix) – Umek
[0:34′] Isadora and her colleagues get high together at the private party until she passes out.

Season 5 • Episode 8: ‘Your Side of the World and Mine’ (S05E08)

8 April 2022
5 songs

1. Cryptic Speech (Original Mix) – Umek
[0:03′] Flashbacks from the party at Isadora’s suite when everyone got very high.
[0:15′] While Ivan is at school he has flashbacks from the party.
[0:16′] Flashback scene from the party with the boys taking pictures of Isadora who passed out.
2. Re-Wild – Kelly Lee Owens
[0:24′] Patrick meets Cruz at the bar, then realizes he set it up so he can meet with Ivan and reconcile.
3. A Gun Called Patience – Alex Rose
[0:29′] Isadora meets Phillipe at the Vip Club and they talk about what happened that night at the private party.
4. Wild Flowers – Allyson Paige Merrill
[0:32′] Cruz apologizes to Ivan, tells him that he refused Qatar, and encourages him to be happy with Patrick.
5. We Might Be Ready By Tomorrow – Klergy with Beginners
[0:45′] The Police take Benjamin after the incident with Samuel.

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