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Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  104  | Scene descriptions: 107 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 15 July 2022
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The soundtrack to Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Prime Video series.

Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 1
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 2
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 3
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 4
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 5
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 6
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 7
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Episode 8

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘The Summer with the Cidiot’ (S01E01)

15 July 2022
10 songs

1. Summer In the Hamptons – Brooke Alexx feat. Lackhoney
Starting song / Avery talks about what summer in the Hamptons is like.
2. Live Your Life – Kid Something
[0:02′] Avery meets up with Emelye to eat some ice cream.
3. Feelin’ Blessed – Lex Junior feat. Tanika Charles
[0:12′] Erin and her son are drinking smoothies and chatting.
4. Summer Young – Bleeding Fingers
[0:13′] Reid tells Avery how he partied the night before, while they go to the beach.
5. Touch The Sun (no sample version) – Adam Friedman
[0:16′] Avery and her friends are hanging out at the beach before the bonfire.
6. DO IT MY WAY – Alltop X Sarah Reeves
[0:17′] Hunter and Emelye arrive at the beach party.
[0:18′] Shannon is getting a drink.
7. Shimmer In The Sun – Night Pulses
[0:20′] They are all eating at the party and getting to know each other.
8. VanStee – WeAre
[0:20′] Emily is assessing the boys at the party.
9. Party Started – Black Prez
[0:23′] Avery and her friend Emelye are talking about the boys.
10. Amazon – Hutley feat. Madeleine Hickman
[0:31′] Milo, Shannon, and Lottie are out, having brunch.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Summer with Stars, Stripes, and Chicken Fights’ (S01E02)

15 July 2022
12 songs

1. Fantastic Like Magic – Ruby Amanfu feat. Yacht Money
Intro song /
Ilan and Avery talk about the 4th of July.

2. Pull Up – Vanacore Music
[0:04′] Frankie and his brother are playing basketball together.
3. Let’s Play A Game – Fire Choir
[0:05′] Ilan arrives for a tennis game at his friend’s family’s house.
4. Snap Backs – THE MUTINTS
[0:08′] Juliet is out, having a drink with her mom.
5. Ready to Go – Liv Ash
[0:16′] Ilan and his friend, Adil, are preparing the house for the 4th of July.
6. Showstopper – Kali J
[0:19′] The guys are playing beer pong.
7. Go Go Girl – VANYO & Tina Parol
[0:22′] Emelye and Hunter arrive at Ilan’s house party and greet everyone.
8. Hide Away – Vanacore Music
[0:27′] Avery and Emelye are taking photos of one another.
9. YOUNG – Calen Lucas
[0:32′] Everyone is having fun by the pool at Ilan’s party.
10. Hotter – Zombi Knves
[0:35′] Avery and Emelye are having an over-the-shoulder pool fight.
11. Passing Through Me – Devin Hoffman & Sylvia Wrath
[0:37′] The girls are talking about Ilan’s behavior toward Addison.
12. Where Do We Stand – The Prams
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘The Summer with Two Hotties’ (S01E03)

15 July 2022
13 songs

1. I Feel Good – Chaos Chaos
Starting song / Ilan is cleaning up after the party.
[0:01′] Plays again after the recap, before Frankie comes to Ilan.
2. Go Wild – Tina Parol X Yutopia
[0:01′] Recap of the previous episode.
[0:01′] Frankie arrives at Ilan’s house to help him clean up after the party.
3. Geit It – Juliette Riley
[0:05′] Avery is out, having a sushi date with Milo.
4. Till We See The Sun – Dubkiller ft. Nike
[0:10′] Juliet meets over lunch with Habtamu.
5. Wild – Beacon Light
[0:14′] Milo and Reid drive down to the beach.
6. Summer – Moonlight Breakfast
[0:16′] Larry teaches the boys how to clean up the tables at the Dockers.
7. Happy Place – Devin Guisande
[0:17′] Habtamu and Ilan are working at Dockers.
8. Silver Surfer – Pink Skies
[0:19′] Frankie goes over to Reid, to apologize for what he said.
9. Where You Want Me – Skirts and Shorts
[0:25′] Ilan is waiting for Sophia to arrive at their blind date.
10. Breakfast in Bed – Sophia Messa feat. Avenue Beat
[0:25′] Ilan and Sophia go grab some ice cream.
11. Let Me Introduce Myself – Vanacore Music
[0:29′] Shannon is telling Frankie how she decided to apply for the job.
12. Rocking the Boat – Margot Maxine
[0:31′] Lottie and Shannon meet for a beach picnic, for Milo’s birthday.
13. Off Limits – Brooke Alexx
[0:43′] Ilan and Addison are having their first kiss. /
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘The Summer with a Side of Beef’ (S01E04)

15 July 2022
11 songs

1. Never Let The Fun Stop – Fjora
Starting song /Sophia arrives at Dockers and asks about Alan.
2. X-Ray – Brooke Alexx
[0:09′] Avery and Reid are chatting at the docks. Reid texts Emelye about his conversation with Avery.
3. My Blood Runs Cold – Laplace feat. Malory
[0:10′] Emelye and Hunter talk about the situation with Avery.
4. Always Be There For You – Signature Tracks
[0:11′] The guys are at work, talking about the upcoming party.
5. Don Juan – Hugh Burns & Danny Schogger
[0:13′] Habs goes over to Simone to ask her out.
6. Run This Town – Skirts and Shorts
[0:15′] Juliet meets up with Reid for brunch.
7. All Fired Up – MoKa Muse ft. Sydney St. George and Mr. Phelps
8. Overrated – Moen
[0:21′] Addison and her friend Melissa arrive at Reid’s party.
9. Lines – Biltmore
[0:22′] Everyone is gathered together for Reid’s birthday.
10. Hypnotic – Allesterdj
[0:25′] Reid sits down with Emelye, to talk things through.
11. Morning Dew – Tamara Bubble
[0:37′] Everyone is trying to figure out how to behave at the party, after Avery and Emelye argued.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘The Summer with Sinking (Friend) Ships’ (S01E05)

15 July 2022
17 songs

1. I Dare You – Vanacore Music
Starting song
2. live till we die – The National Parks
[0:02′] Ilan’s mom pays him a visit at the summer house.
3. Favorite In The World – Tyi
[0:06′] The Guys are playing basketball and talking about dates.
4. I Feel Good – Annalia
[0:14′] Reid joins Emelye and Juliet for lunch, after his interview.
5. Feels So Right – Vanacore Music
[0:17′] Everyone meets up to join Lottie on her boat.
6. Treat Yourself – Yacht Money
[0:19′] Lottie greets everyone.
7. Leave It On The Dance Floor – Alaina Cross, Vyceroy
[0:27′] The girls and Reid go tubing.
8. Fever Rush Electro House Remix
9. Young Wild And Free – Kima Otung
10. Fever Rush – Cameron James
[0:28′] Everyone is dancing and having fun on the boats, before the sun sets.
11. Moneydontfixlonely – Sophia Messa
[0:30′] Sophia calls Ilan and tells him she can’t make it to their date.
12. Flashy – Vanacore Music
[0:31′] Emelye is at her mom’s house, making herself some sandwiches.
13. Drunk – Brooke Alexx
[0:35′] Avery joins Frankie for their date, surfing at the beach.
14. Fire Ones – GoldBoot
End credits song
15. We Love It – Rough Nights
16. Let’s Make A Move – Fire Choir
17. Level Up – Nick Benhan

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘The Summer with Exes and O’s’ (S01E06)

15 July 2022
14 songs

1. Live Til We Die – The National Parks
Starting song
2. Heatwave – Vanacore Music
[0:02′] Habs and Avery talk about Avery’s weekend, while working at Dockers.
[0:05′] Avey serves customers, and after that, she talks with Reid.
3. Shine It Up – Christy McDonald
[0:04′] Reid and Carolina brush the floor and talk about high school.
4. It’s Feeling Good – Extreme Music
[0:07′] Emelye and Myo meet at a sushi place and talk.
5. Like A Marathon – Vanacore Music
[0:10′] Shannon and Avery go shopping for white clothes.
6. Coming Home – Liinks
[0:14′] Emelye comes to greet Hunter.
7. Ice Cream & Cigarettes – Sophia Messa
[0:20′] Sophia video chats with Ilan and finds out that he is arriving soon.
8. Honey, Honey – Zombae
[0:24′] Frankie and Avery go surfing together, and Frankie teaches her the basic steps.
9. New High – MORE!MORE!MORE!
[0:25′] Avery shows the town to Frankie.
10. Back To Back – MIZZI
[0:31′] Shannon, Mylo, and Lottie arrive at Emelye’s party.
11. Big Mood – MUSZETTE
[0:32′] Juliet and Emelye’s brother arrive at the party as well and greet the others.
12. Stare – Signature Tracks Feat. Mitchell Robert Bowerman
[0:33′] Ilan arrives and introduces himself to the people at the party.
13. Got Me Fallin – Hi-Fi Cali
[0:40′] Avery starts crying in front of Frankie and talks with him about Ilan.
14. Always Bittersweet – Hye Lander
[0:41′] Frankie tells Avery that he doesn’t care about her ex and wants to hang out with her. /
Ending credits song

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘The Summer with the Jealous Boyfriend’ (S01E07)

15 July 2022
25 songs

1. Favorite in the World – Tyi
Starting song / Hunter and Emelye wake up and Danuta comes to see what they are doing.
2. Join The Party – JAKOHBI
3. Get It Now – Kullah Feat. Jessy Covets
[0:02′] Avery is taught by a man how to pick up trash around the van.
4. New New Me – Tina Parol X Rust Belt Kids
[0:09′] Avery plays bowling with Hunter, Emelye, and Frankie.
5. Product of the 90S – Phangs & Phoebe Ryan
[0:11′] A montage with Avery and her friends playing bowling.
6. Dizzy – The National Parks
[0:12′] Frankie and Avery talk while waiting for their turn.
7. Limited Edition – Hael
[0:13′] Sophia and Ilan video chat and Sophia asks him if she can come over for dinner.
8. Trouble Bath – Jamra
9. Like U Do – Sophia Messa
[0:22′] Sophia asks Ilan how he feels about her.
10. Hands Up – Nikki Lieto
[0:23′] Emelye irons her clothes and prepares for the party with Juliet.
11. Partay – Lil Cheesecake
[0:25′] Avey and Emelye arrive at the party and have a drink.
12. Move It right – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Scarlett Ann Skinner
[0:25′] Ilan arrives at the party and greets everyone.
13. Unstoppable – Selma Green
14. Ooh La La – Dree Mon (feat. Tamara Bubble)
15. Don’t Talk To me – Vanacore Music
[0:26′] Reid arrives at the party and greets the people.
16. Feeling Like Myself – Hael
17. Yes Plz – Hael
[0:28′] Todd and Lottie arrive at the party and Lottie introduces Todd to the people at the party.
18. Good Life – Tamara Bubble
[0:32′] A montage with the food at the party.
19. How You Like Me Now – Selma Green
20. I Don’t Want This Night To End – Keelan Donovan
[0:33′] A montage with Juliet and Reed posing for pictures.
21. New Best Friend – Hael
22. At The End – The National Parks
[0:37′] Avery tells Frankie that she doesn’t feel like being in a relationship with him.
23. Fire – Hael
[0:38′] Juliet and Reed dance while listening to music.
24. You Can’t Bring Me Down – Hudson Moore ft. Decla
[0:40′] Ending credits song
25. I Like it and You Know It – Cappa

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘The Summer with the Goodbyes’ (S01E08)

15 July 2022
14 songs

1. Here We Go Again – Hael
Recap of the previous episode.
2. Everybody Party – Wutfur
3. I’m Your Unicorn – Devin Hoffman & Holiday Rogers
[0:09′] In the scene before, Lottie, Shannon, and Milo had a heated conversation.
4. Watch Me Go – The Hoof & Rachael Irene Jones
[0:11′] The workers are cleaning and talking about their expectations for the future.
5. Buttercup – Vanacore Music
[0:13′] Juliet’s boyfriend, Tony, came from Alabama to see her.
6. Electric Heart – Justina Shandler, JELAINA & Elaine Ryan
[0:17′] Ilan is getting the boat ready for a trip.
7. What Am I Gonna Do With You – Sophia Messa
[0:18′] Ilan and Sophia have a beautiful date on the boat.
8. Fresh Air – Sugar Ring
[0:20′] Habs is getting ready to leave, packing up his bag, when Julieta and all his co-workers come over to surprise him.
9. Fresh Like Summer – Meli Malavasi
[0:24′] Ilan starts his birthday on the beach, calling his mother.
10. Summer Young – Bleeding Fingers
[0:26′] People are starting to arrive at Ilan’s birthday party.
11. Don’t Know When To Stop – Biltmore
[0:28′] Lettie came uninvited to Ilan’s birthday party.
12. Good Time – Skirts And Shorts
[0:36′] The food is ready, and everyone at the party is eating.
13. We Comin’ In Hot – Windsor Feat. Tamara Bubble
[0:40′] Everyone is revealing a bit about what they are doing till the next summer.
14. Summer Never Ends – Phoebe Scott
[0:41′] End credits

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Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1  TV information
Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 Soundtrack
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