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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘GottaHaveIt’ (S01E01)

29 April 2022
5 songs

1. Dreams – The Cranberries
Starting song / In the hospital with Leukemia, Joanna convinced a nurse to give her a piece of her birthday cake.
2. Mr. Angel – Tommy Newport
[0:01′] Intro song
[0:16′] Joanna is excited to be trained by Jackie.
3. Kiss Me (Surf Style) – HONEY Meets ISLAND CAFE
[0:07′] Joanna was telling her parents how she wishes she would be more independent when her phone rang.
4. Emotions – Mariah Carey
[0:21′] Joanna was celebrating and getting ready for her show, when she gets a text message telling her she will be selling something else than makeup.
5. It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – Lenny Krevitz
[0:29’] Joanna convinced Patricia to keep her at SVN.
End credits

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Faux Florals’ (S01E02)

6 May 2022
2 songs

1. In Camera – Yumi Zouma
[0:25’] Joanna sets in her new dressing room.
2. Numbers Don’t Lie – The Mynabirds
[0:28′] End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘#JoannaStrong’ (S01E03)

13 May 2022
5 songs

1. Higher Lows And Lower Highs – Cut Off Your Hands
[0:00′] Joanna starts her day by saluting her coworkers when she runs into a guy she dated.
2. Mr. Angel – Tommy Newport
[0:02′] Intro song.
3. Give Me Your Love – Sandy Mercer
[0:03′] Joanna sees her ex proposing to his girlfriend. She then goes to talk with a coworker she likes.
4. I’ll Never Ever – Diana Duval
[0:20′] Patricia takes a bath, smoking and watching social media.
5. Life Is Good – 4 Elements
[0:28′] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Impeccable She Casuals’ (S01E04)

20 May 2022
5 songs

1. Free Your Mind – En Vogue
Starting song / Patricia wakes up in the morning and starts working out.
2. Susannah – Ellis Naylor & Jeff Wells
[0:12′] Jackie goes to Mcdonald’s to order mini M&M’s.
3. Lazy Blues – Simon Leonard Thorpe & John Graham Donaldson
[0:22′] After chatting with Carl, Joanna sees Patricia talking on the phone and she tells her to announce to everybody that the evening is over.
4. Nightfall Feelings – Pure Shores
[0:24′] Darcy gets high and makes an order over to Patricia’s office at SVN using her credit card details.
5. Nobody Knows – Pastor T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir
[0:28′] At the end of the episode after Patricia tells Joanna that she has cancer.
End credits

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Daddy’s Lil’ Cookies’ (S01E05)

27 May 2022
2 songs

1. Mr. Angel – Tommy Newport
[0:01′] Intro song
2. Feeling Good (Nina Simone) – Cast
[0:26′] Patricia sings this song at the bar.
Joanna and Jordan have sex.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Crystal Buddiez’ (S01E06)

27 May 2022
3 songs

1. Isn’t It Easy – Goldmyth
Starting song / Joanna wakes up happy after she spent the night with Jordan.
2. Mr. Angel – Tommy Newport
[0:01′] Intro song
3. A Little Respect – Erasure
[0:26′] After Jackie invites her in, Joanna discovers that her life is not as glamorous as she thought. /
End credits song

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Original music composed by Anna Waronker
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