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Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack (2024)

Songs:  37  | Scene descriptions: 15 timelines
Sleeping Dogs (2024) on IMDb
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The soundtrack to Sleeping Dogs music, a 2024 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 37 full soundtrack songs, play 36 full OST music. View all song names, who sings them, stream 1 additional tune playlist, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 15 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play What’s My Destiոy (45rpm) Joe Stubbs – The Falcons
[00:22’] Roy gazes at a shattered photo frame, recalling a time when he danced with a woman.
Sleeping Dogs official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 22 March 2024
Label: Filmtrax
Original music composed by David Hirschfelder
1. play Froոt Door
2. play Experimental Procedure
Opening song.
3. play Evidence Box
[00:07’] After talking to Emily at the bar, Roy heads back home and sifts through his belongings in a cardboard box.
4. play Night of the Murder
5. play Puzzle Pieces
[00:15’] Roy solves a puzzle to keep his mind active and stimulate his brain.
6. play You Spoke to Isaac Samuel
[00:20’] Roy goes to Jimmy’s house to discuss Isaac Samuel’s case.
7. play I’ll Be in Touch
[00:21’] Roy leaves Jimmy’s house.
8. play I Found Your Boy
9. play You Alright There Roy
10. play The Book of Mirrors
[00:27’] Roy starts to read the book script.
11. play Everything You Read/From That Moment On
12. play Therapy With Dinner
[00:37’] Richard talks about his childhood traumas.
13. play Just Say You’ll Do It
14. play A Laugh, A Hand
[00:40’] Richard discovers that Laura is having an intimate relationship with Joseph.
15. play Overly Complicated
16. play Hallucination
17. play Treatment’s Working
[00:49’] The doctor informs Roy that the treatment is working.
18. play Elizabeth Westlake
19. play Finding Elizabeth Westlake
20. play He Passed Away
21. play Laura Refrain/Wayne Devereaux
[00:56’] Roy receives Wayne Devereaux’s address details.
22. play A Shell of Who I Was
23. play Seat’s Free, A Lot of Women
24. play He’s Home
25. play He Died Before It Was Complete
26. play Finding a Gun
27. play It’s Just Your Name
[01:16’] At the bar, Roy accuses Jimmy of being involved in the case.
28. play Communion
29. play Other Side of the Jukebox
30. play Dark Angels
31. play I Told You I Would Take Care of This/Held Accountable
32. play Roy Freeman
33. play In Case You Want Proof
[01:36’] Roy sees the photo under shattered glass and suddenly realizes what happened.
34. play Let’s Get It Done
[01:40’] Jimmy helps Roy to get rid of the corpse.
35. play Sleeping Dogs End Credits (Part 1)
[01:43’] First end credits song.
36. play Sleeping Dogs End Credits (Part 2)
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Sleeping Dogs (2024)  Film information
Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack (2024)
Movie Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Release date (wide): 22 March 2024
Runtime: 1h 50m
Production: Gramercy Park Media, Nickel City Pictures, Gala Media Capital
Distributor: The Avenue Entertainment
Director: Adam Cooper
Stars: Karen Gillan, Russell Crowe, Marton Csokas

IMDB: Sleeping Dogs

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