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Oppenheimer Soundtrack (2023)

Songs:  24  | Scene descriptions: 8 timelines
Oppenheimer (2023) on IMDb
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The soundtrack to Oppenheimer music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 24 full soundtrack songs, play 24 full OST music. Read 8 scene descriptions with timelines.
Oppenheimer official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 21 July 2023
Label: Back Lot Music
Original music composed by Ludwig Göransson
1. playFission
2. playCan You Hear the Music
[0:07’] After the professor asks Robert if he can hear and understand the music.
3. playA Lowly Shoe Salesman
4. playQuantum Mechanics
[0:18’] Robert is teaching a class on quantum mechanics.
5. playGravity Swallows Light
[0:27’] Robert and Jean are taking a walk when he sees Luis running down the street.
6. playMeeting Kitty
[0:32’] Robert invites Kitty inside his house for a drink.
7. playGroves
8. playManhattan Project
[0:47’] Robert welcomes Leslie to his perfect launching spot, Los Alamos.
9. playAmerican Prometheus
10. playAtmospheric Ignition
11. playLos Alamos
12. playFusion
13. playColonel Pash
14. playTheorists
[1:37’] Robert and his team are testing the bombs before launching them.
15. playGround Zero
16. playTrinity
17. playWhat We Have Done
18. playPower Stays in the Shadows
19. playThe Trial
20. playDr. Hill
[2:32’] David arrives to testify in court about Lewis Strauss.
21. playKitty Comes to Testify
[2:38’] Kitty arrives to testify in Robert’s case.
22. playSomething More Important
23. playDestroyer of Worlds
24. playOppenheimer
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Oppenheimer  Film information
Oppenheimer Soundtrack (2023)
Movie Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Release date (wide): 21 July 2023
Runtime: 3h
Production: Universal Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, Gadget Films
Distributor: Universal Pictures, Universal Pictures International
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon

IMDB: Oppenheimer

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